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Small Streams

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Small Streams 8-03-09

Most of these are in great shape. with terrestrial insects nearing their peak and most featuring ever present caddis and sallys.  It really is too much to relate information on each here because nearly all are good fishing and will remain so until fall.   So get in touch with us for particulars on any you may be interested in visiting.


Small Streams 7-29-09

With terrestrial season coming on, most small waters will be excellent choices. The only “fly in the ointment” will be warming water.   So for those at lower elevation it won’t hurt to check water temperature profiles.  We have reports that the upper Blackfoot River is clearing.  This is just in time for terrestrial season.  Warm River below the spring always has water of an ideal temperature.  It’s pretty much the same for Birch Creek in the Family Area above Lone Pine where numerous springs flow in.  So it is a good choice, especially if you want to give some light-weight equipment a try.


Blackfoot River on IDF&G Wildlife Management Area


Small Streams 7-27-09

They are all fishing well except for some headwater streams that have warmed up. These include such as Rock, Squirrel and Conant creeks. Right now Big Elk, Palisades, Rainy, Pine and McCoy creeks are fishing quite well. Use traditional attractor and terrestrial patterns.  Same can be said for Salt River tribs; Jackknife, Tincup, Stump and Crow creeks.  Warm River just below the spring is a great choice for traditional attractors in small sizes.  The upper Blackfoot River is clearing, but small leech patterns work best until fish begin looking for terrestrial insects.


Small Streams 7-22-09

They are all fishing good! On all of these beetle and ant patterns are effective soon to be joined by hoppers. You can never be wrong trying traditional attractor patterns on any small shaving a bit of gradient.  Examples include Teton River in the canyon and around the dam site, Fall River around the Kelly Bridge, Warm River below Warm River Spring, anywhere on the Birch Creek family area, Beaver Creek above Spencer, ID, Robinson Creek, Bitch Creek. Want more? Get in touch!


Small Streams 7-20-09

All are at their peaks for action. But with hot weather coming some of the smallest streams will tend to warm and therefore slow down.   This does not apply to the rivers such as the Teton, Falls, Warm, Blackfoot and Portneuf. On all of these PMDs, caddis and sallys still bring action, but for riffle and run reaches attractor patterns will be a blast to fish. This means such as humpys, renegades, Wulff series, and irresistibles.  For slower reaches such as in Teton Basin PMD life cycle patterns will bring action.  And on all small waters it is time to break out your ant and beetle patterns remembering that hoppers are only a week or two from taking over as the patterns of choice.


Small Streams 7-16-09

It’s hard to find one that is not fishing well.   Expect the most accessible to be crowded on weekends.    Do you enjoy fishing traditional attractor patterns?  Any riffle and run areas of these will be a great choice. Some of our small streams have a good number of large trout. This applies to the Blackfoot, Teton, Portneuf and Warm Rivers. It also applies to Bitch, Stump, Crow, Palisades, Big Elk, Medicine Lodge, Bear, and Sheridan creeks.  Get in touch with us for more information on these.


Small Streams 7-13-09

Nearly all are in great fishing shape now.  There are so many that it is tough to relate all here!   Want easy and fast fishing?   Go to such as  Birch,  Bitch, Beaver,  Pine, Sawmill, Tincup,  Jackknife, Stump, and Robinson creeks or upper Warm River.  Want more challenging small stream fishing? Try the upper Blackfoot,  the middle and lower Portneuf River,  Bufflao River, the Teton River in the Basin, the Teton between the dam site and Hog Hollow.  Get in touch with us for info on fishing all of these.  We also have the flies and gear needed for these great but mostly overlooked waters.


Small Streams 7-10-09

Just about all are in good shape now.  The choice is almost endless, so contact us for best recommendations.   But to be sure, caddis, yellow sally, and attractor patterns in small and medium sizes will produce on almost all.  There are some exceptions with which we can help.    So get in touch!


Small Streams 7-04-09

Just about any of these are now good choices, exept for a few (some Teton Basin streams) draining the highest country.   All major South Fork tribs are now open, but the best days on them are ahead.  Want a particular small stream treat?   Try Robinson Creek.  The real fun here is not knowing which trout species you will get to respond.   Robinson holds cutts, ‘bow, brookies, browns and even a whitefish or two all living in harmony. True, they don’t rival the nearby Henry’s Fork in size, but there are some of size ranging up to around 18″.  It’s a great place for that light-weight rod, and to realize that good numbers of green drakes are not exclusive to such as the Harriman reach of the Henry’s Fork, Lewis River, Slough Creek and Fall River Basin streams.  Get in touch with us to talk access, flies and strategy.