South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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South Fork

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South Fork 5/11

Flows have been coming up for the past few days. The flows today are 10,500 cfs. Fishing right now is pretty much all nymphing and Streamers. We have had reports of Blue Wing Olives on the lower river by the Heise bridge but the fish rising have been sparse and inconsistent. As far as flows go and when we expect them to go up or down is weather dependent. Runoff has not started for the tributaries on the South Fork and that really could happen anytime between now and mid June. We will keep you all updated as things change and start to move into Summer fishing….It’s going to be a GREAT year!


South Fork 5/4

Flows have been bouncing around for the last few weeks. Right now they are at 9,000cfs. As it stands we will not get a huge flush of water this spring over 20,000cfs. So this means that any damage that we can do to the rainbow population will have to be through anglers harvesting them. Right now the fishing at the Dam has been really good. Some streamer action but the majority of fish being caught have been on mysis shrimp, scuds and egg patterns. Rubberlegs and dead drifted J.J. Specials will also catch fish. For the rest of the river, Rubberlegs, and Bead Head nymphs have been effective.


South Fork 5/1

Flows on the South Fork have been dropped to 9,000 cfs. There have been a lot of fisherman having good success at Palisades Dam. Mysis shrimp patterns and glo bugs have been the ticket. You gotta get them down deep and on the bottom. As far as the rest of the river is concerned glo bugs, rubberlegs and bead head nymphs have been moving a lot of fish. The streamer action is picking up but remember the water is still cold so be sure to slow down that presentation to entice a strike.

There is a blocked channel on the Lorenzo to Menan float. Its about half way into the float. The majority of the river banks to the right and the left channel is completely blocked by a log jam.  I have not seen it but this was reported to us by some customers. Please check out every side channel before you float it this time of year. You don’t want to get stuck walking your boat out of a long side channel.


South Fork 4-28-12

Flow out of Palisades Dam is 10000 cfs, close to what Bureau of Reclamation projected for the end of the month. Track of the flow gage just below the dam looks like a step function since 4/24.  Expect it to look the same with further flow increases because of the early start to downstream growing season and warming weather. Water in the river is clear and cold (low 40s in Deg. Fahrenheit). If you fish it, try streamer patterns in slower waters and side channels. Try big nymph patterns, too.  Present all these on sink tip lines and realize that better days are coming on this great river.


South Fork 4/24

Flows on the South Fork were down and now they are back up to 8,000 cfs. Once the flows settle down the nymphing will pick back up. I would also expect to see some great streamer action once the water warms up in the next few weeks.

We have info about the Lorenzo boat ramp.  As of right now this boat ramp is not useful for many boats. If you are launching here it is best to unload your boat on the cement and push it into the water and walk it down to bottom of the walk way and tie it up. The current right in front of the ramp is extremely fast and dunking your trailer in the water and launching will be very hard. If you are running a power boat do not use this ramp.

For individuals taking out at Lorenzo this is a 1 boat ramp right now. If there is a drift boat on the ramp when you come in you will need to wait until they finish before you pull in. If you try to pull  below a boat at the ramp already you will not be able to stop and you will miss the ramp. After that your on your way to Menan.

We suggest looking at the Lorenzo boat ramp before you decide to launch or take out here. If you have questions please call the shop.

South Fork 4/9

Flows got bumped again his weekend to 10,000 cfs. Looks like they did it around noon on Friday. So things should have calmed down by now as far as fishing goes. You will want to fish deep. 9-10 feet from your indicator to your first fly. I would also fish with really heavy flies. Stonefly nymphs, and larger bead head nymphs that are bright and noticeable in the off color water.  Look for fish to be in the slow water and they will be on the bottom.  Also look for fish looking for some relief from the higher flows in the side channels and eddy’s.

South Fork 4/5

The river took a big jump last night in terms of flows. The Current flows on the river at Irwin is now 7,000 cfs. Most of the wading possibilities that we have during the winter time with the low flows is now over. You can still find spots to wade fishing on the South Fork but it will be limited. We will keep you updated on the flows as they change. Refer to yesterdays post about fishing techniques.


South Fork 4-4

Flows have been decreased on the South Fork. Currently the flows out of Irwin are at 4,400 cfs. We will see increases this month as room is needed in Palisades Reservoir. We don’t expect a crazy water year but that can change quickly. As flows and fishing conditions change we will keep you all updated. Feel free to call the shop for the most recent update.

Not much has changed as far as fishing goes right now. Nymphing is still the most effective technique for hooking fish. Good midge hatches have been reported with moderate feeding on the surface. Depending on how much water we receive we could potentially see a good Caddis and Blue Wing Olive hatch later this month. Be sure to check back as this month progresses


South Fork 3/21

Flows have been moving around lately however I don’t feel like they have been moving so much it is affecting the fishing. Right now flows are at 6,000cfs. Due to construction on a bridge by the dam these flows should remain steady for the time being. Most boat ramps are open right now however make sure you can get in out before you float. These flows are good levels for float fishing, however I would still concentrate on specific water where the fish are holding. Eddies, deep holes and slow pools.

Good midge hatches on the water right now. Fish a pulsating midge to rising fish and a Zebra Midge to fish holding under the surface. Clouser minnows have been effective when presented really slow with not much movement. Pat’s Rubberleg in a size 8 have been also producing good numbers of fish below the surface.


South Fork 3-13-12

The flows have been increasing during the past week and are up to 5050 cfs at Irwin and 6000 at Heise.  There is some muddy low elevation run off draining into the river from Antelope Flat  which gives the river a nice green color (good for streamer fishing) by the time it reaches Heise.  Flow out of Palisades Dam will be below 6000 cfs through April because of bridge construction going on just below the dam.  The bridge is being constructed to decrease traffic flow across the dam.   In May flow out of the dam may be up 12000 to 15000 cfs depending on weather and runoff conditions.  By June flows could increase to around 20000, again depending on weather and run-off rates.

We are seeing good hatches of midges and have been using Harrop Fluttering Midges and Kingrey”s Lowrider Midges on top. Under the surface we have been using effectively Bennett’s rubber legs, zebra midge nymphs, and golden stone nymphs.  Of the streamer patterns that we’ve tried olive or tan sculpzillas seem best especially when presented on thirty foot sink tip or full sink lines.