South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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South Fork

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South Fork 5-12-15

As we reported last Saturday, the flow out of Palisades Dam is ramping up.  Current flow out of dam is  just over 15200 cfs on its way up to 19000 cfs later this week.   For the next week, you may as well go to the Henry’s Fork and look for fish taking earlier than usual big stonefly adult patterns!


South Fork 5-9-15

Here are details about the upcoming flush out of Palisades Dam. Beginning Monday, May 11th, flow out of the dam goes up gradually to 19000 cfs by Friday, May 15th.   Three days later flow will begin ramping down to 13000 cfs. So expect cold, fast water in the South Fork for several days beginning Monday. This is an effort to flush out developing rainbow trout eggs and fry to the benefit of native cutthroat that historically spawn later. Thinking of giving the South Fork a try with streamer and rubberleg patterns? Best do so this weekend!


South Fork 4-25-15

Flow  out of Palisades Dam is now just over 12000 cfs but rate of increase has really slowed last several days. Reason for increasing flow is irrigation demands in Magic Valley where growing season is way ahead for the time of year.  Nymphing riffles is productive as water temperature is in low 40s, degrees F. throughout.  Rainbows are spawning.


South Fork 4-14-15

Flow out of Palisades Dam was increased each of the last three days making the South Fork water graph look like a step function.  Now at 6530 cfs out of the dam, flow at Heise is a bit higher, and water temperature there is now in the low 40s in degrees Fahrenheit.


South Fork 4-11-15

Another 500 cfs boost in flow out of Palisades Dam came about early on April 9th to 4500 cfs. This translates to about 4800 cfs at Heise. Water there remains around 40 deg. F.


South Fork 4-7-15

Flow out of Palisades Dam was increased another 500 cfs early this morning to just under 4000 cfs. This increases the flow at Heise to just under 4300 cfs. Water temperature remains in the high 30s in degrees F. from the dam to Heise.  In sum, these increases may make the river friendlier to drift boats, but leaves plenty of candidate locations for good walk-in-wade fishing.


South Fork 4-4-15

Flow out of Palisades Dam was bumped up again yesterday early AM to about 3500 cfs. Water temp. still in high 30s in deg. F, there, but increases at Lorenzo to lo 40s same degrees.


South Fork 3-31-15

Flow out of Palisades Dam was increased by 500 cfs early today.    Flow coming into the reservoir from Grey’s, Salt, and Snake Rivers increased because of our recent warm weather, so flow out of the dam was adjusted upward to maintain reservoir fill rate.

This flow increase should not impact fishing.  Temperature of water coming out of Palisades Dam is still in the high 30s in degrees F., but downstream at Lorenzo is in the mid 40s in same degrees.  That means more active fish in the lower river which is good news for fishing.


South Fork 3-10-15

With the great weather pattern we are in getting out on the river is a pleasure. Presenting midge life cycle patterns and streamers during low light conditions is the name of the game for the most part. Other than these, trying an occasional rubber leg or golden stonefly nymph might be effective. Flow out of Palisades Dam has been consistent at around 2200 cfs for weeks and around 2800 cfs at Heise. Water temperature has been in the high 30’s in degrees F. that long. So water conditions are stable but cold.


South Fork 11-8-14

Flow out of Palisades Dam was reduced to 938 cfs from around 2400 cfs on November 4th.  Flow at Heise is now 1290 cfs. This is great for wading, but makes boating a bit tougher. Fish will be concentrated. So it is time to get out and pitch your favorite streamer pattern or enjoy the BWO’s emerging and trout responding, especially in some of the predicted upcoming stormy weather.