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Today at Jimmy’s

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Today at Jimmy’s 9-23-12

Here is another fly tying material Steelhead fisherman are going to love. Senyos Articulated shanks made by fish skull. These are awesome new, colored shanks that will give your steelhead patterns a new look. We have all of the colors in the shop and in stock. Come check them out!


Today at Jimmy’s 9-18-12

We just got our fall shipment from Patagonia and like always, they have some great gear out for fall. We have everything from new hats, new Nano Puff jackets for men and women, and new t shirts. We also have the Stealth hip, chest, and sling packs in the store. All of this will make great additions to your fall fishing gear so be sure to come check it out.


We also have a bunch of DVD’s that just came in. Some of these are new, some are old classics. Either way, these don’t last long in the shop!



Today at Jimmy’s 9-14-12

More new tying materials today! First off, we have four new colors of Dyed Peacock Sticks from Natures Spirit. In the past, all of the sticks we have carried have been dull in color, but the new stuff is very colorful. The new colors are yellow, red, fluorescent blue, and purple. You could use this new stuff to spice up old peacock patterns to give them a new look.


Second, we have some awesome new “frostip” rabbit strips from Hareline. All of the strips have a black base but the tips are dyed in different colors like white, chartreuse, burgandy, olive, and orange. The picture doesn’t do these strips justice, they are awesome looking! These strips will be awesome to use on all your favorite streamer patterns.


Today at Jimmy’s 9-12-12

Have you ever wanted to get into the Spey game, or maybe add a new rod to your arsenal?  Look no further, we have your answer. We have a Sage Z-axis 13’6 7wt Spey rod and an 11′ 8wt Z-axis switch rod on sale in the shop. Both rods are brand new, but discontinued so we are selling them for a great deal.  The Z-axis Spey is marked down to $595.00 from $800.00 and the Switch rod is marked at $575.00 down from $725.00!  We only have one of each so be sure to get a hold of us if you want one. We can ship the rod out if any of you out of town are interested. Give us a call (208-524-7160) or swing by the shop if you are interested.


Today at Jimmy’s 9-11-12

We just received an order from Hareline and there is some great new stuff in the shop. We have new colors of rabbit, flashabou, and a brand new product called Senyo’s Wacko Hackle that I think you guys are really going to love. It is designed to be used on steelhead flies like intruders, but in other colors it could be used on streamers and even braided out and used on smaller nymph patterns. This new material will give your flies a great new look. Check out the Steelhead flies tied with Wacko Hackle in the image below, they look awesome!

None of the other new materials we received have pictures online yet, so you will have to come in and check them out!





Today at Jimmy’s 9-7-12

Hey guys, nothing major going on in the shop today. We did get in some new 2013 Fly Fishing calendars with some awesome photography, so next time your in be sure to check those out.


On another note, our photo gallery is looking pretty dated.  I am sure all you guys have been getting into some awesome fish this summer,  but we haven’t received hardly any pictures to throw up on the site. So………….. as an added incentive we are going to have a little contest with the photo gallery! From Sept 7-14 send us your favorite fishing picture from this summer. We will pick a winner and they will receive two dozen flies! To be eligible for the contest, send your picture to [email protected]  and title your message “photo gallery contest entry” be sure to include your name in the message as well. We are all looking forward to seeing some pictures so start sending them!




Today at Jimmys 9-5-12

With the “cooler” temperatures we have been having lately, a lot of guys have been coming in asking about when we are going to put our Steelhead flies out, well we did today! We have all the standby patterns in stock as well as a bunch of new stuff. The new stuff looks awesome, especially the skating dries.

Sticking with the Steelhead theme, we have another new jacket in the store from Simms called the fall run jacket. This will be a great insulator piece or a stand alone peace during nice fall days. Below is what Simms has to say about the new jacket.

“Fall migrations go in several directions. Upstream for giant browns en route to their natal dancing grounds. And virtually any points north, east, south, and west, depending on which direction you travel to intercept banner autumn fishing. Wherever you roam, throw on a Simms’ Fall Run Jacket for lightweight, packable performance in the form of PrimaLoft® One insulation. Jackets feature a winning warmth-to-weight ratio and the water repellency to take on wet conditions the world over.

  • Lightweight, packable PrimaLoft® One insulation to keep you warm even in wet conditions
  • PrimaLoft® One insulation offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio available and has superior water-repellency
  • PrimaLoft® One fibers are highly compressible & soft – like goose down yet maintains insulating properties even when wet
  • Hand warmer pockets and zippered chest pocket
  • Classic diamond quilting pattern with reflective logos
  • Corrosion-resistant YKK® zippers utilize nylon coil and slider”

The Jacket comes in Fury Orange, Khaki, and Dark Gunmetal. We have the Khaki in stock but could easily get any of the other colors in for you.


Come check out all the new gear to get ready for Steelhead Season!



Today at Jimmys 8-30-12

We have some great new clothing in the shop from Simms in time for the Fall season. We will go over new clothing items once every couple of days so be sure to check back with us frequently.

Alright the first new item were going to talk about is the new Bulkley Jacket from Simms. This will be a great jacket for Steelhead season and all other Fall fishing applications. Below is what Simms has to say about the Bulkley,

“As kids we dreamed of Disneyland, “the happiest place on earth.” But since discovering the Bulkley, we’ve found a new source for supernatural smiles. Simms’ Bulkley jacket combines a GORE-TEX® 2-layer shell, with the innovative all-weather insulation of PrimaLoft® One technology. River-inspired features include corrosion-fighting Nylon YKK® zippers and sliders, super-sized chest and fleece lined hand-warmer pockets, and the water-resistant convenience of easy-cinch cuffs.”


Come check this jacket out, we have a size run in the shop and would love to show you the new jacket.



Today at Jimmy’s 8-24-12

It is that time of year again. Companies are coming out with new gear, so we are closing out the old! We have our sale rack set up outside the shop with some great items from both Simms and Patagonia. Just a few items out there include some layering/underwear from Simms and a lightweight rain jacket from Patagonia. There is lots more on the rack though, so make sure you come check it out.


We will be covering some of the new gear we have received early next week so be sure to check back with us online.



Today at Jimmy’s 8-21-12

Two things today guys. First off, we have the new drake in the shop! As you all know, they go really quick, so come get yours before we are out.


Second is a new fly box we are carrying in the shop from Anglers Image they call their “slim boxes”.  These are great new boxes that will enable you to carry a bunch of flies while adding minimal bulk to your vest/pack/pocket. The boxes are only 1/2″ thick and have various styles of slit foam to hold everything from small/medium size streamers to tiny midge patterns. They are also clear allowing you to see everything in your box without opening it up. Come on into the shop and check out these awesome all-around boxes!