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Today at Jimmy’s

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Today at Jimmy’s 2-13

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on some tying classes that we are offering. We have a Beginner class going on right now with John Stenersen and we will be doing another session as soon as the current session is finished. We also have a list of Special Topics classes that will be taking place. These classes are great for learning new techniques and patterns for our local area. Check the list of classes out here.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and we have some specials going on at the shop. If your looking for something for your special one we have lots of items on sale both women’s and mens clothing. Don’t forget we have a few Patagonia RIO Gallegos waders still on sale for $250! This is a great deal and these waders have received many awards in the industry for quality and design.


Today at Jimmy’s 2-6

We got a few new items I wanted to highlight today.

The Clic glasses are a new item for us. These readers come in variety of colors and strengths. From what I have been told if your over 40 you need a pair of readers.

Ice Dub Shimmer from Hareline is a new material that reminds me of sparkle organza but it has much more flash. My first thought was wingcases on nymphs and using it to add flash to collars of streamers or nymphs. It’s available in 5 different colors and we now have them in stock.



Today at Jimmy’s 1-14

We just got done updated our fly tying class schedule. This year we have asked John Stenersen from Clackacraft Drift Boats to help teach the beginning fly tying classes. John is an excellent fly tier and has taught many classes for our shop. This is going to be a great winter for tying flies. We also offer private lessons for individuals interested. I highly recommend all of our special topics classes, they very good and packed with lots of information.

For a full list of upcoming classes click here or call the shop. To sign up, drop by the shop!


Today at Jimmy’s 1-11

Guys I have really good news if you have been looking to upgrade your fly tying vise. Renzetti has made some changes to the Traveler series and that means we are offering the Traveller 2200 series on sale for $149.95! Renzetti is a great vise and I personally have been tying on one for many years…I just love it! This is a rare opportunity to get a good deal on a great vise. We have a selection of base and clamp models while supplies last.


Today at Jimmy’s 1-10

We got a few more fly tying materials/tools in that I want to share with you all.

Jungle Cock has been somewhat hard for us to get our hands on the last few years. We now have a good supply of loose feathers from Spirit River and we are more than happy to special order a full cape for you.







The Light Saber which is a UV curing light from Spirit River is rugged and seems to be a much higher quality that what we have been seen or sold in the past. Its also under $10, which is crazy because the Clear Goo curing light from Hareline is $60.

Looking for something specific? We always do special orders on material we can get. Also we are very close on getting Krelix flash for tying the Krelix minnow. More to come on that topic later.


Today at Jimmy’s 1-3

I wanted to give you all a heads up on a few new items we have got in the shop.

Bug Bond UV Cure Resin. We have this in the Original clear and the Original Lite formula. This glue requires a UV Lamp to cure the glue when used while tying flies.

Another tying item we now have is the Spirit River UV2 Super Schlappen. We have all the colors for steelhead flies. The feathers are dyed through a process called Ultravision. This is a process that enhances the material by adding visibility and natural color spectrum.

The last item is the book Sunlit Riffles and Shadowed Runs by Kent Cowgill. This book is a collection of stories based in the United States about fly fishing. You can guarantee that there will be some funny and inspirational tales within the pages of this book.


Today at Jimmys 1-2-12

I was fortunate enough to do a little saltwater fishing over the Christmas break down in California and had a blast. My family goes down to California quite a bit and My favorite thing to do is fly fish for sharks out of San Diego. In the summer months you are fishing for Mako and Blue Sharks. The Makos are nuts, they can easily get 10-15′ out of the water on their jumps. My First trip was in September 2010 when we hooked, leadered, and released a monster Mako¬† around 12 feet long and around 1,000lbs on a sage Xi3 16wt. Check out the video link below, make sure you watch the whole thing!


Needless to say after that trip I was obsessed and I try to get after them a few times each year. Our most recent trip was on 12/21/12 and yes I did plan to be shark fishing when the Mayans said the world would end! In the winter you are targeting Blue Sharks as the Makos leave looking for warmer water. We had a great trip, it took a while before any sharks showed up in the slick, but once they did we were mugged. There were times when we had 4 sharks around the boat at the same time looking for something to munch on. I took a bunch of video of the day that you can watch by copying and pasting the link below.



I had a blast and I will be down there again for sure this summer!



Todat at Jimmy’s 12-18

Day #7 is here and T-Shirts are the selected item for our 12 Gifts for Christmas!

We have a large selection of T-Shirts. Long sleeve and short sleeve with many different logos and fish art printed on these shirt. T-Shirts make great stocking stuffer’s and great gifts. Nothing like lounging around the house on Christmas day sporting a t-shirt from your favorite fly shop!


Today at Jimmy’s 12-17

Day #6 of the 12 Gifts for Christmas promotion and today we are featuring the Simms Bulkley Jacket which is a insulated wading jacket.

This jacket features a 2 Layer Gore-Tex shell and is insulated with Primaloft. This jacket is perfect for the Steelhead angler who enjoys fishing in the colder months.


Today at Jimmy’s 12-14

Today is day #5 and this is a must have for most anglers and that is Gear bags. There are lots of options to choose from.

We have bags that you can store your waders in, bags for reel, chest packs, lumbar packs, and back packs. We have everything you can think of for hauling your gear around. The hardest part is deciding which bag. Swing into the shop and we will be happy to help you decide.