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Today at Jimmys 1-2-12

I was fortunate enough to do a little saltwater fishing over the Christmas break down in California and had a blast. My family goes down to California quite a bit and My favorite thing to do is fly fish for sharks out of San Diego. In the summer months you are fishing for Mako and Blue Sharks. The Makos are nuts, they can easily get 10-15′ out of the water on their jumps. My First trip was in September 2010 when we hooked, leadered, and released a monster Mako  around 12 feet long and around 1,000lbs on a sage Xi3 16wt. Check out the video link below, make sure you watch the whole thing!


Needless to say after that trip I was obsessed and I try to get after them a few times each year. Our most recent trip was on 12/21/12 and yes I did plan to be shark fishing when the Mayans said the world would end! In the winter you are targeting Blue Sharks as the Makos leave looking for warmer water. We had a great trip, it took a while before any sharks showed up in the slick, but once they did we were mugged. There were times when we had 4 sharks around the boat at the same time looking for something to munch on. I took a bunch of video of the day that you can watch by copying and pasting the link below.



I had a blast and I will be down there again for sure this summer!



Todat at Jimmy’s 12-18

Day #7 is here and T-Shirts are the selected item for our 12 Gifts for Christmas!

We have a large selection of T-Shirts. Long sleeve and short sleeve with many different logos and fish art printed on these shirt. T-Shirts make great stocking stuffer’s and great gifts. Nothing like lounging around the house on Christmas day sporting a t-shirt from your favorite fly shop!


Today at Jimmy’s 12-17

Day #6 of the 12 Gifts for Christmas promotion and today we are featuring the Simms Bulkley Jacket which is a insulated wading jacket.

This jacket features a 2 Layer Gore-Tex shell and is insulated with Primaloft. This jacket is perfect for the Steelhead angler who enjoys fishing in the colder months.


Today at Jimmy’s 12-14

Today is day #5 and this is a must have for most anglers and that is Gear bags. There are lots of options to choose from.

We have bags that you can store your waders in, bags for reel, chest packs, lumbar packs, and back packs. We have everything you can think of for hauling your gear around. The hardest part is deciding which bag. Swing into the shop and we will be happy to help you decide.


Today at Jimmy’s 12-13

Guess what it’s Day #4 of our 12 Gifts of Christmas. Today we are featuring Montana Fly Company fly boxes!

The fly boxes come in assortment of different artwork and all have slitted foam for holding a large amount of flies. These fly boxes are beautiful and come in a very reasonable price. You can never have to many fly boxes to hold all your flies. Come on down and pick one up and fill it with some great flies in the shop for our local watersheds. Will even wrap it up for you with our fish wrapping paper!


Today at Jimmy’s 12-12

Today is 12-12-12…so what awesome gift idea am I going to feature for day #3 of our 12 Gifts for Christmas promotion? Well today we are going to feature the Patagonia Men’s Forage Sweater.

You can’t help loving the classic look of the forage sweater with the patches on the elbows and the shoulder. This sweater is 100% lambswool, and with the quality that Patagonia is known for this sweater will last for years. The Forage sweater is perfect for cool nights on the river, hunting in the fall or lounging around the campfire in the evenings.


Today at Jimmy’s 12-11

Day #2 of our 12 Gift for the Holidays. Today’s gift idea is a Buff.

A buff is usually used as sun protection while fishing, but it has several different uses. A face mask while skiing powder, a hat, dog collar and my favorite, disguising ones identity while robbing a Bank. Whatever you decide to use a Buff for there is no argument that they make great Christmas presents. We just got a new shipment in with may different patterns for Men and Women.


Today at Jimmy’s 12-10

Well its that time again when we feature our “12 gifts of Christmas.” Be sure to show this list to your loved ones so they know what to get you when they come to the shop looking for some Holiday gifts.

I am going to keep this pretty simple. Today I want to feature an item that has been fairly popularfor the last year and a half.

Patagonia Hats! We have lots of different styles and types. Our most popular has been the Patagonia logo inside a trout silhouette. We have many different styles, Trucker Hats, Traditional ball caps and beanies.They all wear great and only you can determine what style your prefer. We have lots of these hats in stock and they make great stocking stuffers. Don’t forget T-shirts we have a good selection of those as well…but maybe I should save those for another day.


Today at Jimmy’s 11-28

Next to chasing pheasants in the fall I really enjoy fishing for steelhead. I did a quick run up to Salmon Saturday to see if we could find some fish. I left early that morning and got up to Salmon and found a run down river of North Fork. We hooked 4 fish and landed 3 in that run. We fished 4 other runs that day and fished till dark, but didn’t find any more fish. The hot fly was the Blue and Green Hobo spey fished with a RIO 10′ T-11 Mow Tip.

I had 2 pieces of equipment that helped make this day so much better. I have been using the Patagonia Aluminum Bar Wading boots. I have spoken of these boots in the past, but they are so good and honestly I don’t prefer anything else on my feet in a slick river like the Salmon. The second piece was my Patagonia Nano Jacket. This jacket is so warm, packable and makes the perfect layering piece under your wading jacket.


This is pretty late in the season for me to still be steelhead fishing. However the weather has held up and the water temps have yet to plummet below 40 degrees yet. There is something really cool about catching a steelhead in Idaho. However this time of year it’s so easy to just stay at home and think about catching fish. I have found when I do go out it’s always a good time and I find I am rewarded with a few fish and solitude on the river.


Today at Jimmy’s

We at Jimmy’s have accumulated a fly-fishing experience unequaled in this part of the Greater Yellowstone Region. Yes, we target the most visited waters here, then in our fishing reports offer top grade information for having success fishing these.  In addition, we continuously visit and fish quality but lesser known regional waters throughout the season. Many of these waters, still or moving, are “off the beaten path.”  Others are on the beaten path but overlooked  because of proximity to most visited waters or offer good winter fishing.   Through this “visit as many as possible” approach we can provide solid information for planning your next trip in the region.  This approach also helps reveal the nearly endless choice of quality waters available in the region to visiting and local fly-fishers.  Thus a few times a month this winter we will offer web site articles featuring lesser known bodies of water offering a good measure of solitude, wildlife viewing, and scenic beauty in addition to great fishing.  Look for information within on best time to visit, suitable fly patterns, tackle choice, and directions.  And do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information on any water we discuss.