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Today at Jimmy’s 12/15

I believe we are on Day #4 of our 12 gifts for the Holidays buying guide. So today is no different than the last three days expect this is going to be the highest priced item on the 12 day list.

Allow me to introduce you to the Sage One. This is the replacement for the Z-Axis and oh boy is it a dandy of a fly rod. Sage has been able to produce this rod so that it is light, stronger and has a consistent feel of the line through the entire rod. Sage classifies this rod as their “all around”. I had the oppertunity to fish with this rod over the summer for an entire week. I was impressed with its ability to throw large Dry flies, heavy nymph rigs, and also present a size 18 PMD with the finest of presentation. Speaking from first hand experience this truly is an all around fly rod.

Sage has been able to cut weight through the new Konnetic technology. They have also been able to shave weight through the use of new hardware from the cork handle to the tip top guide. This rod would be a home run for any angler on your list…I promise.


Today at jimmy’s 12/14

Day #3 of our Holiday gift guide. Today I want to feature a new reel company we have brought into the shop.

Nautilus Reels are produced in Florida and have been at the forefront of the Saltwater reel market for a few years now. They make a very high end high quality reel that puts the tested tried and true Tibor reels a run for their money. We have brought in their new trout reel.

The Nautilus FWX is a fully machined reel with a sealed drag system and comes at a price point of $250. This reel is saltwater safe and to compare other reels in terms of quality, workmanship and features you would looking to spend a least another $100. These reels come in three sizes, 3/4wt, 5/6wt and a 7/8wt. Available in a silver or black finish.


Today at Jimmy’s 12/12

It’s day number 2 of our Holiday gift guide. Today I want to feature something a little more expensive but is such a great piece of equipment. It the Patagonia Down Sweater.

Ultralight and windproof, the Down Sweater features warm, highly compressible down insulation and can be worn as an outer or midlayer in cold climates. I have used this piece for layering under my wading jacket but I prefer to wear it as jacket during the cold days. I wore this jacket most mornings fishing in October and November.


Today at Jimmy’s 12/10

Well, it’s that time of year again when I start the Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler 12 Gifts for the Holidays Post. What I do is go through the shop pick out 12 items that I think would make great gift ideas for the Holiday season. All gifts range from tackle to clothing to fishing accessories. Hopefully this will make your shopping season a little easier.

For day 1 lets start off with something fairly simple. This makes an awesome stocking stuffer and keeps any angler warm while fishing. We have these great Simms and Montana Fly Stainless Steel Flasks. We have many in different fish type designs allowing you to choose your favorite species you chase on the fly.


Today at Jimmy’s 12/1

Today I am going to continue talking about Layering in cold weather under your waders. I have featured 2 “Today at Jimmy” posts about this subject. Find them by clicking on Day 1 and Day 2.

I have talked about the next to skin pieces and one Fleece piece. Today I want to feature 2 products from Patagonia. These pieces are typically worn as a layer over your next to skin clothing, or as outerwear on certain days.

The Patagonia R1 series is probably the best pieces of fleece produced period. Patagonia has developed a grid pattern fleece that is highly compressible and wicks moisture like nothing I have ever used before. Come into the shop and I can show you a demonstration of it’s moisture wicking power. The R1 pullover is a slim fit so if you like a little room in your fleece pieces I would advise you buy a size larger than your normal size.

The next item is the Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket. This is a jacket that can also be used in many different types of applications. I like to wear mine as a jacket, but it is also small enough to wear under my wading jacket and I don’t feel like I am over dressed. This jacket is windproof and water resistant. It is filled with a synthetic material called Prima-loft which makes it highly compressible but is very warm. A great thing about Prima-loft is it keeps you warm when it is wet and does not absorb moisture.

I personally own this piece in the pullover version and have used it for over a year now. I would not think of going on any outdoor trip without this piece of clothing. It is warm and it’s lightweight, which has proven useful on colder days rowing a drift boat for clients or relaxing around a campfire.


Today at Jimmy’s 11/30

We got a new tying product in that is really fun! Its the Fly Enhancer Rubber Legs. These are a silicone rubber leg, which means they will float. This can add a lot of action to your flies under the surface. There has been lots of talk about using these legs in all different types of patterns. Everett is using them for crawdad patterns for Small mouth Bass. I am looking at uses for Steelhead and Streamer flies, also options with my Chernobyl Ants. John Stenersen is going to be tying with them during his Saturday morning demo on the 17th of Dec. He is actually the one who turned us on to this new product from Hareline…Thanks John!

