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Henry’s Lake

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Henry’s Lake 9-08-2011

Creek mouths(Duck, Howard, Targhee) are the places to be on the lake.   Your favorite leech pattern, Henry’s Lake renegade, mity mites, they all seem to work when presented on an intermediate line.   Evenings and mornings are best time to be there.   Expect company!


Henry’s Lake 9-1-2011

Although reports speak of action slowing a bit, creek mouths are the best places to give it a try.  Targhee and Duck creeks are the best locations, but don’t overlook in front of  Howard Creek.   Use patterns we have recommended in recent reports.  When we begin cooling off for sure and with less daylight later this month, look for action to pick up all around the lake.


Henry’s Lake 8-19-2011

Fishing is holding up very well for this time of year.  Again, best locations are in front of Targhee, Duck and Howard creeks.  Use intermediate or floating lines with mity mites, beadhead peacock leeches, peacock A. Hs., crystal leeches and your favorite damselfly nymph patterns. Expect crowds if you get into fish.


Henry’s Lake 8-8-2011

Creek mouths are the place to fish around the lake.  Get to the one of your choice early to “stake your claim”.  Use the flies we recommended in the last report.  Intermediate or floating lines will be best for the relatively shallow waters.


Henry’s Lake 8-05-2011

Creek mouths remain the best locations for action.   Targhee and duck creeks remain the best of these, but try in front of Howard Creek. These creeks bring not only food but cooler water having higher dissolved oxygen into the lake.  Trout seek both of these, so almost any creek with significant flow has potential to be a place for action.  If you are being successful in fishing, however, expect company arriving soon.


Henry’s Lake 8-01-2011

In front of  Targhee and Duck creeks offers the best fishing right now.  Get there early to “stake your claim”.  When crowds come, and they likely will,  try in front of such as Howard Creek.  Mity mites, small California leeches, bead head peacock leeches, damselfly nymph patterns are among the best choices.


Henry’s Lake 07-26-11

The fishing has been very good at Henry’s. Most  fishermen are using Henry’s lake Renegades, mighty mouse, and damsel patterns.  As usual some of the best fishing has been in the bays near the creek mouths. Henry’s is a water that is not easy to predict. The fisherman that know it seem to have the most consistent fishing and the rest of us  suffer through the slow periods. When we get continuous good reports from Henry’s we know that the fishing is excellent.


Henry’s Lake 7-18-2011

Creek mouths are the best places to try now.  Intermediate lines may be the best to use in these locations of shallow water.  Olive Crystals, Peacock AH’s, Mity Mites, beadhead peacock leeches, and your favorite damselfly nymphs work well in these locations. If you are successful catching fish, expect to have company!


Henry’s Lake 7-14-2011

Best fishing appears to be in front of creek mouths.  Targhee, Hope, and Duck creeks are among these, but get to them early to beat the crowds, and expect increasing company if you are catching fish consistently.  Your favorite damselfly nymph pattern as well as mity mites and bead head peacock leeches will bring action.  Many Henry’s Lake veterans will use binoculars to see who is catching fish and where, and if they see your rod is bent they head for your area.