South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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South Fork

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South Fork 5-24-16

Flow out of Palisades Dam has been steady (around 11400 cfs) for several days.  The result is good streamer and rubber-legs fishing, especially on the upper river where spawning and post-spawning rainbows are concentrated. Cool cloudy days has resulted in some BWO activity along calmer side channels and backwaters from the dam downstream through the canyon, but you will likely need a boat to get to these locations.  No word yet on a flush out of the Palisades Dam.




South Fork 5-10-16

Flow out of Palisades Dam has been around 11700 cfs for the last several days. About the only activity we have heard of is streamers being effective for catching rainbows below the dam where  rainbows are in a spawning mode.  Native cutthroat will thank you for presenting streamers and then removing any responding rainbows from the river!

We received an email on Friday that there is a tree across the middle channel just above twin bridges. It is about 1000 yards above the twin bridges highway. If you get out at the twin bridges boat dock, plan on dragging your boat around the log.



South Fork 5-3-16

Flow out of Palisades Dam leveled off at just under 10000 cfs a few days ago. At Heise flow is 10600 cfs.  Might be time to begin pitching rubber leg and yuck bug patterns with flows stabilized for a while.


South Fork 4-30-16

Flow out of Palisades Dam still going up. It’s now at 10000 cfs. Rainbows are spawning in river, and pitching streamer patterns, glo-bugs, and San Juan worms will attract the more aggressive ones.


South Fork 4-26-16

It’s cold, its discolored, and flow out of Palisades Dam is being increased almost daily to satisfy downstream irrigation demands. Currently flow out of the dam is around 8000 cfs. Tomorrow it will be more, and so on, and so on. So for the time being consider the Ashton Dam to Chester reach of the Henry’s Fork or the Madison River between the lakes or below them.


South Fork 4-12-16

Looks like the flow graph for the gage below Palisades Dam will read like a step function for weeks to come. That means irrigation demands for the upcoming agricultural season will dictate increased flows out of the reservoir. Right now flow out of dam is at 2200 cfs and remains quite cold. Try zebra nymphs and rubberleg patterns as increasing flows will scour the bottom relative to the low winter flows. Also rainbows are moving to redds, so the cutts are hoping you will target those love-making ‘bows!


South Fork 3-21-16

Flow just below Palisades Dam is a little under 900 cfs. At Heise it is 1400 cfs and remains in the mid 30’s in degrees Fahrenheit. No wonder there is not much dry fly activity! Zebra midges, rubber legs, and San Juan worms fished around riffles are bringing responses. Expect many of those responses to be from whitefish.


South Fork 11-12-15

We’ve had a spell of colder than normal daytime temperatures which appear to be a factor in slowing fishing on the river. The biggest impact is on top water fishing (BWOs and midges). Browns are moving and streamers presented under low light conditions remains effective. Flow out of Palisades Dam is 900cfs, the winter maintenance level. At Heise flow increases to 1300 cfs. Such flows make for great wading conditions. There are a ton of places to choose from to do so. Get it touch or visit us for information on which may be best to try.


South Fork 11-3-15

Flow out of Palisades Dam was reduced yesterday to 887 cfs. That’s right around the winter maintenance flow of 900 cfs.  Flow at Heise is 1400 cfs. Flow going into Palisades Reservoir is close to 3000 cfs, so storage for 2016 irrigation season has begun.  Let’s  hope there will be water in abundance for users and recreationists alike in 2016.

It’s great weather for encountering migrating brown trout, and it looks like that will be the case for the next several day.  Dress warmly, keep your favorite streamer patterns handy, and wade carefully!