South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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South Fork

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South Fork 6/29

Flows this morning on the South Fork out of Irwin is at 16,300 cfs. Inflow to Palisades Reservoir has dropped and we have been informed that flows on the South Fork will decrease to 13,000 cfs. by the weekend. With this drop in flows expect the water to really start to warm up and the bug activity to start increasing. The name of the game is still nymphing, a rubberleg with some sort of dropper. If you read this report often you will already know that I prefer some type bead head nymph dropped 18-24 inches below the rubberleg. The dropper really doesn’t mater but my favorites are Prince Nymph, Red Copper John, and the Redemption nymph. The distance from your indicator to your first fly is critical this time of year. A general rule is about 7-8 feet, but with the high water I have been fishing 9-10 feet. Fish will begin to move into the pour overs and riffles as the water drops. No word on the Stonefly hatch but we will keep you updated as soon as we hear something from a reliable source. Be careful from Byington to Lorenzo, the South Channel is not passable, there is not enough water to float it. Be sure to check out the side channels before you float so you don’t get stuck. Good luck and be safe.


South Fork 6/26

The South Fork has been consistent with flows for the past week at 16,000 cfs. Flows into the reservoir have steadied out and the fishing is picking up. I was on the upper section yesterday and the nymphing was really good. We found most of our success on the rubber leg and the san juan worm. The bubble back PMD worked well in the afternoon below the rubberleg. No sign of dry flies yet. The water still needs to warm up a bit, but I would expect to see dry fly action picking up by the next weekend.


South Fork 6/23

Flows on the South Fork have been bumped to 16,ooo cfs. They are matching the outflow with the inflow to the reservoir. More snow is coming down the system from the warm temperatures. We could see an increase up to 18,000 cfs or higher if it gets really warm. So what does that mean to us as fisherman? Well the good news is were not totally screwed. Remember that fish still need to eat and they will do so no matter the water flow. Insects will not get washed away and they will hatch when the water temperature triggers that reaction. As far as clarity goes the river is in good shape and these small increases will not affect the color that much. Since fishing on the South Fork right now is primarily nymphing the fish will continue to key in on those nymphs. As we get closer to the Salmon Fly hatch they will really start to key in on Stonefly nymphs. Fish a big size 4 brown rubber leg or a Mega Prince. I would also fish a smaller stonefly nymph behind that. Yellow Sallies hatch about the same time as the Salmon flies. Big Copper Johns in a size 14 or 12, the Tungsten Yellow Sallie Nymph or the Golden Stone Nymph would be a good option to imitate the Yellow Sallie in its nymph stage. For any questions call the shop.


South Fork 6/21

Flows on the South Fork have dropped to 12,000cfs. Fishing on the river has picked up considerably with the drop in flows. Streamers, and Nymphs are your best option for catching fish right now. I would be fishing 2 rubberleg nymphs under an indicator on the banks and the riffles. San Juan worms, bead head nymphs will also produce fish.  A few notes on floating, Twin Bridges is still not accessible for floating, and will not be available for the summer. Check the side channels before you float them and make sure they are clear. Don’t forget about the new regulations that were implemented last year for camping in the canyon. You will need a fire pan, and a poop bucket that seals. You are expected to pack out what you bring in, including ashes. If you have any questions on these regulations we have some literature here are the shop for  you convenience. For any other questions call the shop.

Recommended flies:


  • Gallup’s Peanut Envy
  • Jailhouse Bugger
  • Space Invader
  • Sex Dungeon


  • Pats Rubberleg
  • Tungsten Redemption Nymph
  • Sunkist
  • Bubble Back Bead Head Emerger
  • Red San Juan Worm

South Fork 6/17

The flows have been dropped to 16,000 cfs today and the water report states that flows will continue to drop around 15,000 cfs by this weekend. I would expect the fishing to really pick up this weekend. San Juan worms have been the ticket for the high water, also stonefly nymphs have been really producing fish as well. With the high flows from this past week remember to check side channels for anything that would be hazardous to your boat and how it floats. Don’t let these high flows from this past week keep you from fishing the South Fork. You will find good fishing this weekend nymphing and pulling streamers. This weekend might be a great time to go camping in the canyon before the crowds come for the holiday next month. Call the shop for any questions.


South Fork 6-15-10

USBurRec will be reducing the flow out of Palisades Reservoir in 1000 cfs amounts over the next few days.  At time of this message flow out of Palisades Dam is 21300 cfs.


South Fork 6-12-10

Flow out of Palisades Dam was bumped up again last night to 21,400 cfs. Flow at Heise is about the same.  We  keep on top of the flows because so many of you are interested in impacts on access and the upcoming stonefly hatch.   What is going on is the USBuRec is equilibrating outflow with inflow for Palisades Reservoir.   Flows into Jackson Lake are dropping, and Buffalo Fork,  Hoback & Salt river flows appear to be leveling off.  The Gros Ventre River is still  high.   So the highest flows are probably going on now.    Given several days, and the South Fork will drop back to flows that make fishing easier.  Rest assured that the stonefly hatch will be on time.   For the next several days we recommend the Henry’s Fork for better fishing, but  we will continue placing information on South Fork flows and “fishability” here.


South Fork 6/11

The river was bumped again last night to 19,000 cfs. They are making room for all the water coming into the reservoir. If you fish use nymphs and streamers, go to the back eddys and the slow deep pools.


South Fork 6/10

Flows on the South Fork have been increased to 17,000 cfs. Flows have been increased to make room in the resevoir fo rthe increase of runoff water that has started to come into the system. As of right now the flows have not gone up this morning. I will keep an eye on the flows today to see see what happens. If they do not raise them the fishing will pick back up this afternoon and through the weekend. This level is not to high to fish and fish will be eating. The most important thing is the flows level out for a day or two.

I talked to a guide last night who had a trip yesterday and he mentioned that fishing was surprisingly good. Nymphing was the name of the game. He mentioned they had success on big rubberlegs, and san juan worms.


South Fork 6/8

Flows on the South Fork have been bumped up to 14,00 cfs. They are making room for all the runoff that is coming down into the system because of the rain we got high in the mountains. 14,000 cfs is completely typical for this time of year and the fishing will be back on once the flows stabilize after a day or two.

Nymphing and Streamer fishing is the best tactic for catching fish on the South Fork at the moment. I like to fish a rubber leg stonefly nymph with a bead head dropper. I put my stonefly nymph about 6-7 feet from my indicator and my dropper 18-24 inches below the stonely. Fish riffles, banks and seam water. Good luck and be safe out there. Call the shop for any questions you might have.