South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Fork

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Henry’s Fork 6-22-09

The lower river is the best fishing location.   Green drakes are out in the afternoon, then the gray drakes take over in the evening. PMDs and caddis are abundant at these times, too.  Use your favorite patterns for these.  Expect much boat traffic on the lower river until the South Fork “high tide” diminishes.  On the upper river the PMD emergence is the big event and there are plenty of caddis in many kinds. Green drakes have been sparse to non-existent.


Henry’s Fork 6-19-09

With the South Fork at “High Tide” this river offers some great float fishing alternatives for this weekend. Here’s what’s going on if you like dry fly fishing and need to get that boat out.  First, the river is in great shape.  From Riverside to Hatchery Ford look for caddis, PMD’s, a few golden stoneflies, and even a few green drakes. From Warm River to Ashton look for big time PMDs, afternoon green drakes, evening caddis and some gray drakes.  From Ora Bridge to Chester Backwaters look for PMDs big time, afternoon green drakes and evening caddis and lots’a gray drakes.   Predicted cool rainy weahter won’t hurt the fishing a bit.  You can even do well through walk-in wade fishing on all of these.  With respect to the river below Chester and the Fall River confluence, you can almost float a battleship.  Fall River and Teton River are making very generous contributions.  But don’t forget the Henry’s Fork Days event at the Last Chance rest area.  Stop in for breakfast, to hear incredible fishing tales, and meet folks. Who knows; maybe some upper river green drakes and PMDs will appear to enhance that event.


Henry’s Fork 6-18-09

We have been hearing rumors of Drakes hatching on the lower river. Pale Morning Duns, Caddis, Golden Stones, and Yellow Sallies are producing fish on the surface. With the South Fork flows really high expect to see a lot of people on the Henry’s Fork for the next few weeks. Nymphing and streamer fishing still continue to produce fish under the surface. For an up to minute report call the shop.

The Henrys Fork days are this weekend in Island Park. This is a great time they will be lots to do up in Island Park this weekend. For more information on the Henrys’ Fork days call the shop.


Henry’s Fork 6-15-09

The lower river is coming alive with insects and fish are responding. Here’s the menu:  PMDs, sallys, caddis, golden stones and midges ongoing and attracting fish throughout.  Just beginning to emerge are green and gray drakes. The greens are beginning mainly on the Warm River to Ashton reach where the canyon walls hold daytime heat longer. The grays are beginning to appear mainly from Chester backwaters to Ashton Dam.  Give both of these some more time and warming weather to  attract fish big time.


Henry’s Fork 6-12-09

The best action the giant stonefly emergence offers here is gone for the year.  Cool wet weather put somewhat of a damper (no pun intended) on it here.  But the wise fly-fisher will carry a few adult patterns because  the most experienced fish will be looking for them for a while yet.  Soon goldens and PMDs will take over as the  “bugs of choice”.  This is already happening on the lower river where fish are responding to them. Let’s hope that it is followed by green drakes later this month.  But the big news is the “gray drake watch” along the lower river. These have begun emerging below Ashton Dam and soon will provide that great PM fishing that we all remember.   We will report progress here.  Come see us for the best patterns to use during this event.


Henry’s Fork 6-10-09

Pale Morining Duns have been hatching in great numbers below Aston Dam, Golden Stones and Yellow Sallies are also producing fish to rise. The Salmon Fly hatch in the Box Canyon is pretty much over, but don’t be afraid to continue to throw those big bugs. Fish will continue to rise to stonlies long after the hatch has moved thru. Caddis are out on the entire river fish dries and emerging caddis in the mornings or late afternoon to evenings. With these rainy and cloudy days try fishing some streamers to produce the big boy! Call us for an up to the minute report.


Henry’s Fork 6-08-09

Big news here is that PMDs and gray (just getting started) drakes are emerging on the lower river between Ashton and Chester backwaters.   Both of these will make afternoons and evenings the time to be on the river, especially when weather improves.  Get in touch with us for best fly patterns and strategy.   A few golden stones are around on the lower river in the same area and from Warm River to Ashton.   Caddisflies are everywhere.  The river below the Fall River confluence at Chester Dam is high and diascolored making for tough fly-fishing of any kind.  Not much is happening at Last Chance.  The cool wet weather has put a damper on the giant stonefly emergence in Box and Cardiac canyons. It snowed at Last Chance yesterday.  Fish in Box Canyon are responding to bead head nymphs and streamers.


Henry’s Fork 6-04-09

Giant stoneflies are crawling in Box Canyon, and adults are emerging from there on down to Warm River. Current problem is the cool, rainy weather is keeping them from flying and laying eggs.  You can see bugs laying low almost everywhere.  When skies clear, the sun comes out, and they warm up, there will be some GREAT fishing with those big floating patterns.  Don’t be concerned so much  with “which pattern to use”, be more concerned with putting them in the right location such as around stream banks, overhangs, rocks, and logs.  It’s been a while since nymphs have been available at locations in Cardiac Canyon (Hatchery Ford, Mesa Falls, Bear Gulch ), so when adults become active here, you will want to be at one of these whether you float through or walk in.  Bring caddis life cycle patterns to these locations as fish will respond to them too.  PMDs are showing in good numbers on the lower river, so add them to the BWOs, caddis and golden stones for attracting feeding trout.


Henry’s Fork 6-1-09

The giant stonefly emergence remains the big event here.  Adults are flying along the middle river (Riverside to Warm River) and should offer some good dry fly fishing.   Any day now adults should show in the Box Canyon.  On the lower river these bugs have emerged all they are going to, but golden stones are coming on.   No PMDs yet on the upper river, but there are March browns and caddis.

Please pay some thought to the incident at what we know as the Seely access we described in our 5-26-09 fishing report for the Henry’s Fork.  The new landowner is rightfully unhappy with the drift boat take out incidents that happened at the turn-around because those two acts are not only illegal, but damaged the spring between it and the river.  He has every right to close access here and may do so if this incident is repeated.  Please pass the word around that this is a possibility that could impact availability of a popular and excellent reach of the river.  You can spread the word that use of this access for float fishing is not legal.   If you use this access and see the landowner, you can score some points by thanking him for allowing trespass and by letting him know that you will tell other anglers that using his land for float fishing in put or take out is illegal.


Henry’s Fork 5-28-09

Stonefly emergence has moved into Cardiac Canyon.  So don’t overlook such as Bear Gulch, the Mesa Falls area, and Hatchery Ford. There will be some great action coming up somewhere around these places whether you float through or walk-in and wade.  Warm River to Ashton is a good option for dry fly fishing, so bring your favorite adult stonefly patterns.  The Grandview boat slide remains open until this fall, so using it to float to Warm River area is an option.  Don’t overlook PM caddis emergences in the canyon.  PMD’s are beginning to emerge on the lower river from Ashton Dam to Chester.   Below Chester, the river is high and discolored and will stay that way until Fall River run-off subsides.