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Main Stem Snake River

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Mainstem Snake River 5-20-10

Feeling the effects of increased flows, especially on the upper river. Water is a bit discolored. Best fishing is below Blackfoot where a well placed streamer pattern can bring results.

Recommended patterns

  • Bead head peacock leech
  • Stenersen’s string leech
  • Clousers
  • JJ special
  • Galloup’s sex dungeon
  • Galloup’s bottoms up
  • Double bunny

Mainstem Snake River 4-24-10

Because of increased flows out of Palisades Reservoir and the beginning of run-off the river flow is up from Menan to Blackfoot.  Wading is still possible, but fishing has slowed a bit.    Streamers are still the best bet.   Look for flows to increase (because of downstream irrigation demands) making walk-in wade fishing tougher as we advance through the spring season.


Main Stem Snake River 4-20-10

Flows are up a bit, but not enough to influence trout activity.  Likewise, some canals along the lower reaches are open meaning lower river flows for the time being.  Streamers are your best choice to encounter big browns and ‘bows.   Anywhere you can find access on the river from Menan to Tilden Bridge you will find action through using them.  There is a lot of river here, so get in touch with us or come into the shop.  We will recommend places to fish based on the information that is coming in.


Main Stem Snake River 3-30-10

Flows are a bit below normal throughout the river, and access is excellent.   Strongly consider fishing this very near-by easily reached fishery.  Some very large browns  and post spawning rainbows are being caught through use of streamers on a sink tip line.   If you enjoy fishing light equipment, midge hatches are  ongoing.   Look for good fishing on the river until irrigation demands put big flows into the river.   Come into the shop for access information and to see a selection of flies that work well on the river.


Main Stem Snake River 3-13-10

Throughout the river streamers are producing good action.  Flows are  below normal. Access is improving as snow and ice melt.   From Firth to American Falls Reservoir the river is almost free of ice & snow, so this part of the river might be the best to visit to try your favorite streamer patterns.   The main stem Snake River is open to fishing year round.