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Small Streams

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Small Streams 10-15-10

Flow in lower Blackfoot River is at normal levels for this time of year.   Expect good wet fly fishing throughout.  The river below Warm River Spring  has a great BWO hatch and a few October caddis.  Streamers are effective on the lower Teton River.  Action on many smaller waters is slowing down as base flow levels are approached and insect activity slows.  Birch Creek in the family area is an exception with ongoing BWO & midge hatches and a few October caddis.


Small Streams 10-9-10

Flows out of Blackfoot River Dam are still high (400 cfs) for best fishing, but are sure to drop soon.  Streamers work well on the South Fork of the Teton River.  Some smaller streams remaining good fishing  include the Salt River tribs, Birch Creek, Robinson Creek, and Warm River.   Look for BWO life cycle patterns to do well on all these, but remember the closure on Warm River from its confluence with the Henry’s Fork upstream to the railroad tunnel.  So the best water to fish here is from Warm River Spring downstream into the canyon.


Small Streams 9-28-10

With no killing frosts yet, terrestrial insect patterns are great choices for all our small streams.  Never overlook a cinnamon ant pattern this time of the season. Flavs are providing action on Big Elk Creek and Palisades Creek. With shorter days and  less time for water staying at best temperatures for these mayflies to emerge,  expect action to take place for fewer afternoon hours.  On other streams BWOs and/or tricos provide great action.  Warm River, Birch Creek, Teton River, Robinson Creek, and Little Lost River drainage streams are some.   But keep those terrestrial and attractor patterns handy on all of these!  Flow out of Blackfoot River Dam has jumped from around 250 cfs to around 600 cfs, so fishing is slow on the river below.


Small Streams 9-21-10

Fishing the Blackfoot River above and below the dam is picking up. Flows below are around 270 cfs, above around 60 cfs.  Above the dam terrestrial insect patterns and streamers provide the best action. Below the dam where gradients are higher, caddisfly life cycle patterns, traditional attractor patterns and streamer patterns bring action.  The lower Teton River is another great location to consider.  Hopper and other terrestrial patterns work just fine with streamer patterns presented in the evening a good bet to bring action.   Robinson Creek hosts good fishing with caddisfly life cycle, traditional attractors, and terrestrial patterns bringing action.  Warm River BWOs and caddisflies provide action from the spring down to the Henry’s Fork confluence.   The Birch Creek family area, Beaver Creek above Spencer, and the Little Lost River remain great places to enjoy lightweight gear and a great early day trico emergence.  There are several more small streams to visit before frosts become severe, so get in touch with us to get information on these.


Small Streams 9-10-10

South Fork tribs, Bear Creek, and Big Elk Creek remains good fishing with afternoon caddis and terrestrial insects bringing action.  It’s pretty much the same on the Salt River tribs. Terrestrial patterns are working well on the lower Teton River and Warm River where BWOs are coming on strong.  The upper  Blackfoot River, especially the wildlife management area is a great choice for fishing terrestrial and streamer patterns, and the flows on the river below the dam are dropping to stable levels.  Look for terrestrial, traditional attractor, caddis life cycle and streamer patterns to be effective there.  Birch Creek remains one of the best for action where any dry pattern in size 12 or smaller will draw attention from family fishing area trout which, by the way, are all wild fish.    Beaver, Medicine Lodge, Sawmill creeks and Little Lost River will also offer action for those using traditional attractor and caddis life cycle patterns.


Small Streams 9-02-10

This is a great time of year to begin fishing the Blackfoot River below the dam and through the canyon at such places as around Corral Creek, Graves Creek and Trail Creek Campground. Flows will stabilize as irrigation demands for stored water decrease.  With more consistent flows action will increase.   Caddis life cycle and terrestrial patterns will be best bets for action with some isolated BWO hatches.   Don’t overlook pitching streamer patterns as there are some very large cutts & bows in this part of the river.

Look for good terrestrial pattern fishing on such streams as the lower Teton River, the Salt River tribs, Little Lost River, Sawmill Creek,  Birch Creek and  South Fork tribs.  Kokanee are thick in Big Elk Creek but do not interfere with cutts taking PM caddis and terrestrial patterns.  Caddis life cycle and attractor patterns will work on all of these waters.


Small Streams 8-25-10

Want an experience that combines good fishing and gentle water with spectacular scenery?   Float the Teton River in Teton Valley. There are several public boat launch sites along the river here, so you can plan a trip based on how much time is available for you.  Terrestrial and PMD life cycle patterns will get you into fish throughout.  Don’t forget a camera!

The Blackfoot River above the reservoir is producing now, especially for those presenting terrestrial patterns. The river is at base flow, and slower moving water warms up most quickly.  Also slower water here tends to hold more weeds making wet fly fishing a bit tricky.  So concentrate your efforts along riffles and runs where trout have better oxygenated water.  Chances are the larger trout will be holding here.

Want to get that youngster into some fast fishing before going back to school?  Birch Creek in the family area above Lone Pine is the ideal place to try.  Traditional attractors and dry caddis patterns in sizes 10-16 will bring action for sure.


Small Streams 8-21-10

This is a great time to try the South Fork and Salt River tribs.   The flav hatch seems to be erratic on these so far but terrestrial patterns, particularly foam beetle and hopper patterns, work on all of these.     On all of these best fishing is afternoon when waters have warmed to allow aquatic insect activity.   Start with the terrestrial patterns presented around overhead cover, then watch for rises to afternoon caddis activity.   And the chance for solitude is great on all of these, especially if you get away from roads and habitation.   Some others away from the South Fork and Salt River are Bitch Creek, Teton River, Warm River, and the upper Blackfoot River.  Get in touch with us to get information on which of these streams are best at any given time.


Small Streams 8-17-10

Whether you float the Teton River, walk in to the Blackfoot River on the Wildlife Management area or try streams of equivalent character, terrestrial insect patterns are your best bet for  action this time of year. In Teton River canyon chernobyl types work well, and on the Blackfoot River with its slower flowing waters, traditional hopper patterns would be best.  Some of the smaller streams now at base levels (Robinson Creek) or having significant diversion for irrigation (Fall River) are warm, and action on them can slow.  There are some good exceptions to this warming.   Birch Creek (try attractor and terrestrial patterns) in the family area stays cools because of springs above and within the area.  Warm River (try attractor, PMD life cycle, sally, and terrestrial patterns)  below the spring will remain good fishing to the end of the season because the spring provides cool water in abundance. The same happens with Palisades Creek  (Try flav, terrestrial and attractor patterns) which receives cooler water from subsurface flows from the upper lake.  The lower lake also has an subsurface component to flow coming out.  Both these keep Palisades Creek water temps at best levels for trout and insect activity.


Small Streams 8-07-10

Many are at their best fishing shape right now.  The Teton River is fishing great throughout its length. In Teton Basin, PMDs are providing action with terrestrial populations coming on. In the canyon, terrestrial patterns and chernobyl types provide the best action.  Fall River is slow because of irrigation draw down. The upper Blackfoot River is providing good action in the Wildlife Management area. Flows in the river below the reservoir vary enough to make for spotty fishing.  Terrestrial patterns, bead head nymphs, and sometimes PMD life cycle patterns bring action.  South Fork and Salt River tribs are excellent fishing now with flav life cycle and terrestrial patterns making for great action. Small bead head nymphs bring early in the day action on all of these.  Robinson Creek continues to produce with caddis, terrestrial and attractor patterns making for action.   Same goes for Birch, Beaver and Medicine lodge creeks.  Another choice is Warm River for a mile or two below the spring.  Here caddis, sallys, PMDs, terrestrials, and a few BWOs make for action.