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South Fork

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South Fork 10-8-18



Just above Heise Br. (640x480)

Here is a note describing USBoR South Flow management for this week: “To account for decreases in diversion, BoR is decreasing flow out of Palisades Dam 470 cfs this evening (Oct. 8th).  Discharge out of Palisades will be ~5,230 cfs tomorrow morning. Cool, wet weather throughout the week will likely warrant another reduction in flow before the weekend. Anticipate a similar drop in flow Thursday night or Friday.”  BWO and mahogany dun life cycle patterns continue to produce.  As the month goes by streamer patterns will become increasingly effective.




Main Stem Snake River 9-29-18



Have you noticed the number of boats increasing here?  That is because the river is dropping and big browns are beginning to migrate.  As is usual this time of year, they will take big streamer patterns especially early and late in the day.  There are a number of public accesses from Menan down to McTucker from which to begin and end a float trip. We will begin to receive information on where the best action is along the river, so get in touch if you are considering a main stem float trip or a walk-in wade outing.


South Fork 9-29-18

At 12500 cfs

Predictions say that the upcoming week will feature cloudiness, higher relative humidity, and possibly some rain in the region.  All these will be a “shot in the arm” for making the BWO and mahogany dun emergences thicker up and down the river.  Flow out of Palisades Dam will surely decrease from being relatively steady for several days, especially because the reservoir is about half full and storage for next agricultural season is on water managers minds.  Decreasing flows mean more walk-in wade opportunities. As we advance through October, look for streamer fishing to steadily improve everywhere along the river.  Best of all, the number of anglers will be down from now to till freeze-up.


South Fork 9-25-18


Cut closeup2 (640x415)

Flow out of Palisades Dam was dropped last night to 6750 cfs last night, and may continuing to drop today. Current flow  of 7060 at Heise will drop further today. Look for flows to drop again later this week.  BWOs and Mahoganies are emerging from the South Fork, at least along the lower river.   Streamer action is also picking up.  Hoppers are abundant throughout, and fish near vegetated banks are responding to patterns cast toward them. Caddis provide evening action. So looks like autumn is bringing better fishing up and down the river.


South Fork 9-22-18

South Fork 4

Flow out of Palisades Dam was dropped to 7200 cfs on 9/20. Flow at Lorenzo is now about 3500 cfs.  This makes for more walk-in wade opportunities. Hopper-dropper combinations seem to work OK the lower river, but streamer fishing has been good up and down the river.  Somber patterns ( black, dark olive, brown) seem most effective.  Don’t expect BWOs and mahoganies to provide good dry fly fishing until we get some really stormy weather.


South Fork 9-18-18

At Heise Br. (640x480)

Fishing sure has slowed down up & down the river. Best results, if you can call it such, seems to be for those fly-fishers presenting hopper-dropper ( bead head nymphs of choice) combinations in the canyon stretch.  Flow out of Palisades has been constant for about ten days at around 8100-8500 cfs.  Lower flows are coming, but what is really needed to bring on the BWOs and mahoganies is a stretch of cold stormy weather, and for now none of this is in weather forecasts.


South Fork 9-15-18


South Fork 4

Flow out of Palisades Dam remains constant at about 8500 cfs.  For some set of reasons riffle fishing on the upper river has slowed, but presenting hopper  patterns in close to vegetated banks remains effective, especially on the lower river. Flows below the Big Feeder are around 5600 cfs  ( just about normal for this time of year), so downstream of Heise is best water for finding action. For sure some stormy weather would help bring on the BWO activity everyone is waiting for!


South Fork 9-11-18

Fall Cr. Falls (640x480)

No changes in flow out of Palisades Dam in the last several days.  Presenting hopper patterns from the old Joe’s Hopper to current chernobyl types is best way for dry fly fishing success all along the river. Any day now BWOs will become important. Bad weather would bring them on sooner. Try a streamer or two if you find low light conditions.


South Fork 9-8-18

03-12-09 South Fork 010

Flow out of Palisades Dam has been stable for several days at around 8500 cfs.   Expect flow to drop further soon. Hopper fishing is great up and down the river, and evening caddis activity continues to attract trout.  Some mutant stones are present, but lower water would help their numbers. Mahoganies and BWOs will begin to be important soon as we cool off.  The same will apply to streamers presented during low light conditions.


South Fork 9-1-18


SF With Baldy 2 (640x480)

Flow out of Palisades Dam was reduced to 8550 cfs  (same cfs at Heise, 2770 cfs at Lorenzo) Tuesday. This will make for more walk-in wade fishing locations and increase the mutant golden stonefly emergence.