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Henry’s Fork

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Henry’s Fork 10-27-12

Migrating brown trout are bringing action on the lower river.  The recent stormy weather seems made to order for fishing here.  On these stormy days BWOs are bringing action there and on the upper river. Now is also the time to pitch streamers in Box Canyon and the Tubs above Mack’s Inn, weather permitting.


Henry’s Fork 10-22-12

We fished the lower Henry’s Fork this weekend and had some good fishing. Nymphing was the most consistent, but if you had some clouds roll in and the wind wasn’t too bad, there were fish all over BWO’s. We caught fish on dries, but most of the nicer fish came on emergers dropped off the dry. Streamer fishing was also pretty good. All of the fish were in really good shape and were a lot of fun. Get out there while the weather is still decent!


Henry’s Fork 10-20-12

Some of the best fishing on the river is taking place from Vernon Bridge  to below Ashton Dam where streamer patterns are attracting migrating brown trout.  To enjoy this event be sure to have bright and somber patterns available.  Other than this, do not be concerned so much with specific patterns. Be more concerned with presentation and timing. During daytime fish typically hold up in deeper runs and holes. They migrate mostly during low light, so you are most likely to encounter them during early light or sunset and twilight. Stormy conditions can also be a good time to encounter these fish. Looks like those conditions will be upon us during the coming week, so consider a visit to this part of the river then.


Henry’s Fork 10-17-12

We just got an email from the Henry’s Fork  Foundation telling us that the flows out of Island Park Dam were recently dropped to 170cfs. The drop was agreed upon in last month’s Drought Management Planning meeting between the foundation, Idaho Fish and Game, the Bureau of Reclamation, and Fremont Madison Irrigation District. They are reducing the flows now to try and fill  the reservoir to ensure farmers with adequate water for next year. The flows will be raised again in the winter to provide more water for the young trout that need it to survive. We will update you all on any more information as we get it.


On another note the Ashton Dam project is nearly complete. Plans are to start filling the reservoir back up November 6th!


Henry’s Fork 10-12

Fishing is continuing to pick up on the Henry’s Fork. Bring some streamers, nymphs and Blue Wing Olives. The streamer fishing has been really good below Ashton Dam. Box Canyon is fishing well, however its all wade fishing unless you want to beat up your drift boat. Things have slowed down on the Ranch. I would look for a cloudy day for action to pick up on the ranch. This is a great time to catch some big fish and have a little bit of solitude on the river.


Henry’s Fork 10-9-12

BWOs are active almost everywhere during afternoons when shadows begin to extend. If we get into cloudy weather, fish will respond to BWOs in better numbers, and hatches will be more intense.  It is also the time of year to present streamers for migrating browns. The section between Ashton Dam and Chester backwaters is a popular place to wade fish.  There are also locations for wade fishing below Chester Dam downstream to below St. Anthony.  From Warm River to Ashton Reservoir backwaters a boat will get you into the best fishing.  Pattern choice is not critical at these locations so long as your fly box includes somber and bright ties.


Henry’s Fork 10/1

Fishing has been good on the Henry’s Fork. Nymphing and Streamer fishing have been the main tactics for hooking fish. BWO hatches have been few and far between but look for those flies to pop during overcast and rainy days. The fishing below the Ashton Dam have been really good as well as Warm River to Ashton. Stonefly Nymphs and a variety or bead head nymphs. I personally like a large #14 or #12 Pheasant Tail below a rubberleg.


Henry’s Fork 9-18-12

Mayfly emergence events on the upper river are diminishing quickly with colder weather setting in.  Soon that of  BWOs will be the only one available.  Almost on key flying ants are coming on to provide action from trout which seem to crave them.  So add ant patterns to your terrestrial pattern roster when you venture to the Last Chance , the Harriman State Park reach, and the river around Hatchery Ford.


Henry’s Fork 9-15-12

If you look at our experience fishing the lower Blackfoot River in our  Small Streams report today there are words on the effects of aquatic weeds breaking up.  Those words apply, as well,  to sections of the Henry’s Fork that “weed up” during the growing season.   That includes such as the Harriman State Park reach, the River above Mack’s Inn, above Coffee Pot Rapids, and others.  What is important regardless of the water you fish, weeds breaking up this time of year release life forms that therefore become more easily available to foraging fish. Thus because of availability they will key on these life forms and your response should be to simulate them in the flies you offer.