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Henry’s Lake

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Henry’s Lake 7-5-2011

Most reports have fishing improving here.  Much of the reason is active damselfly nymphs.   Look for the channels around weed beds to present your favorite damselfly nymph patterns. This is mainly a shallow water emergence, meaning lesser need to get to depths of the lake, so intermediate or slow sinking lines are the ticket.


Henry’s Lake 6-25-2011

Action is starting to slow as fish appear to be  dispersing into the lake and midging with warming waters.  Peak of damselfly nymph activity is a few weeks away, so look for action to pick up then.


Henry’s Lake 6-18-2011

Fishing in shallow water remains good in shallow water throughout, but fish are beginning to move out into the lake as weed growth hosting food has begun and the lake warms.  Mohair leeches , damselfly nymph, beadhead peacock leeches on intermediate lines have been effective.


Henry’s Lake 6-11-2011

Fishing remains spotty.  Success depends on who you talk to.  We have reports of some fish encountered from the north shoreline, around the county boat dock, and the state park.   Try mohair leeches in your favorite colors, damselfly nymph patterns, and tiny fly rod jigs on an intermediate line.


Henry’s Lake 6-8-2011

Still spotty fishing with no particular place in the lake more outstanding than others.  We have reports of a few fish being caught  around cliffs,  county boat dock, and northwest corner all on leech patterns.  Best fishing is about a month ahead when fish get going big time on damselfly nymphs.


Henry’s Lake 11-13-10

Fish are in the shallows all around the lake, and they are eager to hit flies. Small leech patterns presented on slow sink or intermediate lines are best.  The problem is the weather. It’s gonna be COLD and even WINDY and SNOWY.  So dress and drive accordingly.


Henry’s Lake 11-5-10

Right now Henry’s Lake is the star of eastern Idaho’s fishing show.   Go there and you will have your chances for beautiful cutts and brookies and hard fighting hybrids.  Here’s some “where and how”  information.  Water temps are in the mid forties. Fish are in shallow water all around the lake. That means use either an intermediate  or slow sinking line. Use a stout leader(1x or 2x) with either. Effective flies to our knowledge include brown or purple Canadian mohair leeches (with bead), bead head peacock leech, California leech, and halloween, all in sizes 6-10. We have all these in stock.  Locations you ask? Hybrids seem scattered around the lake.  Lots of cutts and brookies are cruising along the shoreline within easy casting reach at the State Park, but a lot of folks are there.  From here walk over to Howard Creek where fish are fewer, but so are anglers.  It is very easy to launch a float tube or pontoon boat at the State Park to get out in the lake a few hundred feet and have great fishing back toward the shoreline.  Anywhere along the north shore you will find good numbers of cutts and brookies cruising.  The hatchery makes for good access for either wading or launching a float tube or pontoon boat.  So does the pull-out at the northwest corner of the lake above Pintail Point.  Wade the shallows in front of the tree line on the north shore.  Fish are also present in shallows along the west shore line and in front of the cliffs but boating is the best way to fish.  For the next day or two weather looks fantastic at the lake.   Next week will be a different story, so plan for wind, squalls and cold air temps then.


Henry’s Lake 10-27-10

Fishing in shallow water seems to be good all around the lake. Leech patterns and small streamers presented on slow sinking or intermediate lines work very well.  Brookies are stacking up at most creek mouths, so this draws attention from anglers.   You can get away from such high attention locations and still catch fish.  Try the west shoreline north and south of the county boat dock, the northwest corner, and east of the hatchery. Wherever you go be prepared for wintry weather and slick roads.  It’s that time of year.