South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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South Fork

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / South Fork (Page 41)

South Fork 7-2

Well it’s July and we have Salmon Flies on the South Fork! My prediction is always July 4th at Twin Bridges but they came just a little early this year. You can also find a good hatch of Yellow Sallies, and Green Drakes hatching in the Canyon and down past Heise Bridge. As of this past weekend fish were rising to Salmon Flies and Yellow Sallies but nymphing has still been the most effective remedy for hooking fish. I would fish a salmon dry fly with a zebra midge dropper or a #14 PMD Redemption Nymph.  Focus your efforts on the riffles and the slow banks. Good luck and have fun! Call the shop for an up to the minute report.

Flows have stayed steady at 13,600cfs these flows have been steady for the past 5 days.


South Fork 6-29-12

Stream flow on the South Fork is stable with 13,600 cfs coming out of Palisades Dam, and 14,900 cfs at Heise. Nymph fishing in the morning with a Brown Rubber Leg ( size 8 ) and a Bead Head Crystal Pheasant Tail Nymph  dropper( size 16) has been the most productive till about 12 o’clock. From about 12 o’clock, riffles have been good with a CFO Yellow Sally ( size 16 and 14 ), and Olive Hares Ear Parachute (size 12) . There is a good emergence of salmon and golden adult stones along the bank near Heise, but fish still haven’t been eating them yet but that should change any day. Along with  yellow sallies in the riffles there will be good hatches of pale morning duns and some green drakes.


South Fork 6-27

Flows were bumped again yesterday afternoon to 13,000cfs. Again this is response to irrigation demand downstream. I don’t know how much more the water will increase but I will keep you all updated as soon as we know.

At this point I would only be fishing nymphs and streamers. The river has been raised 2,000 cfs in 2 days and that is a lot of water. Enough water to cool things down and slow any hatches that were happening and mix things up enough to have the fish a little confused. The good news is it doesn’t take long for things to settle down and the fishing to pick back up again. If we don’t have anymore increases tomorrow we will be back in action.

I had thoughts of Salmon Flies sometime this week but the increase in flows could very possibly push that back into next week. Call the shop for any and all questions or just stop by and we will be happy to help you.


South Fork 6-26

Flows were increased last night to 12,000 cfs. The increase is due to irrigation demand and unfortunately we do not get any word when these increases will happen. Things will settle down in a day or two and the fishing will be back at it. As Jimmy mentioned yesterday lots of Yellow Sallies on the lower river and some PMD’s. I was in the canyon Sat. and we had really good success on stonefly nymphs, yellow sally nymphs, Zebra Midges and Lighting bugs. I didn’t have any fish hit the indicator so I didn’t throw any dry flies with droppers. I still found most of my fish in the gravel bars and side channels. I did however pick up a few fish on the bank which means they are starting to move out of the winter water. A beetle or ant would work this time of year if your really needed a dry fly fix.

South Fork 6-25-12

As you can imagine we are getting a lot of calls to see if the big salmon flies have started to hatch in the lower river around Ririe.  We still haven’t seen any of the big bugs but we are seeing a lot of yellow sallies and pale morning duns. The big stones should appear sometime this week.  Over the weekend we had had some good but brief action on the riffles in the afternoon. The most consistent action is still with nymphs and streamers.


South Fork 6-22

Flows were bumped yesterday to 11,000 cfs. This shouldn’t effect the fishing too much and I expect it to be back on track by the end of the day. Yellow Sallies, caddis and some PMD’s have begun to hatch. No news on the big Salmon Flies yet but I am expecting them to start staging within this next week. Fish have been responsive to dry flies presented on the surface. I would say the dry fly fishing is moderate at best right now but the nymphing is really good. As always call the shop and we will answer any questions you might have.


South Fork 6-20-12

We wanted to give you an update on the water conditions and hatches for the South Fork .  We are seeing more Pale Morning Duns and Yellow Sallies each day from Swan Valley down river through the canyon. By late next week there should be big stones on the lower river near Lorenzo. The flow is still at 10,200 cfs and clear. Palisades Reservoir is filling slowly and if it does fill in the next week or so the increased flow should have little impact on fishing conditions and hatches.  Nymph fishing is still the most productive and some fish are taking Chernobyls from Byington down.



South Fork 6-14

Fishing is getting pretty good on the South Fork. We have been hearing many good reports of lots of fish being caught on the gravel bars and the tailouts below the riffles. There is not much action on the bank right now but I would defiantly be fishing them between gravel bars. The streamer action is picking up every day. I have heard a mixed report on which streamer patterns are fishing the best. Be sure to bring a good selection with different colors and sizes. Fishing is still great with nymphs. big stonefly nymphs, yellow sally nymphs and an assortment of bead head flies have been working. Don’t overlook the san jaun worm, there have been many fish hooked on that fly.

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding the Salmon Fly hatch. As of right now we haven’t seen anything. I don’t expect to see any salmon flies until the last week of June. We all have our predictions but the truth is when they hatch we will let you all know by updating the fishing report.

Flows have stayed steady since the last increase over a week ago. Flows are 10,100 cfs. This is a great flow for fishing. This is also a great time to get out and do some fishing before all the crowds get here. The Canyon is really pretty right now and there is so secluded overnights to be had in the canyon for the next few weeks.


South Fork 6-11

Flows on the South Fork were increased to 10,100 cfs. Not a big change and the river is fishing really well with nymphs and streamers. Rollin got to fish a few days last week and said he was doing really well on a  nymph rig that was about 4 feet deep. He also got to fish the lower river below Lorenzo and the group he was with were able to get a few fish to eat big stoneflies off the surface. There are no salmon flies hatching yet but the fish are starting to look up so try a dry fly next time you on the water. As soon as we hear about stoneflies hatching we will be updating the fishing report. Feel free to call the shop if you have any questions.


South Fork 6-6

Flows into the Reservoir have increased tremendously which is good cause they actually might fill the reservoir now and that means cold water all summer. Cold water is good for insect hatches when August rolls around! Fishing on the river hasn’t changed much, your best technique is nymphing and Streamer fishing. This is the time of year when you can have a really good streamer day if we get some overcast rainy weather.