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South Western Montana

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South Western Montana 7-07-09

The Madison River stonefly hatch is going in the middle reaches of the river.  And the number of anglers is approaching the number of stoneflies.  It’s a great event, but if you want to get away from the crowds, try the damselfly emergence on Wade Lake, Cliff Lake or Smith Lake or try midging on Hebgen Res.  Want to try a great small stream? Drive a few miles up the West Fork of the Madison River with your light weight rod. You will encounter more fish than anglers. Any attractor, caddisor yellow sally pattern will do the trick!


South Western Montana 7-04-09

Madison River giant & golden stonefly hatch is above the Varney Bridge.  Evening caddis & PMDs action around Raynolds Bridge is worth sampling.  If you enjoy good but crowded fishing try the River between Hebgen Dam and Cabin Creek.  Use big nymphs. The Gallatin is improving and should provide good fishing thanks to caddis & PMDs in about a week.  Midging is the way to find action on Hebgen Lake.  Look for damselfly nymphs to provide action from cutts on Elk Lake.


South Western Montana 6-26-09

The Madison river below Slide Inn is the star of the show here.   Lots’a things going on with emergences. Mayflies, caddisflies and even a few stoneflies are beginning to show up.   Even the lowly San Juan worm remains effective.  So are big nymphs drifted along bottom.   Big Hebgen Lake midges provide action along the north shore.  Run-off is subsiding on the Gallatin and the creeks coming into the Madison between Hebgen and Quake lakes.


South Western Montana 6-22-09

The Madison River below Slide Inn is shaping up nicely.  Mayflies including PMDs and BWOs and PM caddis blooms are getting attention from fish. Big stonefly nymphs and San Juan worm patterns remain the best way to encounter the biggest fish. Hebgen Lake features an emergence of large midges along the north shoreline. along the southern parts of the lake smal leech and streamer patterns seem to bring best action.  Further west the Beaverhead River is in great shape and features a good PMD emergence.


South Western Montana 6-19-09

The cool rainy weather is helping make the mayfly emergences on the Madison below Quake Lake live up to its name.  PMDs and BWOs are leading the way here.  The north shore of Hebgen is the place to go if you enjoy presenting midge pupa at taking depths. Along the Hebgen south shore small leech and damselfly nymphs continue to produse and will until weeds interfere. The upper end of Elk Lake is a great remote water experience with small leech, midge pupa, and damselfly nymphs attracting the big resident cutthroat.  Yellow sallys and PMDs are attracting very nice fish on the Beaverhead River.


South Western Montana 6-12-09

Hebgen Lake is filling and fishing there has leveled off.  Midge pupa patterns under an indicator is the best way to find action. A few fish are taken on streamer patterns.  The South Fork of the Madison is running high and clear, and fishing is slow.  The Madison River between Hebgen Dam and Cabin Creek is fishing well for nymphers, but has a big population of anglers.  The Madison River below Quake Lake is improving with respect to conditions.   For now try San Juan worms, and big stone fly nymph patterns.  The Gallatin below the Taylor’s Fork confluence is high and discolored.


South Western Montana 6-08-09

High water reigns supreme on the Madison and Gallatin drainages. Most small streams are high and many discolored as the cool, wet weahter slows run-off.  Big nymphs can work on the Madison below Quake Lake. Try to find quieter water, like behind rocks.  Midging is the most effective  way to fish Hebgen Lake.   Also try streamers and wooly buggers from boats and shorelines.


South Western Montana 6-04-09

Most crowded location is on the Madison River from Hebgen Dam to Cabin Creek because of good fishing and easy access. To get away from here, try still waters such a Hebgen Lake with its early and late day midge emergences and streamer fishing.  Cliff Lake is slowing as fish move away from the shallows, but streamers presented deep in Wade Lake remain effective.  Cool, overcast weather helps keep fishing success going on all of these.


South Western Montana 5-28-09

Anglers have caught on to the fact that the Madison River between Hebgen Dam and Cabin Creek has some of the best fishing in Montana.  So this part of the river is becoming quite crowded.  The river below Quake Lake is a bit discolored, but San Juan worm, streamer, and big nymph patterns will produce some results.  Hebgen Lake AM & PM midge emergences are bringing action.  The Gallatin below the Taylor’s Fork confluence is discolored and poor fishing. Try slump busters on Cliff Lake and big woolly buggers on Wade Lake.


South Western Montana 5-25-09

The Madison river from Hebgen Dam to Cabin Creek remains good fishing for those pitching big nymphs and streamers.  The river below Quake Lake  will be  good fishing until discolored water from Quake Lake gets in.  Try bead head nymphs, San Juan worms, BWO and caddis life cycle patterns.  The north shore of Hebgen is a good bet for those presenting streamers and wooly bugger types.  The Gallatin River is high and discolored.