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Big Lost River

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Big Lost River 5-12-12

Flow out of Mackay Dam went from about 250 cfs up to near 500 cfs a day or two ago. Now it is down to around 400 cfs.  Makes for tough wading,and fluctuations like this are tough on fishing.


Big Lost River 5-8-12

Flow out of Mackay Dam was stepped down to 280 cfs Sunday. That means the river below can be waded.  Midge and some BWOs activity should pick up as river stabilizes.


Big Lost River 4-24-12

Flow out of Mackay Dam is now a bit over 300 cfs with flow increasing to that level yesterday. That is about double what it was about  a week ago, so wading is tougher and fish still adjusting to the increase.  Best strategy is to wait for a visit late this week and hope another big increase does not happen between now and then.


Big Lost River 4-14-12

Flow out of Mackay Dam has been steadily rising since April 11th. Now is up to 163 cfs.  This is not a change from 130 cfs for weeks to impact fishing very much.  Continue with the strategy we described in recent reports.  If and when flows are increased enough or at a rate that impacts fishing, we will post it here.


Big Lost River 4-10-12

Flow out of Mackay Dam remains around 130 cfs. It has been near this figure for several weeks now. This should catch your eye because it indicates a stable fishery.  The Big Lost River below Mackay Dam now offers the most consistent fishing in this part of Idaho.  It will stay that way until flows are bumped up.  Midge and BWO life cycle patterns should be in your fly box when you visit here.  Small bead head nymphs and annelid patterns should be there too.  Afternoons will offer the best fishing.


Big Lost River 3-24-12

Flow out of Mackay Dam has been almost constant at around 135 cfs so far, but with warming weather it could bump up soon. BWOs are on the increase to the point that fish seem to take them more than taking midges. Take your favorite BWO life cycle patterns (small bead head nymphs,too!) when you go and take the advise that as the weather warms, the flow out of Mackay Dam will increase.


Big Lost River 3-13-12

Flow out of Mackay remains at 135 cfs. Good flow for wading & water is clear. Midges galore and BWOs coming on.  So bring life cycle patterns for these plus small bead head nymphs.