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Small Streams

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Small Streams 11/3

There can be some great nymph and streamer fishing on such as the lower Teton River, lower Fall River, Birch Creek, and the middle and lower parts of the Portneuf River before winter sets in.


Small Streams 10/30

Many of these waters will close the end of November. Some will not be accessible soon because roads will not be maintained as winter moves in. Some that should be accessible through November include lower Teton River, lower Fall River, Birch Creek, and the middle and lower parts of the Portneuf River. Consult with us with respect to fishing conditions and access for these.


Small Streams 10/24

The Blackfoot River offers great streamer fishing now whether you try the upper river or locations below the reservoir. The lower Teton River also offers streamer fishing as well as some dry action from BWOs during low light conditions.


Small Streams 10/20

Stick to the Blackfoot, Teton, Warm and Portneuf sized streams now. Colder weather shuts down smaller streams because insect activity shuts down and water levels drop.


Small Streams 10/16

It’s the time of the season where action slows on many smaller waters. Some that remain in the fold of providing action include the lower Teton River, the lower Blackfoot River, Warm River around the spring (the river from the tunnel to the Henry’s Fork confluence remains closed to protect spawning browns), Birch Creek, and certain parts of Fall River. Get in touch with us for strategy suggestions on some of these.


Small Streams 10/7

Warm River, Fall River, the lower Blackfoot River, the lower Teton River, Robinson Creek, and Birch Creek are providing the best action. All have BWOs and some tricos going through life cycles. Small beadhead nymphs work well on each of these. Some browns are moving into the Salt River tribs, but they are about as wary as a trout can be. Want to test your “big fish in small waters” skills? Try fooling browns in Stump, Crow and Jackknife creeks.


Small Streams 9/22

Action will begin to slow on higher elevation small waters as we get into frosty nights. Nevertheless, small streams holding brown trout will be great destinations regardless of elevation. This includes such as Robinson Creek, Salt River tribs, Hebgen Lake tribs and the lower Portneuf River. Rely on streamer and wooly bugger patterns for these fish, and bring ALL your stealth skills. Also remember that Warm River below the tunnel closes to fishing on September 30 to protect spawning Henry’s Fork browns.


Small Streams 9/11

We are heading for some very nice weather next week. And there are plenty of terrestrial insects and caddisflies around. Those along with BWOs showing up on some waters can make for some great small water fly-fishing experiences. The choice of small waters is almost endless whether well-known like Teton River and Warm River or lesser known like Bitch Creek or Stump Creek. So get in touch with us to help you choose one.


Small Streams 9/5

Until we have hard freezes, most small waters will remain good fishing. Flavs are still active on Palisades and Big Elk creeks. Warm River just below the spring has a good BWO emergence on cloudy days. Birch, Stump and Robinson creeks continue to produce for those presenting terrestrial and attractor patterns.


Small Streams 9/02

Look for small streams to remain good fishing as long as air temps stay in the 60s and 70s in deg. F. Teton River in the Basin has been producing for those using terrestrial and PMD patterns. Warm River below the spring to the cascades has produced well for those presenting traditional attractors, terrestrial and caddis patterns. Birch Creek bows and brookies remain active in the Family area above Lone Pine.