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Today at Jimmy’s 5-3-13

Now that the temperature is starting to rise, I wanted to show you guys an awesome shirt we are carrying to keep cool this summer out on the water. The new shirt is from a company called ” FreeFly” and it is made out of bamboo. You read right, bamboo! I thought it sounded crazy but after fishing in this shirt for the past couple months, I can tell you this is one of the best fishing shirts I have ever worn. The shirt fits perfect, not too loose or too tight and breathes incredibly well.  There is so much to like about this shirt but here is some information directly from FreeFly;

  • Moisture wicking = a light yet strong material that keeps skin dry
  • Thermal regulating fabric = keeps body temperature a few degrees warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Antibacterial/Anti-odor = bamboo fibers naturally resists trapping odors, due to a unique bacteriostatis agent found in bamboo called “bamboo kun” (which means NO more worrying about smelling like campfire smoke the morning after)
  • Anti-itch = bamboo material is soft and non-irritating (even to sensitive skin!) due to the smooth structure of its fibers
  • Antistatic = bamboo material naturally eliminate the buildup of static electricity
  • Biodegradable = bamboo material can be broken down in a reasonable amount of time, decomposing back into a natural element
  • Environmentally Sustainable = bamboo is grown without using pesticides, thus does not pollute ground water or air (also, bamboo forests serve as carbon sinks, a very useful tool with climate change)
  • Breathable = the structure of bamboo fibers make bamboo fabrics more breathable than cotton, hemp, wool or synthetic fabrics


As you can see this is a sweet shirt and one worth checking out! We have a bunch of different colors and each shirt has our logo on the back. Come by the shop and check them out!


Today at Jimmy’s 5-23

So if you haven’t heard yet Idylwilde who is a major supplier of flies for our shop is having some issues getting their spring orders from their manufacturer overseas. We don’t know what the problem is but we do know that the majority of our spring order of flies will not be coming this season. This effects you as a customer because we will be all out of Idylwilde’s very popular dry fly, the Chubby Chernobyl. We have already begun to sell out of the carryover stock from last year. With this news we are encouraging people to tie their own Chubby Chernobyl’s. It’s a super easy fly to tie and we just received a wing material that is perfect for tying these flies. The Para Post Wing from Hareline is a synthetic material that is very visible and will float well. We also recommend it for parachute flies. It is available in the 4 colors that we have displayed in the photograph above.


-Today at Jimmys 5-17-13

Just a quick note.

We received our Yellowstone National Park fishing licenses Yesterday so we are set to sell the 2013 licenses. There have been some changes in the park fishing regulations and we have plenty of copies of the new regs.


Today at Jimmy’s 5-14

So we have a new instgram account and if your subscribe to Instagram you can find us at @jimmysflyshop and tag your fishing photos with #JASA.  We can’t wait to see all the tagged photos from all your fishing adventures!

We have gotten lots of merchandise in the shop lately. The biggest project we have been working on this week is all the new flies for the season. We are right in the middle of getting this huge project. If your looking for something specific in the next few days just ask cause chances are we have pulled the box and are working on filling it with  patterns.


Today at Jimmy’s 4-25

We have received our major spring order in for Simms. We have lots of new shirts in all different patterns and styles. We also have some updated waders for you to check out. The new Simms sportswear is awesome and there are some great new pieces we brought in.If you looking for something that is technical for fishing all day but looks good enough to wear to dinner or the bar at the end of the day, or your looking to sport your favorite fishing brand at work. We have everything to fit all those needs, come check it out!


Today at Jimmy’s 4-23

Hey guys we have a a bunch of new stuff in the shop to tell you about! First we received a big order in from Simms with a bunch of new stuff for the upcoming summer fishing season. New technical fishing shirts, shorts, button up shirts, t shirts, waders, phone covers, you name it we have it. Here is a picture showing some of the new stuff but this is hardly everything we got, so come down to the shop and check some of this new stuff out!


Second is a cool hook from Gamakatsu we are now carrying, the C12 scud hook. Everyone knows the quality of a Gamakatsu hook and traditionally we have carried these hooks for Steelhead fishing/tying and other big fish applications. It will be awesome to incorporate this quality hook into smaller bugs. I have tied a few flies with C12 and it is a very strong, very sharp hook. We carry sizes 10-20 but for some reason they don’t carry an 18, come check them out!


Today at Jimmy’s

Like I mentioned yesterday I am playing a little game of catch up on getting you all information on the new materials we have gotten into the shop.

If you haven’t noticed we have starting stocking a lot of the Spirit River UV2 materials. As more of this material becomes available we have been getting it in and on the shelves. This stuff is awesome! The added “UV” allows it to have a so called glow under the surface that makes the fish go crazy. We have gotten the Marabou in stock and we have a large variety of colors for tying steelhead and trout patterns. This stuff really is good looking, come check it out!


Today at Jimmy’s 3-25

We have been getting a lot of new fly tying materials in the shop and I am playing catch up from the last two weeks with posts. This week I will be featuring these new materials and tools.

We got in the new Renzetti tying tools last week and these things are awesome. You can be assured that these tools have been built with the same high quality Renzetti is known for. We have an assortment of hair stacker’s, dubbing brushes, dubbing loop tool and dubbing picks. All the tools have been built out of aluminum and have been built to last.


Today at Jimmy’s 3-12

We got some new Wheatley Fly boxes in. Lots of people have been asking about these fly boxes for storing steelhead flies. Wheatley is a great fly box that has a classic look. These boxes make any fly look good…Except a foam fly. Don’t disgrace a Wheatley with a Chernobyl Ant, it’s just wrong.

We also have tickets for the IF4 Fly Fishing Film Tour on sale until this evening at 6pm. After that you will need to buy tickets at the Colonial Theater. See ya there!

We still have a few spots left in our special topics tying classes. This will be the last month for these classes. Call and sign up today. Spots are limited and filling quickly.


Today at Jimmy’s 3-6-13

Hey everybody, really quick I just wanted to let you know we received a big order from Montana Fly Company today with lots of cool new stuff. Everything from new hopper legs and some new water bottles and coffee mugs. SO if you get a minute come check it out!

Also a quick reminder that we will have a free tying demo this Saturday and Linda Windels will be the tier.


Linda grew up in a fishing family, but was not introduced to fly-fishing until 1993 while living in Golden, Colorado. There she took fly-fishing and tying lessons from a local shop. It was love at first sight. In 2001 she and husband Bill moved to Idaho Falls.  She had visited the area previously to fish the South Fork with Reel Women, then again with Joan Wulff and Lori Ann Murphy. So the 2001 move was to “fly-fishing heaven.”  She attended her first Eastern Idaho Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo (EIFTE) that year and learned more on fishing and tying than thought possible.  She marvels at attending EIFTE workshops from Wayne Luallen, Chris Helm, and Leslie Harrop. Those workshops and her natural abilities serve her well. She teaches fly tying in the EIFTE’s ladies program.  Her tying accomplishments are featured during EIFTE fly tying demos, and she is the subject of inquiries about taking part in fly tying events around the western states. Linda advocates that more women are needed in fly fishing and fly tying. She therefore organizes women’s fly fishing visit to destinations including the Big Hole Lodge in Montana and Falcon’s Ledge Lodge in Utah. Some participants have been doing so for as long as twenty years. Thus for any lady interested in fly tying, we highly recommend Linda’s demo.  But we also recommend her demo for any fly tier. Linda’s ability and generosity accompanied by her wit and knowledge will result in an excellent event.