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Main Stem Snake River

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Snake River 8-05-09

Getting better all the time, especially as flows drop and days shorten.   Its mostly streamer fishing, but terrestrials are now important if you fish banks and overhead cover.


Main Stem Snake River 8-03-09

Each day we go past mid summer this river becomes more attractive.  Right now there are many walk-in wade locations and float fishing is a great way to really see what this river offers.  Streamer fishing especially early and late in the day is the best way to encounter the large trout here.  But with the great and growing terrestrial insect populations, slamming hoppers towards banks and other overhead cover out of direct sunlight is productive.  Use your South Fork bank fishing techniques if you float fish this river.


Main Stem Snake River 7-29-09

The river is low enough, and therefore approachable, that evening streamer fishing can be an option. You can’t beat the mainstem Snake River for convenience.  There are numerous locations for walk-in wade fishing now that flows are dropping.  Get in touch with us to find the best at any given time.


Main Stem Snake River 7-27-09

As demand for irrigation waters drops, this wonderful fishery will become a great fishing choice.  Whether PMD emergences, streamer fishing, or fish responding to a growing terrestrial insect population, this river will offer so much whether you wade of fish from a boat. Get in touch with us to find out more about it.


Main Stem Snake River 7-23-09

This great fishery is really shaping up. Wading locations are kicking into being safe, and such as mayflies, caddisflies and sallys are being sought after by resident trout.  Get in touch with us to learn the best wade-in locations, strategies and fly patterns.


Main Stem Snake River 7-16-09

We have waited a long time to have a good report for the mainstem Snake River.  Water flows have dropped to near normal levels, so we can recommend that one should consider the river for streamer fishing.  There are many places to access the river.  We can make recommendations as to which might produce and we can recommend streamer patterns for this time of year.  Get in touch or come to the shop for information on how to approach this great and often overlooked fishery.