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Henry’s Fork

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Henry’s Fork 06-06-2016

The fishing has been good on the Henry’s Fork. The Salmon flies are finished, but the Golden-stone fishing has been good from Stone Bridge down to Fun Farm bridge. Also in that section, I would start to look for Green Drake and Flavs from mid-day on. There has been a good pmd spinner fall in the morning and then with good Caddis fishing right before dark. Finally, if all else seems to fail for dry fly fishing, you could put on nymphs and fish the slots and rocks out in the middle of the river.

Flies that I would use on the those sections are:

Dry  Flies:

Super Chernobyl Golden Yellow size 8 & 10, Olive Hares Ear Parachute Adams size 12, D&D Cripple Green Drake size 10, Rusty Biot Spinner size 16 & 18, Improved X Caddis Tan & Olive size 14 &16


Pats Tan/Brown Rubber Leg size 8, Red Copper John size 16, Psycho Prince size 18, Crystal Golden Stone size 10


Henry’s Fork 6-4-16

An important message came to us from the Henry’s Fork Foundation. Take a look at it below if you plan to fish the Box Canyon-Last Chance part of the river.

If you’re fishing the Henry’s Fork this weekend, please see the important message below regarding flows out of Island Park Dam and conditions in Box Canyon today [6/4/2016]:

Over the past 48 hours, turbines at Island Park Dam have been tripping off and the control system is not functioning properly. Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative has shut off the turbines and is working to set the west side gates at 650 cfs until full repairs are made. Flows will be stable through the remainder of the weekend, but conditions could be variable in Box Canyon today.

Any future updates to this report will be shared via email and posted on our Facebook page:



Henry’s Fork 5-31-16

Seems like trout response to the adults in  the giant stonefly hatch could be better up and down the river. Recent cool weather and changes in flow out of Island Park Dam can be reasons for action a bit slower than usual.  Let’s see if the predicted weather warm-up brings more action.


Henry’s Fork 5-24-16

Cool weather has slowed the giant stonefly advance and activity on the upper river.  Many recent nights have seen below freezing air temperatures. Giant stoneflies are emerging now as far upstream as Riverside, but are needing warmer weather to become real active. Currently trout are taking caddis, BWOs, and march browns here and on the lower river where big stoneflies are more active. With warm weather and resulting active stonefly activity, look for trout to take interest on the upper river. Who knows if the big bugs will fly in Box Canyon by the upcoming weekend. All depends on the weather!


Henry’s Fork 5-16-16

Now is the time for fishing big bugs on the Henry’s Fork! Fishing from Ashton dam down to the Chester backwaters has been the most productive with Salmonflies out in force. Warm River to Ashton has been producing as well. Look for the hatch to continue upriver through lower mesa in the coming days. Chubby Chernobyl’s in size 6, Dornan’s Water Walker in size 6 & 8, Rollin Stones in size 4, CFO Ant’s in size 6 have all been great flies. Consider adding a smaller rubberleg dropper (size 8 or 10) below your dry fly as well. Call us at the shop with any questions you have! Get out there, now is the time!


Henry’s Fork 5-10-16

There are four USGS flow stations on the Henry’s Fork.  The gage at each one indicates lower than normal flow, most of which readings seem significant. Is this a reason for aquatic insect hatches to be inconsistent so far this season? Hmmmm.


Henry’s Fork 4-30-16

Are you a drift boater? try the Warm River to Ashton or Ora Bridge to Chester stretch. It’s time to begin using big stonefly nymph patterns when you do. If you are wading the river, please take a look at our last entry for the Henry’s Fork. Some important info on public access is on it if you have not seen it.


Henry’s Fork 4-26-16

Fall River is bringing in cold, discolored water, and this time of year the Ashton Dam acts as a settling basin. Flow out of Ashton Dam is just a bit above normal. Those facts pretty much tell where the best fishing can be found on the river. Within those limits BWOs, caddisflies, midges, and a few March browns are emerging and bringing responses from trout. Post spawning rainbows are taking streamers and stonefly nymph patterns drifting by.  Afternoons make for best fishing, but be well insulated and ready for the cold water (currently not much above 40 deg. F.).


Henry’s Fork 4-19-16

The Henry’s Fork is a bright star in the fly-fishing sky, and we are fortunate to enjoy fishing it. Considerable access to the river is provided through the generosity of land owners. There are times when sportspersons act in ways that do not respect that generosity leaving the offering landowner considering withdrawing access to the river. It is the responsibility of sportspersons to respect private property and abide by any rules for trespass. The Bill Fuchs family, owners of the Henry’s Fork Ranch, formerly Seeley’s, (east side of the river property from below Vernon Bridge to just above Chester Backwaters) are generous enough to allow access to a favored location on the river.  Having experienced negative acts by some persons, they establish certain conditions for continued access to the river through their property. It is in our best interests as sportspersons to abide by these rules if we wish for continued access to the prime location on the Henry’s Fork.

Access Rules for Henry’s Fork Ranch

Parking is allowed for 4 vehicles. A vehicle with a trailer is considered two vehicles. No parking between livestock loading chute and driveway. Park along river edge.

This is a working cattle ranch. Enter at your own risk.

Beware of livestock, our dogs, electric fences, and natural conditions.

Our property line begins at the end of the paved road.

Access can be denied at any time.

No pets allowed outside vehicles; no exceptions!

You must complete information required and sign in.

No littering. Pick up all man-made litter on property and in river.

No fires, fireworks, firearm shooting, or overnight camping.

You can only launch or remove small non-motorized watercraft (under 150 pounds) from here. You must carry them not drag them up or down the bank.

If you have a motorized watercraft on the Henry’s Fork, you cannot use or access our property, no exceptions!

Access is limited to 100 feet of the river’s edge

Yours and others actions will determine present and future access.

Please act like a responsible sportsman and not like those who give sportsmen a bad reputation.

All property rights will be enforced.

Violators will be prosecuted.

On Fuch's Property





Henry’s Fork 4-12-16

Flow out of Island Park Dam was more than doubled yesterday, and flow in the river downstream is on the upswing because of local run-off.  Look for flows to continue their increase with warm weather coming on. Midges and BWOs are still attracting trout on the lower river, but March browns are emerging and also attracting trout. Large stonefly nymphs and rubberleg patterns presented deep will bring strikes almost anywhere along the lower river. Streamers presented under low light conditions will always arouse interest from lower river trout this time of year.