South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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South Fork

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / South Fork (Page 51)

South Fork 11/4

Flows have dropped on the South Fork to 1100cfs. This will be the winter flow for the river. Unless something drastically changes we do not expect the flows to drop anymore. All sections of the river are accessible by boat, however we suggest that you choose to float short 3 to 5 mile sections of the river. This distance at these low flows will take all day. We also suggest this is a great time to just leave the boat at home and wade fish the river. There are many spots to wade fish and with fall and winter fishing conditions it is much easier to find a few holes of fish and work them, compared to floating all day continually looking for fish on the banks.

The streamer fishing is doing well, Blue Wing Olives are still hatching thanks to the warm weather. Good numbers of fish are also being caught nymhping, and yes it is that time of year for glo bugs.


South Fork 11/1

Flows dropped Sat. to 2500 cfs. This really opens up the possibilities of wade fishing on the river. Nymphing, streamers below the surface. Blue Wing Olives, and Midges on top. Look for fish to be concentrated into one area or hole. Back eddies, foam lines on slow moving banks are great spots for fish to stack up. The weather is going to stay warm this week so get out there and catch some fish.


South Fork 10/27

Flows have remained steady on the South Fork at 3200 cfs. All sections are still accessible at this time. However with the decrease in water flowing through the system many of the side channels and braids do not have water in them. Check them out before you float so you don’t get stranded. Remember that short floats will take the majority of the day to float. The Streamer fishing has really picked up on the river, especially on cloudy days. There are still good Blue Wing Olive Hatches and the midges have really started popping. Nymphing has also been producing fish a stonefly nymph with a beadhead is a simple way to catch fish this time of year.


South Fork 10-24-10

Too bad we all can’t fish like Tim in the company of the IDF&G shocking crew!   But they are sampling the fish population to get info for maintaining the great South Fork fishing we enjoy so much.   Right now flow out of Palisades Dam is around 3200 cfs with flow at Heise around 3400 cfs.  Walk in-wade fishing is at its best this time of year with so many accessible spots up and down the river.    We can help you find some of the best–so c’mon in and talk to us. With some stormy weather coming up look for BWO activity to provide some great action during the next week.   Thanks to lower flows your choice of riffles is never ending.   Streamer fishing is now at its peak and definitely the way to encounter those big browns.  Use streamers in darker colors and others in lighter colors (yellow or chartreuse seem very effective in attracting browns) and a sink tip line.  Choose low light conditions, and with stormy conditions even daytime can be a good time for streamers.


South Fork 10/20

Had the best day of fishing yesterday in my life! We caught around 500 fish. I used a great fly called the Electric Copper Bob, Fish can’t help but swim to this fly.  My arms are sore from catching fish. Every fish was measured and recorded that we caught, thanks to Brett High for such a great day!

Disclaimer: Due to the amount of phone calls we have received about the Electric Copper Bob, I need to inform you that this fly is best fished with a generator and 1/2″ Round Steel Cable for tippet. Its also a good idea to go with the Idaho Fish and Game so you don’t end up in jail.


South Fork 10/18

Flows have dropped to 4,000cfs. Fishing remains the same as last week. Check our earlier reports for in depth fishing. A whole lot of Blue Wings and Nymphing. Waiting for some colder weather to turn on the streamer fishing.


South Fork 10/15

Flows have been dropped to 4400 cfs. yesterday and have remained steady as this morning while I am writing the report. As far as the fishing goes not much has changed here. Nymphing on the bright days but if you feel like dry fly fishing throw a Parachute Adams on the bank and you will get trout to eat. It really boils down to what you expect out of the day. If you are good with a few fish, fish dries, but if you want to have the best opportunity to catch a lot of fish nymph on theses bright days. Blue Wing olive and Streamer activity will be better on the overcast days, strip streamers during the mornings and evenings on the bright days. With the decrease in water levels wade fishing is becoming more accessible.


South Fork 10/13

I have just spent the last two days on the South Fork guiding, and I can tell you that there was a huge difference in the fish activity between Monday and Tuesday. Monday was overcast and raining, fish were eating dry flies,nymphs and streamers. Tuesday was the exact opposite type of day in regards to weather, bright Sunny and not a cloud in the sky.  The fish were not as eager to eat flies on Tuesday, but they still ate and we caught fish. So here are two different type of days and two different type of fishing reports. In the fall fish are more active during the overcast days and the hatches are much more prolific as well. On the bright sunny days fish still need to eat but typically you will find them hanging in the deeper water eating nymphs. I did see fish rising to Blue Wing Olives on Tuesday and we had a few eats on a Parachute Adams against the bank on Tuesday but the nymphing gave us more opportunities to catch fish.  Choosing your day is key this time of year, however if you have a day to fish take advantage of that day regardless of the weather. Rubberlegs, and any assortment of beadhead droppers will catch fish. October caddis and Blue Wing Olives on the surface. Look for trout in the riffles and the slow foam lines. The whitefish are everywhere and are in a pre-spawn eating frenzy just expect to catch them if you are nymphing. All sections have been fishing well, but the Canyon is very pretty right now with the trees changing colors.


South Fork 10-9-10

No significant changes here since Tim gave a report on 10-7.  He gave  several strategy tips in that report. What he offered on streamers will become more important as we move through October and into November.  If you prefer fishing BWOs his tips there will remain great information, too.


South Fork 10/7

Flows have dropped to 6400cfs. Fishing on the South Fork has been pretty good this week. Nymphing during the high bright sun has been the best strategy for hooking fish. I’m not going to tell you that hoppers and Chernobyl Ants are not working but action on these flies has slowed down considerably. I would still be throwing a hopper dropper rig and fishing the riffles and banks really hard. Fishing early and fishing late is a good idea, this is also a great time to throw streamers. On the overcast times of the day you will see Blue Wing Olives hatching. Look for fish feeding on these flies in the foam lines, and the back eddy’s. You will also get fish rising against the bank on the foam line as well.

We have a great selection of streamers here at the shop. Color is the key when streamer fishing. It is a great idea to have lots of different sizes and colors in your streamer box. If you are fishing a black streamer and you have no chases in the first 20-30 minutes, than you need to change flies. I typically will start with a  dark fly and progressively move to a lighter fly. For example I will start black, than Brown, olive, tan, cream or gray, than finish with white. For more info on streamer fishing stop in the shop and we will be happy to get you lined up with the right flies and techniques to be successful.