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Today at Jimmy’s

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Today at Jimmy’s

Saturday Fly Tying Demos

(Free to the Public)

10:00 AM to about 1:00 PM Saturdays from November 24th, 2018 through February 23rd, 2019.

Attending these is a great way to learn tying techniques, new and old, and to stay current on available materials and tools. Each featured tier has much experience in tying and using the flies they demonstrate, and each is ready to share their knowledge and skills with you.  Our demo schedule includes the following tiers. 

Saturday, November 24th                              Brandon Morrison

 Saturday, December 1st                                 Dan Gates

 Saturday, December 8th                                Marty Howard

 Saturday, December 15th                               Dave Raisch

Saturday, December 22nd                              Ross Slayton

Saturday, December 29th                               Justin Barnard

Saturday, January 5th                                      Kelly Glissmeyer

Saturday, January 12th                                    Andy Nelson

Saturday, January 19th                                    Doug Gibson

Saturday, January 26th                                    Mike Lawson

Saturday, February 2nd                                    John Hull

Saturday, February 9th                                     Aaron Freed

Saturday, February 16th                                   Jess Serpa

 Saturday, February 23rd                                 Devan Ence

Lower Teton River

Devan started his journey in the outdoors at a young age in southern Utah and truly found his passion for fly fishing while living in Colorado. Since starting in the fly-fishing industry Devan has managed a couple of fly shops, guided full time and owned a fly shop in Colorado. A few years ago he was the assistant manager at Henry’s Fork Angler in Island Park. He has been fortunate enough to be a member of multiple pro staffs and is currently a member of the Loop USA Trout Team and the Loop Global Pro Team. Devan is an accomplished fly tier and fly designer having multiple fly patterns with Solitude Fly Company. He is also very passionate about photography and filming anything that has to do with fly fishing or the outdoors. Devan and his wife Jasmine have traveled throughout the country pursuing any fish that will chase a fly. He is now introducing his son Emmett to the great outdoors with an emphasis on the joys of fly fishing. Devan’s last tying demo at Jimmy’s took place on December 28th, 2013, so look for some new patterns he has come up with in the last six years.  


This concludes our 2018-2019 Saturday fly tying demo schedule. You can also see it posted in the shop, and on Facebook.  Look for it in the Idaho Falls Post Register Outdoor Page Calendar “Coming Up,” published each Thursday.




Today at Jimmy’s


Saturday, November 24th, 2018              Brandon Morrison




Saturday, December, 1st, 2018                 Dan Gates




Today at Jimmy’s 10-27-18



The “Fly Tying Season” is not far away. To help kick it off, we will begin our 2018-2019 slate of Saturday tying demos on November 24th. We have begun lining up tiers for these, and will soon publicize those tiers featured for the remainder of 2018. Remember, these demos are at the shop, free, begin each Saturday at 10 AM, extend to about 1 PM, and feature the best regional tiers and then some.


Henry’s Lake 9-28-18

Henry’s is finally starting to show some signs of life the last week or so. Although there aren’t a lot of the bigger fish being caught right now, a fair amount of fish have moved into the shallows and are providing decent action. Most of the good fishing has been from the pintail point area south all the way to hope creek. The wind has been mostly out of the southwest this fall, so the western shoreline is a little more protected and has cleaner water. The fish have been relatively shallow 3-8ft so a type 1 or an intermediate line is really all you need. Fly choice doesn’t seem to be critical, darker leeches in size 6-8 have been best (Black Crystal Bugger, Brown Crystal Bugger, Canadian Brown). Hopefully the lake continues to pick up and we have a good October, stay tuned for more reports.


Awesome new rod from Sage!

At Icast this summer in Orlando Sage released two new rods the Igniter and Dart. The Igniter replaces the popular Method and is what I’d like to tell you guys about today! The Method was a great seller in our shop and the ultra fast action is very popular in our area to deal with the sometimes difficult conditions we fish. The Igniter promises to be everything the method was and more and is ideal for windy conditions, long casts, and throwing large flies. The Igniter has a “chipotle” colored blank and black rod tube. To myself, its a more subtle colored method, its not as loud of a red and looks really nice. The components matched with the rod are top notch, I think its the best looking Sage rod in years. Using Sage’s Konnetic HD technology, the Igniter is lighter, thinner, and stronger than the method. The Igniter will be perfect for fishing big bugs to the bank, either out of a driftboat or wading. The rod has a really powerful butt section, but a light enough tip you can still get great accuracy when trying to place big bugs tight to the bank. For streamers I can’t imagine a better rod than this. The powerful butt section will be able to deliver any of the popular streamers from the sparkle minnow up to the triple articulated Kelly Galloup patterns. Any condition we encounter in the area I am very confident you can do it with the Igniter, easily! If you are a Sage fan, or even if you haven’t been. I would HIGHLY recommend coming down to the shop and casting one for yourself. We are fully stocked with almost every model so come and down and give it a try!


ah0a9464-edit-1024x682 igniter



( I included a photo of the Method and Igniter side by side so you can see the differences)


Tying Demo 3-3-18


10:00 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M., Saturdays from November 25th, 2017 though March, 2018
Each year Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler features this winter-time institution.   These Saturday fly tying demonstrations are free to the public.  Attending the demos is a great way to learn tying techniques, new and old, and to stay current on the use of materials and tools. The tiers we feature are among the best.  Each has great experience in tying and use of the flies they demonstrate.  Each is ready to share their tying and presentation knowledge and skills with you.

We began our winter slate of fly tying demos on Saturday, November 25th. So far we have scheduled tiers up to March 10th which will be our last this season. Take a look below at who is scheduled. Bring your fly tying questions to the shop any time.  We have fly tiers on our staff with enough experience to answer any question you may have on materials, equipment, technique, and presentation.  On moving through the given dates, we will post a bio for the upcoming tier.

                                                                 2017-2018 Fly Tying Demo Schedule Completed

It was a fun season with several fly tiers demonstrating for the first time at the shop.  We began on November 25th, 2017, continued through a cold, blustery December,  on through a mild January and most of February, and finished during a wintry first week in March.  Attendance was excellent and well-behaved.   Demonstrating tiers  were the same as well as generous.  All this means that we will resume our tying demos next November. Again the demos will feature  excellent, personable tiers, and we will invite the public to attend.   Watch our web site and Facebook to see the date 2018-2019 our tying demo season begins.










Closeout Sale Fall/Winter 2017

We have a ton of marked down Simms Boots (G4 boa, G3, Rivertek Boa, Freestone) and a few G3 Stockingfoot and Bootfoots on closeout here at the shop. The discounts are significant! This is a great time to pick up some quality gear as Simms products do not go on sale very often. Call us (208-524-7160) or stop in at the shop before they are all gone!


Today at Jimmy’s 10-31-17



We will begin our fly tying demo season on Saturday, November 25th.   Barring holidays, we will schedule a tier each Saturday into March.  As in the past, each demo will begin 10:00 AM at the shop and extend into the early afternoon.  Expect details not only on how to tie a demonstrated pattern, but information on how it should be presented. The beginning of the tier schedule will be posted soon on our web site.