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Henry’s Fork

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Henry’s Fork 4-12-16

Flow out of Island Park Dam was more than doubled yesterday, and flow in the river downstream is on the upswing because of local run-off.  Look for flows to continue their increase with warm weather coming on. Midges and BWOs are still attracting trout on the lower river, but March browns are emerging and also attracting trout. Large stonefly nymphs and rubberleg patterns presented deep will bring strikes almost anywhere along the lower river. Streamers presented under low light conditions will always arouse interest from lower river trout this time of year.


Henry’s Fork 3-21-16

Big news here is that BWOs are emerging up and down the river from Last Chance to Chester.  Weather forecast is for lots of unsettled weather this week, so afternoons on the river could see a lot of action for those presenting BWO life cycle patterns. But don’t rule out presenting streamer and stonefly nymph patterns especially during low light conditions.


Henry’s Fork 3-8-16

Walk-in fishing is the way to go on most of the river. Boat ramps are not cleared of enough snow to make launching and taking out much fun. As soon as we hear that certain ramps are cleared, we will post such info here. For now, if you must float, rafting is more practical, but you will need rope!

Fishing has been good along the river. Midge and BWO life cycle patterns provide action for floating line enthusiasts, while March browns should be doing the same not too far in the future.  Giant stonefly nymph and steamer patterns are providing action for the sink-tip line enthusiasts. Some places to look for action include Last Chance area for good midge hatches. Henry’s Fork Anglers (HFA) offers that in Box Canyon midge life cycle, giant stonefly nymph and streamer patterns will result in action.  Snow shoes or cross country skis may help access during warmer days. HFA also offers that rainbows are moving into the river above Island Park Reservoir, and access is best when snow is hard enough to support weight.

This year the river between Ashton Dam and the Vernon Bridge is open ONLY for catch and release fishing. Same for the river between Riverside Campground and the lower Harriman State Park boundary. Please report any violators to IDF&G.


Henry’s Fork 11-24-15

Two closures will be made after November 30th: the river in Harriman State Park (Last Chance to Riverside) and from Ashton Dam down to Vernon Bridge (second bridge below Ashton Dam). Until then presenting midge life cycle patterns is a great way to fish the river in Harriman State Park, and presenting streamers is the best way to encounter the big trout between Ashton Dam and Vernon Bridge.  Better Hurry! With low flow out of Island Park Dam, presenting streamers is a great way to fish just below down to the Buffalo River, but be ready for winter conditions.  Cross Country skis can get you into the Tubs area where big rainbows are concentrating. If you try there, for sure you will need waders, and vibram soles will be better that felt soles (same applies to Box Canyon)! There is less snow along the lower river where presenting streamers is also the name of the game with some action available from fish feeding on midges.


Henry’s Fork 11-12-15

Flows are a below normal and browns are migrating on the lower river. Fishing success through presenting streamers has been OK, but not great. Again, a bit warmer conditions would help. If you do not mind trudging through some snow, Box Canyon offers good streamer fishing. Wading is relatively easy there with only 86 cfs being released from Island Park Dam.


Henry’s Fork 11-3-15

For the lower river, same as with the South Fork and the main stem Snake River: water is lower than normal, and brown trout are migrating. And likewise dress warmly, keep streamer patterns close by,and wade carefully.


Henry’s Fork 10-31-15

Same as with the South Fork: wind is keeping BWOs down along the lower river. Presenting streamer patterns is the best way to encounter big browns, and this windy cloudy weather with threat of rain/snow weather is just right for good results in doing so.


Henry’s Fork 10-24-15

With only 88 cfs coming out of Island Park Dam, wading in Box Canyon is as easy as it gets. Streamers and stonefly nymph patterns are the best choices for fooling its big resident cutbows these days. On the lower river migrating brown trout means presenting streamers is the best way to encounter them.  There are several locations on the river where doing so is possible. Visit the shop, and we can suggest locations where the best streamer fishing has been going on throughout the lower river.


Henry’s Fork 10-21-15

Not much has changed with respect fishing success in the past few days. It’s been good up and down the river.  Riverside Campground is now closed, so access there is not possible including launching and taking out boats.


Henry’s Fork 10-17-15

Most interesting fishing on the lower river remains chasing browns during low light conditions. This means either “up & at ’em early” (like first light) or evenings. If this weekend storm materializes fishing could pick up during daytime hours. So could BWO activity. If you enjoy pitching streamers on a sink tip line,  Box Canyon, with its almost impossibly low flow (currently 86 cfs meaning few if any boats), out of Island Park Dam is the place to go. So are The Tubs above Mack’s Inn where the wading is easier than in Box Canyon.