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Main Stem Snake River

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Mainstem Snake River 10-19-2009

Browns are on the move! From Menan to American Falls Reservoir you can encounter big browns almost anywhere under low light conditions. There are many walk-in locations and several boat ramps up & down the river.  Get in touch with us to learn some of the best locations for a chance at what could be the fish of a season.


Mainstem Snake River 10-15-2009

Browns are moving throughout the river, so streamer fishing is productive.  Big rainbows are also responding to streamers. There are several walk-in locations along the river.  Many are just a few minutes from town.  Stop by the shop and we can point some out to you.


Mainstem Snake River 10-10-2009

Flow throughout the river is about normal for this time of year, and brown trout are migrating.   There are numerous walk-in locations as well as a great selection of reaches to float.  Visit the shop to get info for making a selection of places to fish and to see the streamer patterns we stock for the river.


Mainstem Snake River 10-06-2009

We are now getting reports of large fish being caught here through fishing streamer patterns.  With flow dropping to normal levels from Menan to American Falls Res., there are a huge number of great locations to walk-in-wade or to float.   Come to the shop to learn some out from this great choice.  Also be sure you have a sink-tip line for presenting those streamers. We have a great selection of these as well as taking streamer patterns.


mainstream Snake River 9-29-09

Streamer fishing is going to pick up  big time with the cooler weather coming in. There are plenty of excellent walk-in locations along the river, even place where pontoon boats are useful.  Visit us to find the most convenient of these and for recommendations on best streamer patterns.


Mainstem Snake River 9-24-09

Streamers are the way to find the big guys here. Come or get in touch to see what we recommend. Do you have a sink-tip line?  You will need one to best enjoy the fall streamer fishing along this river.  We can also provide access information for the river from Menan to American Falls reservoir.  The “mainstem” is now a top regional fishery and will remain so for the next several months.


Mainstem Snake River 9-21-09

Streamer fishing is picking up and water flows are dropping.  During overcast days look for consistent BWO and midge activity.  There are great locations for float fishing.  Some  we can suggest are: from the power plant above Idaho Falls to the old dog pound, from the Shelley area to Firth, From Firth to Blackfoot, from Tilden Bridge to McTucker.  For wading the river is most approachable below Blackfoot where flows are around 1500 cfs.  Remember that the Reservation side of the river begins where the Blackfoot River enters.  You cannot fish below here, but the far side of the river can be waded inside the high water mark.


Mainstem Snake River 9-09-09

Becoming increasingly important as a fishery as we move into autumn.   Here is a great option to float fishing the South Fork, especially if you enjoy presenting streamer patterns. The mainstem may not have the same beauty as the South Fork surroundings, but it is no slouch. Neither are the fish which in size more than rival those in the South Fork and the lower Henry’s Fork.


Mainstem Snake River 9-07-09

Streamers in the early mornings and evenings to dark are producing quite well.  So are terrestrial and chernobyl types slammed toward banks out of direct light.  Look for BWO emergences to begin big time up and down the river.


Mainstem Snake River 9-02-09

Make this river a destination, especially late in the day when streamers will be increasingly effective and caddis swarms will make for dry fly fishing.  Walk-in locations are plenty, and there are several float fishing alternatives.  Snowflake duns are emerging from the river around Tilden Bridge to add to the dry fly fishing.  Below American Falls the fly fisher has a wonderful choice of trout and (see below) bass. Come see us to learn more about this great fishery.