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Small Streams

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Small Streams 5-7-2011

Birch Creek family area above Lone Pine is fishing very nicely. It’s a great place to take that light weight rod. The creek is  a few inches high, but clear. Run off is minimal because most of the water is from the springs around Kaufman. All snow is gone from surrounding area and hip boots are all that is needed for crossing the creek.   In the early PM, BWO olive activity begins with fish taking duns later in the afternoon.  Small wet attractors also work well.  Around 6PM action begins to shut down.


Small Streams 5-4-2011

Birch Creek at the family area and in the diversion are fishing quite well.   Small nymphs and peacock woolly worms remain the best patterns, but BWOs are becoming more active during afternoons.  So top water fishing will pick up.


Small Streams 4/30/2011

Birch Creek Family Area above Lone Pine and the diversion are fishable. Water is clearing and dropping.  Small bead head nymphs and small peacock woolly worms will produce. As we warm up as promised next week, look for an increase in top water activity.


Small Streams 11-05-10

Many of these are shutting down for the upcoming winter season.  With stormy conditions roads to many will be tough, but some remain fishable. Birch Creek and the lower Teton  and Blackfoot rivers to name a few.  Streamer patterns would be best on the lower Teton and the lower Blackfoot.   Birch Creek’s BWO hatch will go on for a while and midges will continue through the winter.


Small Streams 10-27-10

Many of these have shut down because aquatic insects are packing it in for the winter, fish have migrated down to larger waters that offer more cover,  and certain roads are not maintained once winter sets in.  Candidates to try include the lower Blackfoot and lower Teton rivers and Birch Creek and Warm River (watch road conditions)below Warm River Spring. Water is low on the Blackfoot and Teton.  Streamers are working well on both rivers, while traditional attractors in small sizes and BWO life cycle patterns work well on Birch Creek and Warm River.


Small Streams 10-24-10

Many of these are shutting down now.   With lower flows and fewer insects available, fish move to bigger waters during winter months where there is better cover and more abundant food.  But some good fishing remains.   Concentrate your efforts on deeper waters. The lower Blackfoot River has many deeper pockets and holes where a well placed streamer  is sure to bring results.  The same can be said for the lower Teton River and Robinson Creek.  On streams pretty much influenced by springs, good caddis and BWO emergences continue. Examples are Warm River just below Warm River Spring and Birch Creek in the family area.


Small Streams 10-15-10

Flow in lower Blackfoot River is at normal levels for this time of year.   Expect good wet fly fishing throughout.  The river below Warm River Spring  has a great BWO hatch and a few October caddis.  Streamers are effective on the lower Teton River.  Action on many smaller waters is slowing down as base flow levels are approached and insect activity slows.  Birch Creek in the family area is an exception with ongoing BWO & midge hatches and a few October caddis.


Small Streams 10-9-10

Flows out of Blackfoot River Dam are still high (400 cfs) for best fishing, but are sure to drop soon.  Streamers work well on the South Fork of the Teton River.  Some smaller streams remaining good fishing  include the Salt River tribs, Birch Creek, Robinson Creek, and Warm River.   Look for BWO life cycle patterns to do well on all these, but remember the closure on Warm River from its confluence with the Henry’s Fork upstream to the railroad tunnel.  So the best water to fish here is from Warm River Spring downstream into the canyon.


Small Streams 9-28-10

With no killing frosts yet, terrestrial insect patterns are great choices for all our small streams.  Never overlook a cinnamon ant pattern this time of the season. Flavs are providing action on Big Elk Creek and Palisades Creek. With shorter days and  less time for water staying at best temperatures for these mayflies to emerge,  expect action to take place for fewer afternoon hours.  On other streams BWOs and/or tricos provide great action.  Warm River, Birch Creek, Teton River, Robinson Creek, and Little Lost River drainage streams are some.   But keep those terrestrial and attractor patterns handy on all of these!  Flow out of Blackfoot River Dam has jumped from around 250 cfs to around 600 cfs, so fishing is slow on the river below.