South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Lake

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Henry’s Lake 9-29-09

Depends on who you talk to, but most folks say action is spotty. With stormy weather moving in look for action to improve, especially along shorelines.  Then be sure to present flies: fall color leech patterns, mity mites, scud patterns, on intermediate lines


Henry’s Lake 9-24-09

Fishing is really picking up thanks to cooler and longer nights.  Concentrate on shallow waters and creek mouths as brookies are moving in big time.  Leech patterns in fall colors, mity mites, and scud patterns presented on intermediate lines are the way to go.


Henry’s Lake 9-21-09

Fishing here has been inconsistent, but with October coming on look for a change for the better.  Best fishing will be in the shallows. To be ready for the great fall fishing here, be sure you have an intermediate line and a good amount (at least 50 yards) of backing.   Stout leaders will also be best, that is 2X, 1X.   Be sure you have a good selection of leech patterns in fall colors: that is halloweens, peacocks, Californias, and mohairs.  Remembering that the lake is quite cold, be sure you have plenty of insulation for the long periods of being in the water.


Henry’s Lake 9-09-09

We had several inquiries about fishing action here.  Action is picking up in shallow water here, and is sure to improve as we move through autumn.   Brookies  have begun to move into creek mouths.  With cooling water weeds will begin to break up meaning less food forms hosted and more open water near shorelines.  Think intermediate lines and leech patterns. We will stay current and pass on here which fishing techniques seem to work best.


Henry’s Lake 9-07-09

Action is picking up nicely.  Creek mouths are a best bet, and fish are moving towards shorelines.  Use sparkle leeches such as Californias, bead head peacocks, mohairs and halloweens.