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Small Streams

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Small Streams 6-29-2011

At last some are beginning to shape up.  Beaver and Camas creeks are worth fishing.  So are Tincup and other creeks flowing out of Idaho into the Salt River.  Try beadhead nymphs, San Juan worm, and wooly bugger variations. On July 1st several South Fork tributaries open to fishing.  Post spawning cutts to big sizes are likely to be in Bear and McCoy creeks.  Woolly buggers and small streamers should interest these fish. If you are looking for small brookies, try Tom’s and Chick creeks at the top of the Buffalo River, Squirrel Creek, and upper Warm River.


Small Streams 6-4-2011

Birch Creek remains the only one ready for fishing, and it is offering some great times for those bringing light weight fly gear.  Wet and dry attractors, BWO and caddis  life cycle patterns will bring afternoon action in the family area  and in the diversion.  These are mostly wild fish.  The creek between Lone Pine and the diversion is heavily fished and is full of planters.


Small Streams 5-28-11

Birch Creek is by far the best, but wait for the holiday crowds to leave by Monday.   It’ll be a while before waters drop on most others—we’ll let you know when these shape up.


Small Streams 5-14-2011

Birch Creek family area and the diversion  remain the best choice for small waters. Any small stream draining high country is full of run off now. Birch Creek is the exception.


Small Streams 5-7-2011

Birch Creek family area above Lone Pine is fishing very nicely. It’s a great place to take that light weight rod. The creek is  a few inches high, but clear. Run off is minimal because most of the water is from the springs around Kaufman. All snow is gone from surrounding area and hip boots are all that is needed for crossing the creek.   In the early PM, BWO olive activity begins with fish taking duns later in the afternoon.  Small wet attractors also work well.  Around 6PM action begins to shut down.


Small Streams 5-4-2011

Birch Creek at the family area and in the diversion are fishing quite well.   Small nymphs and peacock woolly worms remain the best patterns, but BWOs are becoming more active during afternoons.  So top water fishing will pick up.


Small Streams 4/30/2011

Birch Creek Family Area above Lone Pine and the diversion are fishable. Water is clearing and dropping.  Small bead head nymphs and small peacock woolly worms will produce. As we warm up as promised next week, look for an increase in top water activity.