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Main Stem Snake River

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Main Stem Snake River 10/11

Streamer fishing is really producing well up and down the river. Evenings, low light, and early hours are best. Low light conditions will also bring on BWO emergences and resulting action from feeding fish. But presenting streamers is the surest way to encounter the big fish here!


Main Stem Snake River 10/7

It’s streamer time on the river! Browns are moving, and your best chance for encountering them will during low light conditions. Use sink tip lines and your favorite streamer patterns. Float fishing will be most effective, but with water levels dropping there are plenty of walk-in locations to try. Come in and talk to us to find where some of these are.


Main Stem Snake River 10/4

Water is dropping because of decreased flows out of Palisades Dam and lower Henry’s Fork flows. This will open up more water to walk-in fishing. Big streamers are the ticket for encountering the big browns, ‘bows and cutts up and down the river. Some tricos and abundant BWOS & caddis remain for the dry fly enthusiasts all along the great but under-used river


Main Stem Snake River 9/29

Streamer fishing is coming on big time all up and down the river. It is best to approach the river through boating, but with water levels dropping look for more walk-in access. Come talk to us about strategy on how, where and when to approach the great streamer fishing this river offers.


Main Stem Snake River 9/8

With flows considerably higher than normal fishing is a bit tough unless you are float fishing the river. Bank fishing offers limited success from Gem Lake downstream for those using streamers. When the flow out of Palisades drops, look for fishing success to pick up.


Main Stem Snake Rive 9/2

Flows are still considerably higher than usual for this time of season. This makes for tough wading, but float fishing has been somewhat productive for those using streamers and terrestrial patterns tight to banks.