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Henry’s Lake

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Henry’s Lake 11-11-2011

We have not heard if the lake has iced over, but any day now it will.  As soon as we hear, we will post it here.  Meanwhile be ready to move around the lake to find where fish are active.  Bring intermediate and floating lines to concentrate on shallow waters and warm clothing.


Henry’s Lake 11-1-2011

If you like cold weather fishing, this is the place!  Concentrate on shallow waters, and be ready to move around the lake to find the best fishing.  Because fishing in shallow water is best, bring intermediate and floating lines to present such as crystal buggers, halloweens,  mity mites, mohair leeches, and crystal wooly worms.


Henry’s Lake 10-22-2011

Fish are where you find them. The “for sure” place is at the State Park where cutts have congregated along the shoreline.  Trouble is so have anglers.  So to avoid the biggest crowds, the west side is a good bet, and so is the Duck Creek-Hope Creek area and the north shoreline.  Try olive crystals, bead head peacock leeches on an intermediate line. Early AMs and evenings are best times for action.


Henry’s Lake 10-18-2011

Henry’s is fishing about as good as it gets right now. Shallow areas all around the lake are fishing well with basic leech and scud patterns on intermediate lines. Most areas of the lake will produce well this time of year, so there is no reason to crowd others. Give fisherman at least two cast lengths of room to ensure fish will continue to work in the area.

Get up there and take advantage of the great fishing, its not going to last long! Come into the shop and we can show you the best flies to take up with you.


Henry’s Lake 10-11-2011

Fish are hitting just about everywhere in shallow waters around  lake.  The days of speckled dun hatches are over, but a few caddis remain making peeking caddis patterns, about size 14, fished in shallow waters effective. But the best way to encounter fish is with the variety of effective woolly bugger, woolly worm types, soft hackled streamers, and fly rod jigs .  Choose your colors here just as you choose locations. Right now the north side of the lake has clearer waters than the south side,  thanks to recent storms. Water temps are still in the low 50s in degrees F.   That means extensive weeds remain.  As waters drop in temperature these will break up further making for better retrieves.  As good as the lake is now, look for better fishing as we cool off further.


Henry’s Lake 10-04-2011

Fishing remains great and this colder weather will only improve it.  Look for more fish moving into shallow water such as around the north shore and the southwest corner.   Also with more hunting opportunities and the oncoming steelhead season crowds will diminish.


Henrys Lake 9-19-2011

This is the fishing hot spot in the entire region, but there are specifics for enjoying it.  First, go to the creek mouths.  Targhee, Howard and Duck creeks are the best locations. Get there REAL early to “stake your claim”, especially on week ends.   REAL early means sunrise!  “Stake your claim” in shallow water because most fish are at three to five feet in depth.    Fish your favorite nymph or soft hackle pattern under an indicator at this  depth.  Floating lines are best for this method.  Expect lots’a company ( there were at least twenty boats in front of Howard Creek at mid morning last Saturday).   So allow room for fellow anglers and be patient and polite.   Weed beds are still numerous in the lake and water temps hover in the mid fifties in degrees F.   Thus it will take some real cooling off before weeds break up.


Henry’s Lake 9-13-2011

Fishing in front of creek mouths is as good as it gets.  This attracts crowds, but it appears everyone is catching fish, mostly brook trout.  Use intermediate lines and even floating lines for the shallowest water. The flies we suggested in the last (9/8) report are working.   Also look for a few fish taking speckled dun and caddis emergers just about any time.


Henry’s Lake 9-08-2011

Creek mouths(Duck, Howard, Targhee) are the places to be on the lake.   Your favorite leech pattern, Henry’s Lake renegade, mity mites, they all seem to work when presented on an intermediate line.   Evenings and mornings are best time to be there.   Expect company!


Henry’s Lake 9-1-2011

Although reports speak of action slowing a bit, creek mouths are the best places to give it a try.  Targhee and Duck creeks are the best locations, but don’t overlook in front of  Howard Creek.   Use patterns we have recommended in recent reports.  When we begin cooling off for sure and with less daylight later this month, look for action to pick up all around the lake.