South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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South Fork

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South Fork 6-15-19

Over the past few days the flow out of Palisades Dam has been raised to current 13700 cfs   (14200 cfs at Heise, 6900 cfs at Lorenzo) which is almost normal flow for this date.  Palisades Reservoir is at 85% of capacity, and a ton of snow remains in the mountains above it. So expect more flow increases to come.  Meanwhile, stay with the fly pattern strategy we have suggested in recent fishing reports.


South Fork 6-11-19

Flow out of Palisades Dam was raised to 11700 cfs yesterday ( now 12500 cfs at Heise, 4950 cfs at Lorenzo). This brings flow in the river to near normal for this time of the season.  Use same strategy as we suggested in last report: streamer patterns or rubber legs with San Juan worm or small bead head dropper.  You will see A LOT fewer anglers on the river compared to the crowds on the Henry’s Fork.


South Fork 6-8-19

Flow out of Palisades Dam is about 8900 cfs  (10200 cfs at Heise,  3340 cfs at Lorenzo)  and looks to be at that level for a while. Palisades Reservoir is about 65% full. Compared to the fishing pressure currently on the Henry’s Fork, there is very little here, and fishing is quite good up and down the river.    Streamers work well when presented over drop-offs.  Rubber legs seem to bring the most action and do even better when trailed by a San Juan Worm or small bead head nymph.  No really good top water action yet, but a few riffles do have some BWO activity.


South Fork 5-14-19

Not much change here. Palisades Reservoir is about half full. Flow out of Palisades Dam is staying constant (for now) at around 11900 cfs  Flow is 13000 cfs at Heise, and less on the river below Heise (6700 cfs at Lorenzo) because of irrigation and stock watering demands.  Some BWOs emerging, but best fishing results currently come from using rubber leg, San Juan worm and streamer patterns.


South Fork 5-11-2019

Flow out of Palisades has been stable for several days at 11800 cfs  (12600 cfs at Heise). That’s just about the normal for this time of year.  River is not yet very clear.  Might be from tributary run-off. Rubber Legs, San Juan Worm, and streamer patterns still working best.  BWOs are out, and some fish are on them.


South Fork 5-7-19

Flow out of Palisades Dam was cut to 11800 cfs ( now 13000 cfs at Heise) yesterday to meet flood control protocol.  It’s also a good flow for bringing on fly-fishing success.  All that’s needed now is for water to warm up a bit to bring on more aquatic insect activity.  So for now continue presenting  big rubber leg,  small bead head nymph around riffles, and streamer patterns.


South Fork 5-4-19

Flow out of Palisades Reservoir is dropping ( currently 13700 cfs at Irwin, 14100 cfs at Heise) ) to almost summer levels. Water is quite cold, so hatches are pretty much limited to midges. Best chances for action comes through presenting streamers, egg patterns, and big rubberleg bugs. No where near as many anglers are here as on the Henry’s Fork from Ashton Dam to Chester ( Want to really see crowds there? Wait’ll the stoneflies kick in!). So you have a better chance of tranquility by trying the South Fork these days.


South Fork 4-30-19

Flow out of Palisades Dam was dropped from just under 18000 cfs to 14900 cfs yesterday. Palisades Reservoir is about 60 % full, and the run-off peak is yet to come.  So the South Fork will be high and wild for weeks to come.  If you plan on fishing it, go heavy on those weighted nymphs and streamers.