South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Lake

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / Henry’s Lake (Page 21)

Henry’s Lake 11-10-2009

Fish are in shallow water all around the lake.  Small leech patterns in fall colors seem to work best.  Ice-up is a matter of days away, so get out and enjoy these last few days on the lake.


Henry’s Lake 11-03-2009

Shallows almost anywhere on the lake will produce fish.  Scud patterns on an intermediate line with and without a leech pattern tied in forward seem to work best. Dress warmly: water temps are around 40 Deg. F.


Henry’s Lake 10-27-2009

Action is picking up especially in the Dcuk Creek-Hope Creek area. Try the mity mouse and peacock leeches.  A few fish are being caught along the north shore, but action there has a long way to go to be considered very good.


Henry’s Lake 10-19-2009

All reports we have so far speak of spotty results.  The west side , that is from the cliffs to the County Boat Ramp, seem to be the best location.  Action is certain to pick up soon.


Henry’s Lake 10-15-2009

The big question is whether or not you can take the weather! Action is picking up, but wind, ice in guides, and chilly temperatures mean you must have resolve.  No need to get far out on the lake as fish are heading for the shallow water, so concentrate your efforts there.  Small leech patterns in fall colors will do just  fine.


Henry’s Lake 10-10-2009

Fishing the shallows is really picking up if you can stand the weather.  Snow/rain and wind has been the norm for days, but for the warmly dressed person, this is the time to be here.


Henry’s Lake 10-06-2009

This weather is just the ticket to make fishing here more consistent.  It may be tough to stay comfortable during it, but we will have some bluebird days when Henry’s will be a fun place to fish.  Look for action to really pick up now.  Shallow water will be best, so be sure to pack that intermediate line and leech patterns in fall colors.


Henry’s Lake 9-29-09

Depends on who you talk to, but most folks say action is spotty. With stormy weather moving in look for action to improve, especially along shorelines.  Then be sure to present flies: fall color leech patterns, mity mites, scud patterns, on intermediate lines