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Still Water

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Still Waters 6-25-13

Even with low water Chesterfield Reservoir offers good fishing when damselfly nymph patterns are presented. Look for submerged weed  beds and other vegetation for best areas to try.  Twenty-Four Mile Reservoir has better water conditions and more consistent fishing. Water is sure to get lower and warmer later this summer, so your chances for best fishing here are now.  Want to try an “off the beaten path” still water locations? Take a look at our Articles page for some candidates.


Stillwaters 6-18-13

Area stillwaters are fishing well right now. We have heard good reports from Daniels, Chesterfield, Twenty Four Mile, and Springfield. Damsels are dominating right now and probably will until the lakes get too warm. The damsel hatch can be some of the best fishing of the year and can even provide you with some rare, dry fly action.  When fishing the damsel hatch though, you need to be ready to switch up your presentation. I would mix it up between throwing damsels on really slow sinking lines like the “Hover” line from Rio, put a pair of damsels patterns under an indicator, or fish a dry damsel with a dropper below. The fish seem to respond differently in each lake around the area so play around with it until you figure out the presentation they want. We have quite a few new damsel patterns in the shop that would be worth checking out if you haven’t been in to see them.



Still Waters 6-15-13

Chesterfield Reservoir is down at least ten feet from full pool. But fish are taking damselfly nymphs with enthusiasm. But enjoy fishing there soon because further draw-down is coming and could warm this reservoir enough to slow fishing.  Twenty-Four Mile Reservoir offers the same good fishing through using damselfly nymphs but the threat of for draw-down is much less.  Fishing is good on Daniels, Hawkins and Treasureton reservoirs for the same reason: damselfly activity.


Still Waters 6-11-13

Damselflies are hatching in great numbers on all reservoirs (Chesterfield, Daniels, Hawkins, Twenty-Four Mile) to the southeast.  Densest hatch is on Twenty-Four Mile Reservoir.  So try your favorite damselfly nymph patterns, and do not overlook trying midge pupa patterns as fish remain interested in them, too.   Now is the time to try these reservoirs because if draw-down comes along with warming weather, action will slow. Springfield Reservoir with its discolored water seems to offer the slowest action of these.


Stillwaters 6-10-13

Stillwaters in the area are fishing well right now. Damsels are hatching on most area lakes and the fish are going to be looking for them. I like to fish Damsels under an indicator this time of year but stripping damsels in with an intermediate or super slow sinking “hover” line works great too. The Rio Camolux and Rio Hover lines are great for that type of fishing. Callibaetis are also hatching and the fish seem to key on them early before the damsels really get going. As far as where to go Twenty Four mile, Springfield, Chesterfield, Daniels, Hawkins, and Island Park reservoir are all fishing well.

If you enjoy Stillwater fishing, I would get out soon and as often as possible. The fishing is good right now and the weather isn’t too terribly hot yet.


Still Waters 6-1-13

Damselfly nymphs are very active on all reservoirs to the southeast (Chesterfield, Daniels, Hawkins, Springfield, Treasureton, Twenty-Four Mile), and patterns simulating them are producing very well. No reports of damselflies hatching big time yet, but fish are also taking midge pupa patterns on all these places.  When we hear of big time damselfly hatches, we will pass that info on here.


Still Waters 5-25-13

Best days are ahead on almost all still waters, but try them before irrigation demands set in. Both Chesterfield and Daniels reservoirs are several feet low. This is not the best situation for going into the irrigation season. Twenty-Four Mile, Springfield, and Hawkins reservoirs appear to have full pools, so these should remain in good shape well into the irrigation season.   For now try midge life cycle and damselfly nymph patterns on all these. When fishing on these reservoirs picks up, we will report such here.


Still Waters 5-21-13

Not much change in activity since our last report. Midge life cycle and damselfly nymph patterns are producing on Chesterfield, Daniels, Hawkins and Twenty-four Mile reservoirs.  Try the upper end of Daniels or around the point just west of the boat dock on Chesterfield.  Better days are ahead, especially when damselfly nymphs become active big time.


Still Waters 5-14-13

Water in Chesterfield, Daniels, Hawkins and Springfield reservoirs is clear. Being clear suggests that turnover is completed.  Early season fish will really key on chironomid pupa, leeches, and early hatches of callibaetis nymphs. Flies like mohair leeches (Olive, Black, Burgandy) in a size 6, Lt. Olive Crystals, Rickards stillwater nymph, and the brown/black crystal buggers would all be great flies to be fishing right now. For the indicator rig I would be throwing the bigger (size 10-12) chironomids of the flashier variety. We also have some really cool new 1/80 oz black jig flies that would be great to imitate everything from a leech to a snail. Fishing those darker colored leeches on a type 2 full sinking line or an intermediate line is a great way to cover water and find active fish. Once active fish are located, you can continue to fish the leech or drop and indicator rig and get after them that way. Since most of these lakes are lacking any significant amount of weed growth right now, look for shoals or sharp breaks in the lake bottom where fish can cruise searching for food. A fish finder really helps locating breaks in the lake bottom, but shallow breaks can be seen just by looking at the water for a color change. Consistent weather will provide the best fishing right now, this time of year we have a lot of fronts moving in and out of the area that can mess up the fishing for a day or two.

We have a lot of new lake flies in the shop this year, some of them are flies we have never carried. Come down to the shop or call us with any questions you might have on the stillwater fishing in the area!


Stillwaters 4-27-13

Well….. its that time of year again, FINALLY!  Now is the time to really start hitting our local stillwaters. I was out yesterday fishing various southeast idaho lakes and experienced some awesome chironomid fishing. The fish were in great shape and look like they wintered very well. Any darker chironomid in a size 12-14 and around 8-12 ft of water worked best. Leech fishing was slow yesterday, but that will improve as the weather continues to get nicer. Expect Chesterfield, Daniels, Springfield, etc to be fishing well and continue to improve with the weather. If you aren’t set up or fully stocked  for the stillwater fishing this year we have the flies, lines, tying materials, float tubes, anything you need to get ready. Call or stop in at the shop with any questions or for updated reports!