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Today at Jimmy’s

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Today at Jimmy’s

Fish Skull has brought out a new product called Sculpin Helmet. We carry the Small and the Large. I recommend the Small size. the Large is really heavy and can not be thrown with a 6 or 7 wt rod very easily. However the large would be awesome on a spinning rod setup.Many possibilities for tying streamers with these little puppies.


Today at Jimmy’s 10/14

I wanted to feature a new item we have shop that is produced by Patagonia. The R1 fishing Glove.

This is what Patagonia has to say about it.

Cold-weather, formfitting fishing gloves made of smooth-skin neoprene laminated with a plush nylon/polypropylene/spandex lining.

Rolling the dice on late or early season expeditions (or fishing right through winter) frequently means fewer people and more fish. It can also mean frozen fingers. With our toasty R1® Gloves, your hands stay warm and nimble even in freezing rain, icy wind and cold water. The thin, flexible 1.5mm smooth-skin neoprene outer stops wind and shrugs off moisture, while the combination nylon/polypropylene/spandex insulation locks in warmth. A 3-panel, stitched and glued construction with anatomically placed seams provides remarkable formfitting comfort, water-resistance and dexterity.


  • Smooth-skin neoprene laminated to a plush polypropylene lining
  • 3-panel construction and anatomically placed seams for better fit and durability
  • Bartacks reinforce critical seams
  • Formfitting
  • Glove exterior: 1.5mm smooth-skin neoprene. Lining: 48% nylon/46% polypropylene/6% spandex
  • 162 g (5.7 oz)
  • Made in Thailand.
Here is my take. These gloves are the first glove I have worn that I can actually feel the fly line while fishing. They are water proof and extremely warm. The only downside to these gloves is they are not tough enough for rowing and pulling on anchor ropes all day. These gloves are fragile. and should be used with care to get a long life from the glove. If used while only fishing I think you will find these gloves to last a long time. When I first saw these gloves my initial thought was duck hunting, but after using them chasing steelhead on the Salmon river I am convinced these are great fishing gloves as well.

Today at Jimmy’s 10/3

Well I am back in the shop after and exhausting summer of guiding on the South Fork. Its always good to be back in the shop and see all of you after a few months of rowing and dodging hooks. I wanted to inform you all about some new products we have for the Fall.

Simms some awesome gear out right now for layering on those cold Fall and Winter days. We have some Merino Wool long underwear and a new wool sweater. Lets not forget the insulated fishing pants from Simms, great for wearing to and from the river and can be used like fleece pants under your waders.

Patagonia has some new gear in as well. We have brought in their famous Down Sweater and the Nano Puff Jacket. These are great jackets for insulation under a wading jacket or just fishing on a cold morning.


Today at Jimmy’s 9-08-2012

Good traffic news! A Street is now open to traffic in the normal one-way (west) flow through the Shoup Ave. and A Street intersection in front of the shop.   Shoup Ave at the intersection remains closed meaning no turn  north from A Street or through access from Broadway Street.


Today at Jimmys 8/23

Hey everybody, just wanted to let you know of a couple new items/deals we have going on in the shop.

This last week we got the new Sage “ONE” rods in the shop. These are awesome rods that are really lightweight. We have these in a good selection from 4-7wts so come on in and have a look. Below is what Sage has to say about the rods-

“The ONE rod is our flagship offering that may redefine the “all around” rod category, where precision casting accuracy is needed over a wide range of conditions. Hand crafted from our Konnetic technology three long years in the making, the ONE rod is a game changer. Your Game. Its fast action incorporates a built in sweet spot, making the ONE rod  the ideal choice for experienced and aspiring casters alike.”

Also we are offering all of our Z-Axis rods at a 30% discount, this is a great time to get a premium rod for a budget price.


Today at Jimmy’s 8/8

Hi all Tim here, I wanted to share some information about the South Fork. I floated to Lorenzo today and the boat ramp is a little tricky. The bank against the boat ramp is moving very fast. There is currently a boulder right in the middle of the boat ramp. I took some photos of it so you could all see whats going on at this takeout.

Here is another view from the handicap access.

