South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Lake

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Henry’s Lake 6-21-14

Fishing is good, but watch out for the wind! Fish have mostly move away from shorelines.  So get out in the lake to about 12-15 feet of water. Use Type 2 or 3 lines to get those leech, halloween, and olive crystal patterns down to fish.  Consider trying a Gartside wet mouse pattern. Use a very slow troll with a once-in-a-while twitch. Not familiar with great and easily tied pattern? Get in touch with us to learn how to tie it.


Henry’s Lake 5-27-14

Opening weekend saw great fishing on Henry’s Lake. Fish are close to shore all around the lake.  Midge pupa patterns fished under an indicator are producing. So are leech patterns presented on intermediate lines.


Henry’s Lake 11/12/13

Henry’s Lake froze over not too long ago, but the warmer weather thawed it. So there is open water, but the lake has a history of freezing over for good around the  twentieth of this month. Thinking of fishing there?  Better hurry!


Henry’s Lake 11-5-13

Bad weather usually means better fishing on Henry’s Lake. Cold temperatures and wind with strong possibility of snow will be the norm, so bundle up.  When we have a night with no wind accompanied by very low air temperatures, the lake could ice over just about any time this month.  For now best fishing seems to be with intermediate lines to present small leech patterns and small fly rod jigs just about anywhere on the lake.


Henry’s Lake 10-12-13

Very low water makes it tough to launch anything bigger than a pontoon boat by the hatchery. But wading works as well there as float tubing or pontoon boating because a good number of fish are in shallow water.  They will take leech patterns with black being as effective as peacock. Gold, olive, and purple crystal are also effective.  Expect more cutts than brookies or hybrids responding.  Beware of the wind!


Henry’s Lake 10-8-13

You can get into good fishing just about anywhere on the lake. Creek mouths will be the most crowded, especially at Targhee and Howard Creeks.  With the lake at only 75% of capacity some silt is exposed and in shallows subjected to being stirred up. So a good strategy when the wind blows is to present large leech patterns in the discolored water. Don’t worry; the fish can see them.  This adds another strategy to those we have suggested in earlier reports.


Henry’s Lake 9-28-13

Fishing is really improving here, and that means all around the lake. Creek mouths well, especially the Howard Creek/State park area.  The lake is low, and winds will stir up exposed silt. This action means that large leech patterns presented on either a floating or intermediate line are working well when fishing discolored water.  Around creek mouths try patterns Everet recommends in the September 9th report.  Also consider trying a prince nymph or snail pattern(both #12-14) under an indicator and in shallow water. Experiment a bit to find the taking depth. Be sure to watch the wind/weather up at Henry’s this time of year, the weather can change quickly!


Stillwater 9/16/13

Area Stillwaters are finally starting to show some signs of life after a long, hot summer. With overnight lows dropping into the 40 degree range and colder, things are really going to start picking up. Daniels, Springfield, Sand Creek, and Henry’s Lake have been fishing better as of late. Daniels has been fishing well in deeper water under indicators with chironomids. Sand Creek and Springfield are fishing well under indicators with Chironomids and stripping leeches like the California Leech. Henry’s Lake has been fishing well out in front of the State park in fairly shallow water. Get out there as early as possible and fish a slow sinking line like the camolux from Rio. I would start with a larger, darker leech and then progress to smaller patterns as the sun gets higher in the sky. The weather looks like it is going to significantly cool of Tuesday/Wednesday so get out there and enjoy the best weather and fishing of the year on area stillwaters!


Henry’s Lake 9/9/13

Henry’s has been fishing like its typical self lately. Some folks have experienced good fishing, while others are really struggling. The key right now is to fish creek mouths in shallow, or head out to deep water and search the deeper water with a fast sinking line. Howard Creek and the area from the County Boat Dock to Duck Creek have been producing. Fish bigger leech patterns like the Olive Cb early in the morning and transition to smaller flies like the mighty mouse, Henry’s Lake PT, and Peacock AH as the day progresses. Make sure if you are struggling out there that you are always switching things up (location, flies, lines) until you find a pattern that is working. Henry’s is right on the cusp of fishing really good, just a couple more weeks and things will really heat up.