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South Fork

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South Fork 9-07-09

With flows out of Palisades Dam stable at around 8600 cfs for several days fishing has been holding up.  Hopper and chernobyl types slammed close to banks are a great way to go.  Evening caddis swarms make for good fishing.  PMD numbers are decreasing as is natural this time of year, so fishing riffles is slower.   But as we move through September look for BWO emergences to become more numerous especially during overcast days.   Mahogany duns will soon make an appearance.  Streamers will become more important, and as we move through October terrestrial and chernobyl patterns less important.  So it is time to get ready for upcoming changes.


South Fork 9-5-09

The flow has been the same for several days now at about 8600 cfs.  Early in the morning from daylight to late morning the golden(mutant) stone dries have been working well. Skitter the dries along gravel dropoffs and don’t over look the bottoms of the long pools where the water is speeding up it before dropping into the next riffle.  The hopper fishing has been good in the afternoons and if you find the right riffle you will find some fish up on Pale Morning Duns.

With the cloud cover and afternnon rain showers predicted for the weekend look for Blue Wing Olives and Mahogany Duns.


South Fork 9-02-09

We will be open Labor Day, Monday, September 7th, 9AM to afternoon hours to help you enjoy the South Fork and other great area waters

It had to come sometime this summer but after some of the best riffle fishing we have  had in years we have to report that the Pale Morning Dun hatches have really slowed down. Now its time to start using everything else that you can pull out the fly box.

Nate on the river with the boys

Happiness is a cutty to release!

Use chernobyl ants and streamers early in the in the mornings on the flats. If you don’t find feeding fish later in the day try a hopper against the back with a small nymph dropper. A rubber leg/HEAVY TUNGSTEN BEADHEAD San Juan worm combo would be my next idea.  Flow out of Palisades has been stable at 8600 cfs for several days, but expect it to drop further with most of the irrigation season behind us.  This means great days are ahead for walk-in fishing during the fall season.


27″ South Fork Hybrid

Finally consider stopping  and fishing some side channels and  places that can’t be reached by boat. You might find fish that haven’t been bothered all summer.


South Fork 8-31-09

This is the time of year when cloudy and stormy days will begin producing BWO hatches up & down the river.  The flow out of Palisades Dam dropped 800 cfs last Thursday evening.  This means riffles will get more light which along with good water temperature will promote insect activity there.  With a good chance of cloudy weather for Labor Day weekend, be ready for BWOs emerging from riffles, especially if we have rainy weather.  So make sure BWO life cycle patterns are in your fly box.  Meanwhile chernobyl and hopper patterns pitched back towards banks and the same done with streamers during evenings will bring action.


South Fork 8-28-09

The flow dropped last night about 800 cfs down to 8400 cfs. Continue to look for good hatches of Pale Morning Duns during the day. With the bright days we are having I don’t think we’ll see the Blue Wing Olives out like we saw this past weekend in the rain.The blue wings will be more consistent later when the weather really cools off. They’ll be joined be mahogany duns.

The warmer weather should keep the evening caddis hatch going. Its starts around 7 pm. When it gets too dark to see your dry fly swing a caddis pupa, sandy mite or small renegade through the riffles.


South Fork 8-26-09

Flow out of Palisades Dam has been stable (around 9400 cfs there, around 10000 cfs at Heise) for five days. Riffles are producing as PMDs, slate cream duns, caddis and a few sallys are active. Great fishing with chernobyls and hoppers against banks, evening streamers, small nymphs, two fly rigs (chernobyl and beetle, chernobyl with small bead head, rubber legs with a tungsten bead San Juan worm), and even rubberlegs make for a great working variety.  Pick the one you like and have a great time.


South Fork 8-24-09

Flow out of Palisades Dam is up to a bit over 9000 cfs because of pre-harvest irrigation demands.  In no way has this small and temporary increase hurt fishing.  Yesterday’s rainy weather made for a great day on the river.  As if to preview things to come this September,  BWOs and a few mahogany duns were coming out in riffles already featuring PMD, slate cream dun, and caddis activity.   This along with the currently great hopper and chernobyl fishing makes for some of the best top water fishing in the region.


Mikey’s Big South Fork Cutt

Word has gotten out about the superb dry fly fishing making the canyon and Swan Valley reaches a bit crowded  with boat traffic.   To get away from much of this traffic consider floating the lower river from the Lorenzo access on U. S. Highway 20 to the Menan access. True, it makes for a relatively short float compared to the canyon, but riffles, side channels, and spring holes are in plenty and will tempt you to stop and fish.  The fare is brown trout with occasional cutts and bows, all of which are currently active on the surface.


South Fork 8-20-09

Because of hot weather irrigation requests, the flow out of Palisades Dam has been raised to about 8900 cfs.  This poses no problem for fishing.   Riffles up and down the river are now great places to enjoy rising trout. Try PMD and slate cream dun life cycle patterns during daytime, and caddisfly life cycle during evenings.  If you fish during evenings, be sure to have streamer patterns in your fly box.   If you prefer fishing banks; hopper, beetle, ant, and chernobyl patterns are producing very well throughout the river.


South Fork 8-17-09

The increase in flow out of Palisades Dam by 500 cfs has no negative impact on fish activity.  Right now the combination of good light penetration and water temperature is making for some of the best riffle fishing in years all up & down the river.   Look for this to remain the same for quite a while unless a big flow increase out of Palisades Dam happens.   During daytime on the riffles emerging PMDs and slate cream dun mayflies  provide action.   Evening PMD spinner falls and caddisfly flights are great events in which to find action.   Placing  terrestrial and chernobyl patterns around overhead cover (grassy banks, overhanging logs & rocks, undercuts, etc.) is also effective, and when we begin to cool in a few weeks, do the same with streamers.  For now be sure to have streamers when you fish during early and late hours.  Nymphing with big patterns such as rubberlegs also produces.  No big numbers of mutant stoneflies yet, but hopper patterns will do just fine for the big dry fly enthusiast.  In short, the South Fork is at the top of its game with a variety of  productive strategies.   Now is the time to really enjoy this great and beautiful river.  If you need information on how to do so, get in touch with us.


South Fork 8-14-09

Flows out of Palisades Dam are down to 7700 cfs and 8500 cfs at Heise. This is a dream come true for those fly-fishers waiting to enjoy fishing riffles.  Lower water means deeper penetration of light into riffles.  This is just the ticket along with good water temperature to get aquatic insects emerging in bigger numbers from riffles.  The lower flows are also a gift to those who prefer walk-in wade fishing.  More riffles are approachable, and safer wading is at hand.  Flows out of Palisades Dam will drop further as the irrigation season winds down.  So expect even more choices for walk-in wade fishing.  For float fishers flows at the present levels allow safe passage throughout the river.  True, a few places will become tougher to navigate (like the lost option of taking out at Twin Bridges), but with the wide variety of  strategies, eager trout everywhere along the river and effective flies, the river is at its best right now.   Get in touch with us or stop by to see which strategy and what fly selection fits best on the section of river you are considering to visit.

LOST AT WARM RIVER SPRING: Hand made 9-foot fly rod with G. Loomis reel, all in red case.  If found call John Davis 208-5552-0817.

LOST ON THE SOUTH FORK ABOVE WOLF: Two Sage rods in a double case when a boat dumped. If found, please call Jimmy’s  208-524-7160