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South Western Montana

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Southwestern Montana 8-21-12

So far this season the gulpers on Hebgen Lake have been rather spotty in their activity. No one knows for sure why, but there are a lot of discussions out there on the subject.  The peak of activity is usually right about now.  Some good advise seems that moving around from location to location as the days go by can bring more success.


Southwestern Montana 8-4-12

Presently Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Dept. has no plans for mandatory fishing closures other than those (2PM to midnight)  on the Dearborn, Smith and Sun rivers.  Best way to see closure details and if any new come into effect is to visit their web site then click on the Restrictions and Closures button.  Hebgen Lake gulpers are providing good morning action.


Southwestern Montana 10-11-2011

Migrating browns make for the best streamer fishing here.  Best walk-in locations on the Madison River are between from Raynolds Bridge downstream,  between Quake and Hebgen lakes,  and in the river above Hebgen Lake to the Yellowstone Park boundary.  Browns are migrating to spawning areas in the Beaverhead  River. Float fishing is the best way to encounter these in the river below Clark Canyon Dam.  Wait a few weeks for the peak of brown trout migration  into the South Fork of the Madison River.


South West Montana 8-19-2011

Big news is the Hebgen Lake gulper activity. It is good, but seems not to have peaked yet.  We hear that sites along the Madison Arm and in west side bays are best locations.  Speckled duns and tricos are what’s bringing fish up.