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Small Streams

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Small Streams 7-17-12

The recent thundershowers are just what is needed to extend good fishing on many of these streams.   These will be fairly common through summer, and unless a deluge hits directly the cooling effect of a shower on water and rise in relative humidity of the atmosphere above the water are the reasons why right after a shower is a good time to fish. Insects will be more active because the humidity keeps them from drying, overcast sustains it,  and with lowered air temperatures they are more able to complete their life cycle.  The intensified activity attracts fish to feed.  So hang around to see if hatches occur when you see a storm leaving and water levels and clarity seem not greatly impacted.


Small Streams 7-14-12

Some of the smallest are beginning to warm up as flows get down to base level. Lower Fall River is an example because of irrigation draw down. If you see kids swimming in the river just below the Highway 20 bridge, that is a clue for water warm enough to be uncomfortable for trout.  Other small streams are doing quite well.  We have reports of fish responding very well to PMDs hatching from the Teton River in the Basin and fish responding very well to afternoon caddis flights in Robinson Creek.


Small Streams 7-10-12

Here is some good news about a small stream that has recently been in the fishing doldrums.  IDF&G is enhancing the native cutthroat trout population on Willow Creek east of Idaho Falls.  Folks fishing the lower creek report some near trophy size fish and some very good action. Most of the action has been through presenting bead head nymphs, but with terrestrial insects growing, forage minnows present, and a good caddisfly population,  a lot of fishing options are at hand here.  There are several access places to public land on the creek above Ririe Reservoir and in Bonneville County.   Visit us for more information on “where, how and when” to fish this stream.


Small Streams 7-7-12

Stick with “where to go” info we gave in the July 3rd report. All these streams remain good choices, but with warming weather, some will fade from the good fishing scene in a few weeks.  We’ll keep tabs on these for making recommendations to you.


Small Streams 7-3-12

Tim passed on some good info on Teton River and the South Fork tribs yesterday. Take his comment about warming water seriously, because many small streams will be impacted during what looks like a very warm dry summer.  Now is a good time to look at the numerous smaller streams we have in the area and to consider a visit to some.  Here is a “laundry list” of some to consider. Robinson Creek, Conant Creek, all Salt River tribs in Idaho, Bear Creek,  Beaver Creek, Little Lost River and Sawmill Creek, Medicine Lodge Creek, Portneuf River, Buffalo River, Willow Creek, and Warm River are at their peaks for good fishing right now.  The Blackfoot River above the reservoir opened to fishing two days ago, and you should consider a visit to it quite soon. The best is yet to come on the lower Blackfoot River, Big Elk Creek and Bitch Creek.   That’s is quite a list of waters to give details on here.  Contact us one way or another for details on fishing these.  We offer solid information on all.  Several will surprise you with size of fish, and for sure you will like the solitude.


South Fork Tributaries 7-2

Palisades Creek, Pine Creek and Burns Creek are now open to fishing. Stimulator’s, Royal Wulff’s and Caddis patterns are very effective dry flies for these smaller streams. You can also throw a variety of bead head nymphs or woolly buggers for fish not rising to dry flies. These are great streams with good fishing and they give you the opportunity  to escape crowds of people.


Teton River 7-2

We don’t do a lot of reports on the Teton River but for those interested the Teton has really fishing good right now. If you like the Teton or want to try something new, the Teton is a great fishery. With the early runoff this year you will want to fish the river this month because the water is going to get really warm later in August. There have been goldens hatching in the canyon. Grey drake and PMD’s have been hatching on the upper river through Driggs as well as caddis.



Small Streams 6-29-12

Run-off is peaking now. So in a few days we can say that all smaller streams will be worth fishing unless, like the lower Blackfoot River, irrigation demands impact fishing. These will offer great chances for some solitude and many offer surprisingly large fish. Now is the time to contact us about which ones to fish when.


Small Streams 6-26-12

Ashton-Flagg Road will open on July 1st.  USFS asks to give it a chance to dry out  completely for best passage.   Any stream not draining high country is a good choice for fishing now. Anglers tend to pass by Idaho’s  Salt River tributaries, but these can offer some very interesting fishing.  Jackknife, Tincup, Stump and Crow creeks all host cuts and browns. PMDs, flavs, caddis, and golden stones  are present. Add damsel and dragon flies in their meadow reaches.  Ant and beetle patterns will now work.  You will be surprised at the size of the cutts and browns range to in these streams.  Our area is loaded with small streams. So many anglers by-pass them for the waters they see in the media.  Want some solitude? Want to see some new country?  But you still want to encounter good fish? Contact us for the best of small streams throughout the season. Now is the time to begin fishing these.


Small Streams 6-23-12

The Ashton-Flagg road is open to four-wheel drive vehicles. Soft places in the road must dry up for a two-wheel drive traffic recommendation.  Warm weather will help this happen.   Fall River Basin and Teton River Basin streams draining high country remain high with run-off. All others are in great fishing shape. Get in touch with us to find the best of these at any time.