South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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South Fork

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South Fork 2/28/12

Looks like it is time to begin offering fishing reports here and there. A good place to start is with the South Fork. Reports have the Snake River drainage snow pack above Palisades Reservoir exceeding 160% of normal.  So water is being released from Palisades Dam because run-off this year will be major.  Flow out of the dam was raised from around 2000 cfs to 3000 cfs on February 22nd. Yesterday flow out of the dam was doubled to 6000 cfs to provide space to catch run-off. This amount of flow will surely impact fishing success for some days to come.Flow out of American Falls Dam has been increased to 3000 cfs. Look for further flow increases through March as reservoir space up and down the river will be needed. These flow increases will also make the river dangerous. Thus for the upcoming weeks trying the lower Henry’s Fork (streamer or midge life cycle patterns) may be safer as well as result in better fishing success.


South Fork 11-5-16

Two days ago flow out of Palisades Dam was reduced to 1060 cfs. With our current bright skies, nymphing and presenting soft hackle patterns through riffles is likely to be more productive than fishing on the surface. Presenting streamer patterns during low light times will the best way to encounter larger trout.


South Fork 10-29-16

Flow out of Palisades Dam  was reduced to 1800 cfs early this AM. As of noon this reduction had not reached Heise where flow is 2800 cfs, but will drop later today. BWO activity continues to attract trout, but streamer fishing is the best way to interest big browns (and  rainbows) to strike.


South Fork 10-18-16

Flow out of Palisades Dam was reduced to about 3200 cfs two days ago,  This translates to about 3700 cfs at Heise.  Great action for walk-in wade fishing. Other than that, no big changes here since our 10-15 update.


South Fork 10-15-16

On 10-13, flow out of Palisades Dam was reduced to 3670 cfs. This gives a flow of  a bit over 4000 cfs at Heise. Looks like the favorable weather for BWO and  mahogany dun activity will continue into next week, but keep those streamer patterns close by.


South Fork 10-8-16

Flow out of Palisades Dam was reduced to just under 3900 cfs (4600 cfs at Heise) early on 10-6. BWO and mahogany dun activity still attracts interest from trout up and down the river. With continued seasonal cooling, look for terrestrial insect activity to decline.  Increasingly we hear reports of improving streamer fishing, especially along the lower river.


South Fork 10-1-16

With flows consistent at around 4500 cfs out of Palisades Dam and the likelihood that further reductions are coming soon, walk-in wade fishing is becoming more attractive along the river.  Unsettled weather coming up means the BWO and mahogany dun activity will continue to offer good fishing. But as we move through October, presenting streamer patterns will become increasingly effective.


South Fork 9-24-16

Flow out of Palisades Dam was reduced to just under 5000 cfs ( resulting in just over 5500 cfs at Heise) early yesterday. That’s more good news for walk-in wade fishing. The other good news is that the BWOs and mahogany duns are doing a great job attracting trout, especially on these cool, cloudy days.


South Fork 9-20-16

Late in the day of September 13th flow out of Palisades dam was reduced to 5400 cfs. With the reservoir currently at 8% of usable capacity, more flow reductions are a given.  The current flow and promise of more reductions to come is great news for the wading angler as more of the river becomes safer for walk-in wade fishing.  That’s particularly true for the near future as a storm is forecast for the rest of this week meaning that prime time for enjoying the BWO and mahogany dun emergences is coming up. When moving from riffle to riffle, try fishing hoppers with a rubberleg and small beadhead dropper fished over gravel and to the banks. Streamer fishing has been improving with good success being reported on sparkle minnows and kreelex minnows. Nymphing has been productive as usual with small rubberlegs and bwo or pmd nymphs being the golden ticket. If you find yourself in a riffle with picky fish, try fishing a swung soft hackle to entice picky fish.


South Fork 9-17-16

Flow out of Palisades Dam was reduced to about 7500 cfs Wednesday. That action took place in the midst of trout responding very well to BWOs and mahogany duns. Some unsettled weather appears to be coming into the area next week, so look for a repeat of fish working these two emergences. Also because Palisades Reservoir is down to 10% of capacity, look for further flow reductions coming up soon.