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South Western Montana

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South West Montana 8-19-2011

Big news is the Hebgen Lake gulper activity. It is good, but seems not to have peaked yet.  We hear that sites along the Madison Arm and in west side bays are best locations.  Speckled duns and tricos are what’s bringing fish up.


South Western Montana 7-18-2011

The Madison River is back to its fabled self for the time of year. The big stoneflies have arrived in the reach between Hebgen and Quake lakes, so fly-fishers are concentrating there. Below Quake Lake a great strategy is to concentrate on presenting nymphs (From rubberlegs to caddis pupa) in the AM, then with early PM warming switch to dry fly fishing where caddis and stoneflies of all sizes are bringing up fish.  Don’t overlook presenting ants and beetles. Hebgen Lake trout seem to be taking midge pupa and some on the surface.  Maybe they are getting in practice for the upcoming gulper season.  Fishing on Clark Canyon Reservoir is improving but spotty. Midging seems the best approach. The Beaverhead River with a bit lower than normal flows offers some of the best fishing around with golden stones, PMD, and caddis bringing trout up.


South Western Montana 7-11-2011

A few gulpers are showing on Hebgen Lake.  The Madison River below Quake is still running high but is beginning to clear.   Streamers and San Juan worms are taking some good fish. They don’t pay much attention to the big dries that are commonly fished this time of year when there are plenty of  things to eat on the bottom. But the big stoneflies are working their way up the river as it clears and drops.  So look for patterns for them to soon be effective.  Want to fish a great small stream here?  Try the West Fork of the Madison River. It’s  clearing and dropping, so wet and dry attractors will be effective.


South Western Montana 7-5-2011

All streams around Yellowstone Park feature high water.   That includes the Gallatin River and most of the Madison River above Ennis Lake.  Big stoneflies may be active here, but big question  is will trout full of annelids respond.


Southwestern Montana 6-29-2011

High water has slowed fishing in Clark Canyon Reservoir.  Midging in water around ten feet deep brings some action. Best fishing on the Madison River  is between Hebgen and Quake lakes, but half the world’s fly-fishers are there.  The Beaverhead River is good fishing thanks to PMD and yellow sally activity.   Giant stoneflies are out on the Big Hole River.


South West Montana 2-8-20116

Best fishing here is for those anglers following the Hebgen Lake midge emergence. Try shallow waters in any of the arms or west side bays with your favorite pupa patterns and a strike indicator. There is good nymph and streamer fishing in Madison River below Hebgen Dam, but it gets crowded.  Also, ‘bows there are finishing spawning so are not in top condition.  All regional shops ask that anglers avoid crossing or disturbing redds here. And that is for good reason–they hold much of our future fishing.


Southwestern Montana 6-1-2011

Madison River below Quake Lake remains discolored and high, but fishing the soft water with streamers on S. J. worms can be effective.  River just below Hebgen Dam is in good shape , but it gets crowded.  Quake Lake is discolored because of Beaver and Cabin creek run-off.


Southwestern Montana 5-28-11

Best stream fishing here is the Beaverhead. Sallies, BWO, caddis have made for great recent action for top water enthusiasts.   Nymphing produces, too.  The Madison remains muddy below Quake Lake.  Beaver and Cabin creeks are the reasons why. They have muddied Quake Lake and a part of the Madison above.


Southwestern Montana 5-21-2011

Cabin and Beaver creeks are putting muddy run-off big time into Quake Lake and the Madison River just above it.  So much of this stuff coming in that the Madison coming out of Quake Lake is also discolored.   From Cabin Creek upstream to Hebgen Dam the river is in great shape, but there are more anglers there than resident trout.  Remembering that this is opening weekend for Montana fishing general season, expect crowds just about anywhere .  The Beaverhead River below Clark Canyon Dam remains in good shape with PM BWO and caddisfly activity bring responses.