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Henry’s Lake

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Henry’s Lake 9-21-10

Fishing is improving, but mainly for those trolling streamers out in the lake.  As we cool off more fish will move toward shallow water, so look for better fishing days as we move into October.


Henry’s Lake 9-10-10

The cool blustery weather we are just coming through is just what is needed to get fishing going here.   No big change in action yet, but we’ll keep tuned to reports comong in to let you know when things pick up.


Henry’s Lake 9-02-10

The cooling trend in the weather is the best that can happen to improve fishing here. Look for action to begin picking up soon around the lake.  Meanwhile, try creek mouths for best results.


Henry’s Lake 8-25-10

We’ve had a few nights where air temps have slipped a bit below freezing around Henry’s Lake.   So things are heading in the right direction to kick-start good fishing.  Work on the Duck Creek crossings (convert culverts to bridges) has been delayed until  mid September, so for now travel all the way around the lake is possible.


Henry’s Lake 8-21-10

Still slow, and don’t expect an overall pick-up until we begin cooling off.  For sure there are some spots, like in front of Howard Creek  that offer action, but rest assured that they will be crowded when word gets out.


Henry’s Lake 8-17-10

Still slow.   Action can be had in front of Targhee and Duck creeks and at Staley’s, but  expect a crowd.

The road around the south end of the lake closes soon just east of the junction to Centennial Valley.  It will be closed for several weeks as a culvert is replaced by a bridge making for easier fish passage up Duck Creek.  Likewise, another culvert is being replaced further up the road to Centennial Valley to be replaced by another bridge for the same purpose. There will be a bypass at this construction allowing traffic to proceed to Centennial Valley.   For sure Henry’s Lake  cutts will benefit from these two projects.


Henry’s Lake 8-07-10

Slow is the word!  If you must try it, the mouths of Targhee and Duck Creeks provide best action. Get there EARLY to “stake your claim” as you will have company, sometimes as many boats as fish!   Try mighty mouse, Henry’s Lake renegades, and small California leeches on intermediate lines.    A few damselfly nymphs remain after what was a lackluster season for their activity. Cheer up, better days are ahead as we begin cooling off.


Henry’s Lake 7-31-10

Fishing on Henry’s Lake continues to be spotty. If you really know the lake you can still get into some decent fishing. Areas such as Targhee Creek and around Duck Creek have been good areas to try. Creek mouths all around the lake should begin to turn on as we move into August. Traditional patterns like the electric black, peacock ah, and various scud patterns are going to be your best bet. Fishing has been spotty, if you wait to hear a good report to go up, chances are your going to be too late. August can be a good month to fish Henry’s so get up there when you get a chance.


Henry’s Lake 7-22-10

So far it has been one of those spotty years. Damselflies are where you find them.  The east side creek mouths offer the best fishing, but become a bit crowded.  Cheer up: August can be a good month, then with cooler weather Henry’s Lake for sure will turn on and live up to its name as a terrific destination for big trout.


Henry’s Lake 7-19-10

The damselfly emergence has been spotty so far.  Some locations along the west and east shoreline have produced, but the peak of the hatch has gone by for the year.  Best fishing is around east side creek mouths with Targhee Creek leading the way. It gets crowded in front of the creek, so get there early and expect that you will accumulate company if you catch fish.  Mighty mite, Henry’s Lake renegade, and small California leeches are amongst the taking patterns.  Howard Creek mouth is not as crowded, but there are not as many fish.