South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Lake

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Henry’s Lake 7-30-12

Henrys is fishing good right now. Most of the action seems to be around Duck and Targhee creek in water from 5-12ft. Use any of your favorite leech patterns, but carry some smaller flies like the mity mouse and Henry’s Lake PT, scuds are always a good bet as well. There seems to be a real lack of big fish up there this year. There a lot of fish being caught, but not many of the big guys that have made Henry’s so famous. Most attribute this to an over stocking of the lake which can be quickly corrected, others are blaming ice fishing. Only time will tell, but the lake is fishing well regardless.


Henry’s Lake 7-17-12

Creek mouths with cooler water provide the best fishing now. Trouble is there are almost as many anglers there as fish. We have a report of a four pound brookie being caught and released  at the mouth of Targhee Creek. Taking fly was a caddis pupa pattern, and we hear that caddis are quite active with fish responding to them around the lake.


Henry’s Lake 7-14-12

Fishing seems to be holding up fairly well.   Creek mouths and spring holes are becoming the best places as fish seek cooler water. Try such as mity mites, small bead head peacock leeches, snail patterns, and your favorite small wooly bugger types.  By mid day there could be as many boats as fish around the best creek mouths, so go to boat launches before daybreak and don’t use your bright headlights.


Henry’s Lake 7-7-12

Damselflies are bringing action on several places around the lake. Try in front of creek mouths including Targhee, Howard and Duck .  If these locations get crowded look for channles in the weeds and for spring holes to try your luck.


Henry’s Lake 6-26-12

Off-shore fishing is best in front of cliffs and creek mouths. Use small leech patterns of your choice.  All seem to be working. Damselflies should soon be active soon, so fishing close to shore around weed beds will pick upmore.


Henry’s Lake 6-9-12

Latest reports say that fishing is picking up some, at least it is better than earlier in the week.  That goes for both fishing shorelines and from boats. Surest way to find best fishing from a boat is the usual Henry’s Lake method of seeing where boats are concentrated.  It’s like taking part in a gold rush, but once you get there the taking flies have to be discovered. When you get there try the flies we recommended during the June 5th report.  Add bead head peacock leech to that list of patterns.


Henry’s Lake 6-5-12

Bank fishing is quite slow. Early ice-off allowed fish to disperse early.  Best fishing is out in the lake, so bring that boat  for the best chance of success. Wooly bugger types, krystal, mohair and California leeches seem to work out there.