As you can see there are many different color options. I took some of the more natural subdue colors and added them to a simple little bugger I like to tie.


Today at Jimmy’s 11/22

I am going to take a break from our layering conversation for just a moment to feature a new fly box that we are carrying right now.

This is the Meiho Box. They come in 3 different sizes and come as a deep or shallow box. These are basically a extremely improved Plano box. You have removable dividers that allow you to choose the size of your individual compartment inside the box. I personally am in the process of switching to these boxes right now. When I got all my midges organized into a box I did the ultimate test. I shook the hell out of it. Than I gave it to my 2 year old daughter and told her to shake it up. Not one fly moved from its original compartment. Amazing right? The reason this doesn’t happen is because the lid to these boxes closes with a locking latch. This eliminates any space for small flies to travel from one compartment to the next.


Today at Jimmy’s 11/17

Layering is all about options and finding what works for you, however layering under your Waders and Wading Jacket is just as important as having a fly rod when you go fishing.Last post I was discussing “next to skin” options with the Simms Merino Wool top and bottom. Today I want to feature 2 synthetic options that fall into this “next to skin” category.

Simms has a product called the Waderwick Crew Neck and the Waderwick Bottom.  They are made with 100% Polyester, which is a fantastic synthetic material. Polyester does not absorb water it also regulates your body temperature by trapping heat. In warm weather it is extremely breathable and wicking moisture from the skin.

We also carry a product from Patagonia. Patagonia has been in the forefront for developing and producing this type of product for layering. Patagonia produces a product called Capilene. Capilene is the product that is often imitated and never quite duplicated. Pretty much all other outdoor companies that produce long underwear us Capilene as a model. Patagonia produces 3 levels of capilene and we carry the Cap 2 Zip Neck and Cap 2 bottoms in both Men’s and Woman’s styles.This is a product I have used for many years, long before I was working for Jimmy at the shop. I have used it for all types of outdoor activities from Snowboarding, hunting and now fishing.

Both products are very good and an essential pieces for any fisherman. Come into the shop and we can help you find whats right for you. The next post on this topic will be some more heavier options for layering. I am hoping to put together a video at the end of this subject that should pull everything together.


Today at Jimmy’s 11/15

We have got a few new items in the shop I would like to share with you all. With the weather getting cold it becomes really important to start layering your clothing under your waders and wading jacket. All three of the clothing companies we sell here at the shop Simms, Patagonia, and Redington have really good pieces for layering.Over the next few weeks I am going to be outlining what layering is and how to do it. I meet people all the time still wearing jeans under their waders. Not only is this uncomfortable but if you fall in and get wet the cotton will pull body heat from you making you much colder.

Today I am going to spotlight some Simms clothing that is essential to keeping you warm while out in the weather and fishing this time of year through the winter.

Simms has come out with a new line of what we call “next to skin” clothing or “long underwear.” It is a Merino wool top and bottom. Wool has always been a great layering piece for cold weather mostly because it still keeps you warm and traps body heat when its wet. However when we think of wool we don’t think of comfort, especially when it is next to our skin. Merino wool is a more refined softer type of wool that is very comfortable as a next to skin piece and surprisingly breathes fairly well. The Simms DownUnder Merino baselayer comes in a zip neck top and an elastic waist bottom.

The next piece I would like to feature is the Simms Waderwick Fleece Top. Fleece is the next piece of clothing I put on after my “next to skin” garment when layering up to go fishing. Fleece is an incredible peice of material. It is soft on the skin, retains heat and breathes extremely well. Also when fleece gets wet only 3% of the material will absorb water. Ever notice when you wash fleece and pull it out of the washing machine it already feels dry? Simms has been producing the Waderwick Fleece Top for many years, its a must for any fisherman in cold weather or during the nights and early mornings of summer.

The Simms Waderwick Fleece Top comes in Simms Orange (pictured) and Black.


Today at Jimmy’s 11/3

We have a great replacement for waddington Shanks. We now carry the Fish Skulls Articulated Shanks. These are a great substitute for waddington shanks. Waddington shanks have been hard to get because they are produced by Partridge and that is a English company. They don’t really have a distributor in the states so we have been constantly getting back ordered on this product. To be honest with you I prefer these Fish Skull shanks because it is a single wire design and they’re so many different possibilities with hook options when using this shank.

They come in 3 sizes.

  • 20mm
  • 35mm
  • 55mm

Here are a few sample Flies from the Fish Skull website.