South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Fork

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Henry’s Fork 7-27-2011

Fishing on the lower river has slowed, but a good  bet for action remains trying beetles and ants.  Fishing on the upper river is great with beetles and ants another great choice.   Warming days means evenings and mornings can offer some of the best fishing.  PMDs are smaller and a few flavs remain.  PM caddis are always present.  Hoppers will become important  soon.


Henry’s Fork 7/25

Fishing during the middle of the day has slowed on the Lower Henry’s Fork. There is still good fishing during the evening hours. If you don’t mind nymphing, Warm River to Ashton is nymphing well with rubberlegs, and an assortment of beadhead nymphs. Fish are still rising to Golden Stones putting a nymph dropper below the dry fly is also a effective fishing technique. There are still good hatches of PMD and Caddis throughout the entire river system. Will not be long before the fish will be keying in on Hoppers.


Henry’s Fork 7-21-2011

Fishing on the lower river continues to slow especially below Ashton Reservoir & Dam where waters warm up before being released to the river below.  Begin thinking terrestrial insects there.  Hoppers are not important yet, so beetle and ant patterns will bring fish up.  Fishing on the upper river has  picked up and the same strategy; presenting  beetles and ants is a good way to get interest from fish now that the big mayfly emergence peak is past.


Henry’s Fork 7-18-2011

Looks like the upper river has caught up to the lower river with respect to fishing success. It’s about the time during a normal season that fishing on the lower river begins to slow, even though this year has been anything but normal.  Caddis and PMDs (evening spinner falls) are present in good numbers on the lower river, but nymphing is becoming more important as the best way to fish.  It’s a bit early for hoppers, but with warming and drier days, ants and beetles are more active and therefore important in a trout’s diet. On the upper river a big variety of mayflies, caddisflies and terrestrials are attracting fish.  PMDs and afternoon flavs are the most numerous mayflies with a few evening brown drakes emerging.  And as with the lower river beetles and ants are more important.


Henry’s Fork 7-14-2011

The entire river above St. Anthony is the best fishing in the region.  On the lower river flavs and PMDs are the mayflies of the moment with plentiful caddis. The gray drakes there are past their peak, and so are the green drakes. There are a few evening brown drakes and a stray golden stonefly or two.  All this makes for great fun figuring out what fish are taking during the time of a visit.  There are likely more flavs and brown drakes emerging on the upper river.  Wood Road 16 area would be best for evening brown drakes.  For afternoon flavs, try anywhere in the Harriman State Park reach.   Lot’s of PMDs and caddis everywhere.   So it is the same story; it’s a game of figuring out what fish are taking at a given time.


Henry’s Fork 7/11

Not much has changed on the Henry’s Fork as far as hatches go. Still great Drake, PMD, and Golden Stone activity on the surface. The fishing is really good on the lower river from 5pm to dark. There are many people still fishing the Henry’s Fork right now because the South Fork is still high. Fish early and late to avoid crowds.


Henry’s Fork 7/5

If you haven’t fished the Henry’s Fork yet you are missing out on some great dry fly fishing. Don’t let the high water flows deceive you. The water has great clarity and the bugs are hatching. Wading is not as accessible as it has been in the past seasons because of the high water, but the fish are big and healthy.

Things on the Ranch continue to improve with Drakes, Green and Brown hatching. Caddis and PMD spinner falls in the evening.

Downstream from the Warm River Confluence  fish have been feeding on Goldenstone’s, Caddis, Drakes, green and grey. There is also a good PMD hatch during the afternoon. The best action for fishing is in the evening  hours. If you are fishing during the day stop your boat, get out and watch the water. Lots of people on the water because the South Fork is just not coming together as quickly as everyone wants. Show up to the river early or late. Beating the crowds or following behind them is a good strategy for avoiding people.


Henry’s Fork 7/1

Fishing on the Lower River is good as it can get. There are great hatches of Gray Drakes in the evenings, Flav’s Golden Stones, Pale morning Duns, Green Drakes and Caddis are bringing fish to the surface. The Gray Drakes and Caddis are working well during the evening hours of the Day. Goldens, Flavs and PMD’s have been working well during the day. I suspect the weekend to be fairly busy because the Henry’s is pretty much one of the only rivers fishing right now. To avoid crowds start early in the morning with Streamers and fish the dries as the day gets warmer. I personally would put in about lunch and fish till dark.

On the Upper River, flows on the Box Canyon were dropped today 1,000 cfs down to 1120 cfs. Give this section about a day for the fish to get reorganized with that large of a decrease in the flows. The ranch has some Drakes hatching but most of the fish being caught on the Ranch have been during the late and evening hours. PMD’s and Caddis have also been good on the Ranch.


Henry’s Fork 6/28

We have been receiving really good reports on the Lower River. Lots of fish eating dry flies in the late afternoon and evening hours. Golden Stones are producing fish during the day and there is a good Pale Morning Dun Hatch during the afternoon. Be sure to have those Gray Drakes in your fly box because those flies should be hatching any day now.

I talked to a friend up in Island Park today who told me that fish are starting to look at PMD’s on the Ranch and the fishing is picking up somewhat. The Box has some salmon flies hanging around and fish have been caught on the banks and in the seam lines in the middle of the river around structure.

The water is high through the whole system compared to previous years but the water clarity is really good and the high flows have pushed some of the bigger fish to the bank. Stop by the shop for an up to the minute report.


Henry’s Fork 6/27

Fishing on the Henry’s Fork is really good right now. Pale Morning Duns, Caddis, and Golden Stones are hatching in good numbers right now. Fishing all day and into the evening is recommended. The evening hatch is really good and lots of fish have been caught during this time. I would make sure to pack some Drakes in your fly box, we expect them to be hatching in good numbers any day now. Water Clarity is good. Not much else to say except go fishing, its good right now.