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Big Lost River

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Big Lost River 3-6-12

Flow out of Mackay Dam is 135 cfs. This means the river is at a good level for wading and snow depth is not enough to limit access. Clear waters prevail. Midge pupa patterns of choice remain the best way to find action, but BWOs are coming out in good numbers.  It’s time to have their life cycle patterns available.   Small bead head patterns drifted through transition waters will always produce.


Big Lost River 2-13-12

Fishing below Mackay Dam and around Trouthaven campground has been good. With flows around 130 cfs out of the dam, wading is safe. On milder days trout are responding to midge hatches, but small beadhead nymph patterns seem to work any time.


Big Lost River 11-26-201

It’s a cold time of year in Big Lost River country, so dress accordingly if you plan to fish there.  During cloudy days some good BWO emergences remain, other than that most top water fishing is for trout taking midges. Small  (#16-20) bead head nymphs of your choice also work.  With flows below Mackay Dam at 200 cfs, water is ideal for wading, but sure is cold.


Big Lost River 10-25-2011

With flow out of Mackay Dam at just over 200 cfs, wading conditions are great and there is enough water to give fish good overhead cover. Days of good weather are limited, so get out and enjoy trout responding to the afternoon BWO activity.


Big Lost River 10-11-2011

With flow out of Mackay Dam at 135 cfs, conditions are ideal for wading.  Midge and BWO life cycle patterns are sure to work as are bead head nymphs in small sizes.  If weather is nice, don’t overlook trying a beetle or ant pattern.


Big Lost River 9-19-2011

Flow out of Mackay Dam is about 250 cfs making for safe wading almost everywhere below.  Tricos provide early morning action, and BWOs and terrestrials do the same during mid day hours.


Big Lost River 9-13-2011

Flow below Mackay Dam is low enough (270 cfs, or so) for good wading.  AM trico activity is making for great AM action. Plenty of terrestrial insects are present making for plenty of daytime activity.


Big Lost River 9-1-2011

Flow  out of Mackay Dam is just about normal. It’s also trico season.  With hoppers, a few flavs and BWOs thrown in, its a great time to fish all day long here.


Big Lost River 8-26-2011

Flow out of Mackay Dam is a bit higher (372 cfs) than normal 308 cfs), but not enough to make wading difficult or impact fishing.  Look for flavs coming on during afternoons and tricos in the mornings.


Big Lost River 8-19-2011

With flow out of Mackay Dam dropping near 300 cfs, the river below is in great shape for walk-in wade fishing.  This time of year tricos begin attracting fish in the mornings, and flavs take over in the afternoons. Of course the tricos are more numerous!  The other big attraction to fish will be terrestrial patterns.  The real old-timers fishing here prefer to fish streamers as darkness falls. So consider!