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Still Water

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Still Water 10/16

Chesterfield continues to improve, and Daniels remains the stalwart excellent fishery whether you prefer such as presenting leech and streamer patterns or midge pupa under an indicator. There are also fish sipping midges at the surface there. Springfield is coming on as we advance into fall, and like Daniels a variety of presentations offer success.


Still Water 10/13

Most reservoirs are fishing very well, thank you. Action at Chesterfield has picked up since we have cooled off. Fall color (halloweens, purple, brown or olive mohair, dark crystal buggers, green apple, bead head peacock) leeches presented on intermediate lines are very effective here as well as on Daniels, Springfield and Twenty-four (be careful when traversing the mud flats) Mile Reservoirs. Springfield features the best midge fishing, and even Hawkins, low as it is, is producing fish for those presenting leech patterns.


Still Water 10/7

Daniels Reservoir remains the best of these. Look for Springfield Reservoir to improve as the cooler weather and shorter days help break up weeds. Same applies to Chesterfield Reservoir: cooler weather will make those big fish more active. Bring your favorite leech patterns to any of these places for action. Want to bring a youngster or physically challenged person to a very safe still-water location to enjoy some easy fishing? Try Crystal Springs, now operated as a family fishery by IDF&G. Its open year round and can be fished from shore as well as from a small boat.


Still Water 10/4

Daniels Reservoir provides the best action here. Again, concentrate efforts around and above the trees at the upper end. The west side bay is also a very good place to see action. Taking flies include hallowe’ens, green apple leeches and your favorite leech pattern. Springfield Reservoir is fishing well for those trying open water. Use intermediate lines to get your favorite leech and scud patterns to the taking depth. Use floating lines to present midge pupa patterns under a strike indicator. Twenty-four Mile Reservoir is very low with muddy shorelines somewhat difficult to negotiate. Fish are there, but getting to them is best through floating. Fishing at Chesterfield Res. is picking up, and the water is slowly rising as storage for next year is in progress. That’s a good sign for carrying fish over to next season. For now use intermediate lines to present your favorite leech pattern. Island Park Reservoir is about half full, so concentrate your fishing around cooler water such as around Trude and Grizzly springs.


Still Water 9/22

We are getting good reports from Chesterfield Res. where action is picking up for those fish in medium sizes. A few “hogs” are being taken. Use intermediate lines and your favorite leech or damselfly nymph patterns. Daniels Reservoir remains its consistent self with leech, damselfly nymph and midge pupa patterns producing well on the upper end and west side bay. Springfield will improve as weeds disperse, but is producing for those using midge pupa patterns under indicators. Trude and Grizzly springs remain the places to fish on Island Park Reservoir, and blood worm patterns are the ones to use.


Still Water 9/11

Chesterfield Res. is still hosting an algae bloom that slows its fishing. Colder weather is needed to break this up. The good news here is that there will be substantial holdover water for next year. Twenty-four Mile Res. is low but when water is re-introduced from inlet creeks, action will pick up. Daniels Res. (north end and west bay) offers pretty good fishing for those using intermediate lines to present leech patterns. Look for action to pick up as we cool off. Trude and Grizzly springs hosts the only good fishing on Island Park Res. Use bloodworm patterns.


Still Water 9/8

Daniels and Twenty-four Mile reservoirs currently offer the best still water fishing in our part of Idaho now. Your favorite leech pattern on an intermediate line should produce on either. So will midge pupa patterns fished at the taking depth. Chesterfield Res. will pick up as cooler weather helps disperse its algae growth. If you plan to visit Island Park Reservoir, the Trude Springs area is the place to be, and blood worms are the taking fly. All you must do is find the taking depth.


Still Water 9/5

The algae bloom on Chesterfield Res. has slowed action there. Wait until frosty nights break up this bloom before going there. Meanwhile, fishing on 24-Mile Res. has really improved for those using damselfly nymphs, halloweens and green apple leeches. Daniels Res. remains good with the same flies as recommended on 24-mile Res. producing. Try green scud patterns in the open water in Springfield Res. And remember that midge pupa patterns will work on all still waters when you find the depth at which fish are cruising for them.


Still Water 9/2

Daniels Reservoir remains the best of these. The upper end around the trees and the west side bay are best locations for action. Use your favorite leech pattern or midge life cycle patterns. Springfield Res. is weedy and Chesterfield Res. has an algae bloom that covers its surface, but both have some action for those fishing leeches and halloweens on intermediate lines.


Still Water 8/26

Flow out of Chesterfield has been stopped making for a good chance for holdover water. Currently fishing here has been slowed because of algae growth. Daniels is providing excellent still water fishing with leech patterns on intermediate lines and midge life cycle patterns. Some gulpers remain, so speckled dun emergers (hare’s ear nymphs) just below the surface still produce. Same applies to some gulpers left working on Springfield Reservoir.