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Henry’s Lake

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Henry’s Lake 11-5-10

Right now Henry’s Lake is the star of eastern Idaho’s fishing show.   Go there and you will have your chances for beautiful cutts and brookies and hard fighting hybrids.  Here’s some “where and how”  information.  Water temps are in the mid forties. Fish are in shallow water all around the lake. That means use either an intermediate  or slow sinking line. Use a stout leader(1x or 2x) with either. Effective flies to our knowledge include brown or purple Canadian mohair leeches (with bead), bead head peacock leech, California leech, and halloween, all in sizes 6-10. We have all these in stock.  Locations you ask? Hybrids seem scattered around the lake.  Lots of cutts and brookies are cruising along the shoreline within easy casting reach at the State Park, but a lot of folks are there.  From here walk over to Howard Creek where fish are fewer, but so are anglers.  It is very easy to launch a float tube or pontoon boat at the State Park to get out in the lake a few hundred feet and have great fishing back toward the shoreline.  Anywhere along the north shore you will find good numbers of cutts and brookies cruising.  The hatchery makes for good access for either wading or launching a float tube or pontoon boat.  So does the pull-out at the northwest corner of the lake above Pintail Point.  Wade the shallows in front of the tree line on the north shore.  Fish are also present in shallows along the west shore line and in front of the cliffs but boating is the best way to fish.  For the next day or two weather looks fantastic at the lake.   Next week will be a different story, so plan for wind, squalls and cold air temps then.


Henry’s Lake 10-27-10

Fishing in shallow water seems to be good all around the lake. Leech patterns and small streamers presented on slow sinking or intermediate lines work very well.  Brookies are stacking up at most creek mouths, so this draws attention from anglers.   You can get away from such high attention locations and still catch fish.  Try the west shoreline north and south of the county boat dock, the northwest corner, and east of the hatchery. Wherever you go be prepared for wintry weather and slick roads.  It’s that time of year.


Henry’s Lake 10-24-10

Fishing has been good to great depending where you are on the lake.  Earlier this week we fished the shallows at the timbered shoreline just north of Pintail Point.  Schools of cutts were moving around and provided great action.  We also hooked up a few brookies.  To do all this we used intermediate lines to present bead head peacock leeches and bead head brown mohair leeches, both in sizes 6-10.   Good action from brookies can be found in front of creek mouths all around the lake, cutts are everywhere, and as we said in the last report, hybrids are where you find them.  Good action continues along the west shoreline, in front of the cliffs and from the hatchery to Wild Rose.   With some stormy weather moving in look for the great fishing to continue if you bundle up and stay dry.


Henry’s Lake 10-15-10

Fish are in shallow water all around the lake.   You can have success wading at the State Park, around the hatchery, Wild Rose, and anywhere where you can find a solid bottom.   If you are boating, fish water less than six feet deep.  The cutts are tending to run in schools, so expect action for a while, then a period of nothing followed by alternating action and nothing.   Brookies seem to be concentrated around the state park-Howard Creek, Targhee Creek, west shoreline, and the hatchery.  Hybrids are were you find them.  All this moving to the shallows seems a bit strange because water temps in the lake remain around the lower fifties in Deg. F.    Makes us wonder how much better fishing will become when water temps drop into the forties in Deg. F.   Patterns proving very effective when presented on an intermediate line are bead head peacock leech, brown mohair leech with bead, and small soft hackled streamers.


Henry’s Lake 10-9-10

Fishing is getting better now that we are cooling off.   Best reports come from anglers trolling streamers (peacock leeches are working well), but fish are showing up in shallower water. In front of cliffs and around Wild Rose are good locations.  Look for fishing in shallow waters to pick up as we move through the month.   This will mean switching to slow sink or intermediate lines.  Best days here are not far away!


Henry’s Lake 9-28-10

Not much change here as weather has been quite nice. Recent daytime temps have been close to 80 degrees F, so not much progress has been made in cooling off the lake.  Some success is reported at creek mouths and a few trollers are picking up fish.  If our weather cools off as expected next week, look for fishing success to pick up.


Henry’s Lake 9-21-10

Fishing is improving, but mainly for those trolling streamers out in the lake.  As we cool off more fish will move toward shallow water, so look for better fishing days as we move into October.


Henry’s Lake 9-10-10

The cool blustery weather we are just coming through is just what is needed to get fishing going here.   No big change in action yet, but we’ll keep tuned to reports comong in to let you know when things pick up.


Henry’s Lake 9-02-10

The cooling trend in the weather is the best that can happen to improve fishing here. Look for action to begin picking up soon around the lake.  Meanwhile, try creek mouths for best results.


Henry’s Lake 8-25-10

We’ve had a few nights where air temps have slipped a bit below freezing around Henry’s Lake.   So things are heading in the right direction to kick-start good fishing.  Work on the Duck Creek crossings (convert culverts to bridges) has been delayed until  mid September, so for now travel all the way around the lake is possible.