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Still Water

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Still Waters 5-31-12

Almost everywhere improved fishing is going on. If you do not enjoy sitting over a midge pupa under an indicator, try your favorite damselfly nymph at a slow troll. If you enjoy sitting over a midge pupa under an indicator, just for variety try replacing it with your favorite damselfly nymph.


Still Waters 5-26-12

Damselfly nymphs retrieved slowly in shallow waters around submerged vegetation are producing in Chesterfield, Treasureton, and Twenty-Four Mile reservoirs.  Don’t be surprised if you catch bass in Treasureton. IDF&G surveys indicate a healthy bass population there. Midge pupa under an indicator are the best bet in shallow areas of Daniels Reservoir.  Same seems to apply to Springfield Reservoir.


Still Waters 5-19-12

Action is picking up on all the irrigation reservoirs below Pocatello.  Reason is that waters are all in good depth, clear, and damselfly nymphs are moving around. Go to shallow waters on any of these, especially around vegetated shorelines.  Present your favorite damselfly nymph pattern on an intermediate line or hang them under an indicator on a floating line.  You can also have action on these reservoirs from midge pupa suspended under an indicator.


Still Waters 5-15-12

Not much change in these since our May 12th report. Daniels Reservoir remains the star of the show.  Try indicator fishing with midge pupa in shallow waters such as the upper end  for best results.  Don’t overlook using an intermediate line in shallow water for trying anything looking like a damselfy nymph.


Still Waters 5-12-12

Chesterfield Reservoir continues to be great for indicator fishing in shallow waters around willowy shorelines.  Don’t overlook offering anything that looks like a damselfly nymph.  Everything just said also applies to the upper end of Daniels Reservoir.  Small fish with a rare lunker are quite active in Hawkins Reservoir. Nothing yet on Treasureton Reservoir ; so it must be very slow or very good.


Still Waters 5-8-12

Here’s news lots’a folks have been waiting for.  Chesterfield Reservoir is rounding into shape.  Best fishing seems to be in shallows around shorelines holding willows and by the dam.  Use midge pupa patterns under an indicator for best results.  Find the taking depth. A black bead zebra midge (#12-#14) might be a good choice.  Indicator fishing with midge pupa patterns has been good in shallow waters at Daniels Reservoir, too.  No information on Treasureton Reservoir yet.


Still Waters 4-28-12

Fishing is picking up on most of these.  Midge pupa suspended at taking depth gives best results just about everywhere.  Just find the taking depth. This includes Chesterfield, Daniels, Hawkins, and Springfield reservoirs. Do not overlook that dragonfly nymphs move in good numbers this time of year. That’s one of the best reasons why woolly bugger types seem to work so well when fish slowly in shallow water now.


Still Waters 4-14-12

Daniels Reservoir now offers some good fishing if you go deep.  Water remains cold, so not much happening other than midge activity.  Fish your pupa patterns deep under an indicator.  Try leech and bead head nymph patterns, also presented deep. Two and three weight sinking lines should get down to where you find action.  Chesterfield Reservoir is turning over, so action is slow.  Give it a week or so for improvement.  Twenty-Four Mile Reservoir remains iced over, but any day now should open up.  Hawkins was stocked recently, so small fish will be hitting.  Don’t let that stop you from going there. We have a report of  27.5-inch holdover being taken there on midge pupa pattern under an indicator!  Springfield Reservoir has been fair fishing.  Midge pupa under an indicator and small leech patterns trolled very slowly bring some action.  Carp are moving into shallows around American Falls Reservoir.


Still Waters 4-10-12

Springfield Reservoir still offers the best fishing. See our recent fishing reports on it for strategy suggestions. Hawkins Reservoir is also producing some fish. Try along shore lines with your favorite dragonfly and damselfly nymph imitations.  Troll the dragonfly nymph patterns VERY slowly.  Present the dragonfly nymph patterns with a slow jerky retrieve.  Ice is off Chesterfield, Daniels, Deep Creek, and Treasureton reservoirs, but not much information is out on how they are fishing.  Twenty-Four Mile Reservoir still has ice.


Still Waters 3-24-12

Springfield Reservoir offers the best still water fishing right now.   Follow  the strategy we suggest  in previous reports on Springfield.  The only other ice-free water we know of at this time are American Falls and Hawkins reservoirs.  We have no reports on fly-fishing activity at Hawkins to date.