South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Fork

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Henry’s Fork, September 12th, 2020

Same story for the Last Chance-Harriman part of the upper river: AM trico, daytime terrestrial insect activity. Crowds have thinned considerably. Tiny BWOs are out on the lower river along with some mahogany duns. Terrestrial insects everywhere will remain active and thus available to fish until a killing frost.


Henry’s Lake, September 12th, 2020

Water remains a bit discolored from the big windstorm of September 7th. Some shoreline holds a lot of uprooted weeds.Water temperature near the surface is about 60 deg. F. that temperature keeps the biggest fish in deeper water. Weather will begin cooling enough to drop water temps to levels making big fish comfortable in moving around the lake.  Better fishing days are coming!


Henry’s Fork, September 5th, 2020

The cooler weather predicted for next week should cool the lower river off enough to bring on the tiny BWOs and hopefully not hurt the terrestrial bugs. Pitching streamers on this part of the river during low light conditions will become increasingly effective as we move through the fall season. Noe might be the time to start building a supply of streamers and woolly bugger types for those resident brown trout.


Henry’s Fork, August 29th, 2020

Pretty much the same conditions as our report of four days ago.  With respect to the lower river, terrestrial insect patterns work during evenings and early AMs. We are closer to cooling off and the resulting tiny BWO emergence. For the upper river’s Last Chance-Harriman section, tricos in the early AM and hopper and ant patterns after they quit.  For presenting those patterns; long, drag-free floats over good holding water near banks and overhangs will bring results.  Don’t shy away from a stout (3X) tippet when doing so.  You will need it when tying into a really good fish that wants to get down in the abundant weeds.


Henry’s Fork, August 24th, 2020

Pretty much the same as last week. For the lower river fish early and late in the day and concentrate on terrestrial insect and caddis life cycle patterns.  A lot of folks are fishing on the upper river where early AM tricos and daytime terrestrial insects (including ants), a few speckled duns, tiny PMDs, and later caddis and spinner falls bring action in the Last Chance-Harriman section.  Two fly nymph rigs work well in Box Canyon.


Henry’s Fork, August 22nd, 2020

Hoppers are out big time on the lower river, but the fish are after them mainly in the early hours then again during evening. They are also out big time on the Last Chance-Harriman  and Flat Ranch sections river where tricos are on during morning hours with caddis during evening. As they  fade about late AM, switch to hopper and other terrestrial insect patterns (use long drag-free floats). Fishing on the Flat Ranch section is slowing down as flow out of Henry’s Lake is dropping and warming.   It’s still a good idea to have rusty spinners (#16-18) in that fly box anywhere you try the upper river.


Henry’s Fork, August 15th, 2020

If you fish the river below Ashton Dam during daytime, why not just go for a swim.  In Island Park terrestrial insects are just as abundant as on the lower river. But with cooler water fish are more active in taking them. They seem to like small (#18) rusty spinners, too. Tricos should be showing in significant numbers soon. Two rig nymphs (big pattern trailed by a small one) are working in Box Canyon.  Water is dropping and warming in the Flat Ranch portion. This means larger fish there will be moving downstream.


Henry’s Fork, August 8th, 2020

Hoppers are here anywhere on the river. Unless you fish late or early in the day swimming is more fun than fishing on the lower river. So head to the Last Chance-Harriman, Flat Ranch or Box Canyon sections for the best chance for action from terrestrial insect patterns. With the heat of day, consider wading wet in each of these sections.


Henry’s Fork, July 25th, 2020

If you try the water (it’s a bit high because of downstream irrigation demands) from Last Chance through Harriman State Park the rusty spinner (size 14-20) is the “must have” fly. Afternoon caddis activity offers several types of insects, and hoppers are beginning to show. Fishing on the lower river is slowing down, but  crowds have gone over to the South Fork


Henry’s Fork, July 18th, 2020

The best fishing on the lower river is from Warm River to Ashton, but that section is beginning to turn to early and late in the day for the best results. PMDs, a few goldens and flavs are present with caddis providing PM action.  Don’t forget to pitch a steamer pattern around overhead cover as the sun sets.  Crowds have thinned everywhere on the river. Much of that is because of the activity on the South Fork. On the upper river nymphing seems the most effective way to action in Box Canyon where recreationists will share the water. Further downstream at Last Chance and Harriman crowds have thinned  a bit and mayfly hatches are off their peaks. AM and PM spinner falls provide good action with standard rusty spinner patterns being most effective.  PMD and decreasing flav activity provide some daytime action with a variety of caddis taking over during PMs.