Remember to go to the river right side under the bridge there is a new gravel bar that would make you miss the boat ramp if you float down the right side. I took a picture of this gravel bar as well looking upriver from the boat ramp.You can clearly see the gravel bar on the right side of the photo.

Good luck fishing and have a safe summer while floating the rivers.


Today at Jimmy’s 8-6-11

Beginning Monday August 15th there will be construction project on the corner of Shoup avenue and “A” Street in front of the shop. For part of the construction period traffic will be shut down  but we will keep our normal shop hours of 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday throughout the project. We’ll post a map next week that will show you where you can park and also the detour map while the intersection is closed.


Today at Jimmy’s 6/17

We are really loving this warm weather we have been receiving about every other day. Things are really starting to shape up for fishing in East Idaho. The Henry’s Fork is fishing with fish up on Dry Flies, the South Fork flows have dropped and fish have been caught on Nymphs. Our smaller streams are still running muddy but the flows have been dropping and it will not be long before they are fishing as well.

I wanted to give you guys and heads up on all the cool gear we have loaded the shop up with for this season. If you don’t know we are now carrying Patagonia Fly Fishing product. We have their new wader the RIO Gallegos which has received 8 different awards this year. We have a good range of sizes, and can order anything you need form Patagonia. We now have two, yes two hat racks full of Jimmy’s Hats and our T-Shirt selection this summer is well pretty kick ass!

In terms of tackle we have lots of great new patterns in our fly bins, and have some very nice new fly rods this year. Including the new Winston BIIIx and the Sage VXP. Come on in check out a new rod and I will be more than happy to step outside and cast it with you, or try on some new gear and pick a up some flies for your boxes. As always we here to chat fishing and look forward to hearing about all the big fish you have been getting into this summer.


Today at Jimmy’s 6/6

Every once in a awhile I get to go fishing with some friends. It’s a nice day off and I don’t have much to worry about. A few weeks ago I had this type of opportunity to float the Henry’s Fork. Just a little quick get away before I had some babysitting to do that afternoon back in town. We had a good few hours of fishing and I wanted to share some photographs from the trip. We floated from Vernon Bridge to the Chester backwaters. We were surprised to see a few of these lurking around when we kicked over a few rocks.

Caught a few smaller fish on rubberlegs and Moose had to get in on the action.

These two were by far the fish of the trip! I was rowing and Cory hooked up than Jordan hooked up. They were both really nice fish, you can tell by the smiles on their faces these boys were happy!


Today at Jimmy’s 5/26

Yesterday was a gorgeous Idaho day no wind and highs in the upper 60’s. Woke up this morning to temps in the mid 30’s and winds expected  to reach 40 mph! This is spring in Idaho, seems like winter just doesn’t want to let go. We have been getting a lot of questions about water and flows so I thought I would talk about that situation.

Let me start by saying the information I am passing on is a mix from the Bureau of Reclamation and our general thoughts here at the shop. The only real fact that holds merit in  this discussion is we have a lot of water this year. Period. The BOR is predicting flows at a minimum of 23,500 cfs at the Heise measure station for 5 to 6 weeks. As of right now the river is flowing 23,200 cfs at Heise. All of this is dependent on weather conditions. So there is no clear answer to when we will be able to fish the South Fork. However we counted out the weeks and best case scenario puts the flows at a reasonable level around the 4th of July. We will keep you all informed as soon as we find out more.

Allow me to debunk a few myths that seem to float around fisherman. First off there will be a Salmon Fly Hatch on the South Fork. If the hatch is huge or small will depend on weather and flows, but those bugs will hatch. Last year I didn’t see Salmon Flies on the upper till mid July, but they hatched. Second, all of this water flowing down the river will change things but it will not flush all the fish away and the insects will be fine. We had huge flows in 97′ and the river fished great once the flows went down. The fish will move into areas with decreased flows and the nymphs will crawl deeper into the rocks. There have been no talks of the river reaching 30,000 cfs or above and to our knowledge the BOR has not predicted those type of high flows. If temps get cold it will reach that level for sure so lets all hope the weather continues to stay warm.