South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Lake

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / Henry’s Lake (Page 22)

Henry’s Lake 8-10-09

Fishing has slowed down a bit as is typical this time of year.  Best locations are deeper water (watch for weeds), creek mouths ( best can get crowded), and spring holes (can be crowded).


Henry’s Lake 8-05-09

The name of the game is go to creek mouths and spring holes. Use the traditional Henry’s Lake patterns we have suggested as well as midge pupa/indicator techniques.  Expect crowds where the fishing is good.


Henry’s Lake 8-03-09

Creek mouths are the places to be.  If not there, then try spring holes with Staley’s Spring being the most famous.  Use the traditonal Henry’s Lake patterns along with midge pupa under an indicator when you visit all of these.


Henry’s Lake 7-27-09

The creek mouths and spring holes now offer the best fishing all around the lake.  These may tend to get crowded, so get there early or stay late to get a favorite location.  Some of the Henry’s Lake classics such as mity mouse, renegade and smaller crystal buggers are the way to go at these locations.


Henry’s Lake 7-23-09

Action through damselfly activity remains spotty.  West side is best.  Now the best action is at creek mouths, particularly Targhee Creek. A lot of fish have migrated there to enjoy the cooler water flowing in, but the number of anglers is also numerous to enjoy the active fish.


Henry’s Lake 7-20-08

Damselfly action remains spotty.  Best fishing seems around the north shore for those presenting leech patterns.  Creek mouths are beginning to kick in as trout migrate to the cooler water coming in.


Henry’s Lake 7-20-09

Responses to damselflies still seems spotty with some action along the southwest corner of the lake. Try leech patterns on an intermediate line with a slow retrieve and with a blood worm trailer at other places. As the lake warms up be ready to fish creek mouths with traditional Henry’s Lake patterns.


Henry’s Lake 7-16-09

Fishing remains spotty even though damselfly nymphs are numerous.  The west side seems to provide the best action for now.   Let’s see what a week of real summer weather coming up will do.