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Small Streams

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Big Lost River 2-27-10

Reports tell us that the river below Mackay Dam and around the campground is good fishing.  Flows out of the dam have remained constant at just over 100 cfs.  Small beadhead nymphs, such as prince’s, bead head or regular are working.  So are midge patterns and golden stone nymph patterns. BWOs should become important any day now.  Remember the winter season closes on March 31st.


Small Streams 2-18-10

Some of our small streams are practical to fish during the winter season which ends on March 31st.  These include Warm River around the campground and Fall River above Chester to the mouth of the canyon.  Small bead head nymphs, golden stonefly nymphs, midge and caddis pupa patterns can be effective, and on milder days midges and a few BWOs will bring surface action.  Expect to go through snow and shore ice to get to water in most locations.


Small Streams 11-10-2009

Access is becoming a problem on many of these as some roads are going to 4WD conditions. The lower Teton river offers good midge and BWO fishing.  Birch Creek, Robinson Creek, and lower Fall River remain approachable.


Small Streams 11-03-2009

Midge activity on the lower Teton makes for the best small stream fishing in the area right now. The Warm River just below the Spring has an excellent BWO emergence, and so does Birch Creek.


Small Streams 10-19-2009

It’s BWO times on such as Warm River just below the spring, the Teton in the Basin, the Blackfoot below the reservoir, Birch Creek, Buffalo River in front of the campground, lower Robinson Creek,  Stump Creek, and Tincup Creek.  If for some reason BWO life cycle patterns won’t do, try dry attractors or small bead head nymphs.


Small Streams 10-15-2009

Many of these have good BWO activity. This includes the Fall, Teton, Portneuf, and Warm rivers, and Birch, Stump, Tincup, and Beaver creeks.  If the BWOs are not active on any small waters, small beadhead nymphs will produce.


Small Streams 10-10-2009

The cold weather will slow activity on several of these, but some remain very fishable.   Hoppers are gone from most, but BWOS and caddis remain active.  Small bead head nymphs, BWO life cycle patterns, and small leech patterns remain effective on such as the Blackfoot, Portneuf, Warm and Teton rivers and Birch, Crow, Stump, Tincup, Robinson, and Palisades creeks.


Small Streams 10-06-2009

Some of the smaller ones are “going to sleep for the winter”.  Others such as the Blackfoot, Teton and Portneuf rivers and Birch, Robinson and Sawmill creeks will be great during Indian summer days if we get any. Attractor and caddis patterns work on top, bead head and small leech patterns work below.

A new location for fly fishers is the Fox Ranch reach of the Blackfoot River. Recently purchased by the Monsanto Corporation, this part of the river is reached off the Blackfoot River Road east of Henry, Idaho.   Primarily a cutthroat fishery, it holds a few rainbows and a rare brook trout. With seven miles of new water open to the public, it is certainly worth considering.


Small Streams 9-29-09

If you have not tried the Fox Ranch reach of river recently purchased by Monsanto and opened to the public, let us recommend it.   It can be reached off the Blackfoot River Road going east from Henry.  Look for cutts aplenty and some rainbows.  Terrestrialand attactor patterns and small beadhead peacock leeches should work well.


Small Streams 9-24-09

Here is a tip for small stream enthusiasts. The Blackfoot River below the Reservoir downstream through the canyon is fishable and will begin producing now that most irrigation flows are over. There are several access places in this reach, and for the most part these are within 50 miles of Idaho Falls.  Come in and discuss with us how to get to this part of the river.   Terrestrial, attractor, streamer, and caddis life cycle patterns will be effective here.