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Small Streams

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Small Streams 6-26-29

Water flows are dropping everywhere, so are great variety of small streams will soon be available for great fishing. By 4th of July the choice will be overwhelming.  Right now Birch, Robinson, Beaver, Medicine Lodge, Jackknife, Stump, and Tincup are producing. So are Warm, Portneuf, and Buffalo rivers. Want strategy info for these?  Get in touch with us.


Small Streams 6-22-09

Our weekend rain keeps many of these higher than normal.  Some, however remain fishable. These include the “ever-fishable” Birch Creek, Warm River, Buffalo River and Portneuf River (above Pebble and Dempsey creeks). For all of these PMDs, sallys, caddis and attractor patterns in sizes 12-18 will work on top. Any standard nymph including princes, hare’s ears, copper Johns, and zug bugs, with and without beads and in small and medium sizes will work underneath.


Small Streams 6-19-09

Recent rains have kept many these high.  With more rain expected this weekend some will stay that way. Warm River, Buffalo River, Tom’s Creek, Portneuf River, and Birch Creek should remain fishable.   PMDs, Caddis and a few BWOs will be the fare for top water fishing.


Small streams 6-15-09

Fall River giant stonefly hatch has started on lower river.  Use your favorite dry pattern.  Portneuf River PMD emergence going great guns. Robinson  Creek is high and clear, but fishable with nymphs and wet flies. Try any bead head, wet renegade, or caddis emerger patterns. Birch Creek continues to be great fishing.  Warm River has PMDs, caddis and sallys ongoing.  Other small streams not draining really high country are beginning to shape up. These include Beaver Creek, the Medicine Lodge Creek drainage, and some of the Salt River tribs coming out of Idaho.


Small Streams 6-12-09

Many remain high because of cool, rainy days. The best are Birch Creek, Portneuf and Warm rivers. All offer top water fishing for trout rising to caddis, Yellow Sallys, BWOs and PMDs.  Robinson Creek is clear and high but dropping. Try beadheads there for now.  Buffalo River and Tom’s Creek are also fishable.


Small Streams 6-08-09

Cool, rainy, and in some cases snowy weather, has kept water levels up on many of these.  Birch Creek remains about the best of these.  Robinson Creek is high & clear meaning nypmhs might work.   Same with Warm River where BWOs provide action up and down the river.  Consider the middle Portneuf River where PMDs are resulting in action.  Look for a really great choice of small streams later this month when we warm up and water levels drop to more seasonal levels.


Small Streams 6-04-09

This rainy weather is keeping some of these high.  Right  now that seems bad, but the wet weather will extend their season further into the summer.  Lower Warm River is fishing well with BWO’s, caddis, and a few PMDs.  Robinson Creek is high and clear, so is fishable with such as bead head nymphs and rubber legs, but beware of the mosquitos. The Portneuf River PMD emergence is going great guns in the reach along the old highway.  Afternoons are best, but overcast conditions make any daytime hour good. There is always great fishing  on Birch Creek, especially in the family area above Lone Pine!


Small Streams 5-28-09

You will find non-stop afternoon action on Birch Creek when BWO’s and yellow sallys emerge.  Right now it is the best of our small streams with clear, run-off free water.  Take your lightest weight systems.   It’s also a great place for a neophyte to “cut their fly-fishing teeth”.  The Portneuf River is good fishing above the Pebble Creek confluence.  A few PMDs are showing up to add to caddis which make for some top water fishing.  Caddis and a few BWO’s make for some dry fly fishing on lower Warm River.


Small Streams 5-25-09

Any small stream draining high country will hold run-off water and therefore not have the best fishing. Try streams that do not have a high country component for the time being. That includes such as Warm River, Buffalo River, Tom’s Creek, Silver Creek, Little Wood River,  and Birch Creek.  For these BWO life cycle, bead head nymphs, small woolly worms, wet attractors, and caddis life cycle pattterns will work well.